Boruto Spoiler/Dragon Ball manga/Novel Robe up Darling Anime & extra[HINDI]: Ani-Data EP-6

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Dekh gas ab kuch swagat hai ek aur news ki new episode ki aur aur aur new ki new episode ki aur it bhi sari sari amazing updates ki news bhi anime related like boroplus new look and spoilers and new plane service anime like me dressup dalding and many more new and related There are updates which if you guys don't want to miss then watch the full video and this video is going to be late one day sorry for that because there is some problem Shaadi hui thi and apart from that vesting is other English video today we already have roman juice of d de this anime episode six believe is done for a week now we will get to see it on 27th august this is bad news apart from this no i am very popular also so popular that is very good no If you guys haven't started it yet, then start it, it's not a very amazing story, next music.

Photos, you will get to see amazing songs, now if you guys want to watch, then you will be watching on the screen, see more Which character did you like and next update it about crunchy roll because color roll hai abhi some new mms have been added in english among them it was a card fight very good soil plus dress season tu aur john 100 bucket list of d French Roll has brought English dubbing to Date in Animesh in India itself, so if you guys want to watch it in English then go and watch it. Nick is news that detailing is going to be available that too in India on 16th August so if you guys are first of this channel then go and see them that you guys have seen Microsoft Darling then another one like this is going to come Which is going to be very amazing means similarly this thing romance is going to be something like this so it's main ka naam hai then ya naam hai main main sari driving ka toh hai its name is a.

Trailer has also been released which You will get to see it in youtube if you guys didn't get it then I have given the link to the description it has been made very amazing I like the budget I am going to watch it and this is 2014 it is going to come next year so if All of you are interested, is n't it, and apart from this, there is a news that the same society, Pink Flowers Anime, has released its first floor video, so if you are also interested in this, like see this, it is not a daring news that this mobile is a magical girls anime. Teaser review has been done, which you will get to see in YouTube, so if you guys want to see, then go and see and how did you like, then tell in the comment, then the next news is that the visual release of the related second of this anime on your mouth. Has been done, so if you guys want to watch it too, it will be available for viewing on YouTube, apart from this, this anime.

Is going to premiere on October, on Tere Net Pe, from this side, it is going to premiere in Canning on November 17, whose teaser video has been revealed. It has been done so if you guys want to see it will be available in youtube and the name of this other is cream please for taste is an interesting news blue lab episode has been done so if you want to see go and see very nice trailer There is a very good news that Me Hero Academia to Heroes ji film should be given French roll yellow, so if you people have not seen this movie till now, then go and watch it, now it is available on roll, besides this, the next news is that danger is here. In Me Heart Is Anari means in English now it is going to come on 26th August means it is going to be premium so if you guys are wearing me then check it out also Hindi dub is going to come on 26th August then there is amazing news for fans A great anime means Me Hero.

Hai Dum or its Hindi dub is about to come which will come on Cartoon Network and it has also been accelerated which is a very good thing after this the demand for a side news has also gone on pause Because of its creditor's health issues, it has become expensive for this, it is news for dragon ball fans that dragon ball super 96 first look has been released, new visual has been released, so if you guys are interested Please check out and this also ends episode 6 of today's running news. If you like it then like and subscribe and see you in another video. Good bye

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