Boy Cannot Issue No To Her & Does Anything else All the pieces She Says

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A guy infamous for being a softie getshis chance at love when he befriends the gorgeous transfer student. Chema, a graduating high school student, attends a party with his friends, Hugoand Rubén. Before he can enjoy it, the tipsy Hugo suddenly starts pestering thegirls, leading to them getting kicked out. As they walk outside, they bicker as theyfinally get invited to a party, only for Hugo to ruin it. Chema defends that the music was lameanyway since it was all reggaeton and Mario B., while he prefers Led Zeppelin and The Stones.They discuss the upcoming Christmas Party, and while getting a date isn't a problem forthe other two, they're worried about Chema. The following day, Gloria, his mother, announcesthat Chema will be sleeping on the sofa to let.

His father's friend, Uncle Jaime, occupyhis room. Despite the guy's disapproval, Gloria's mind is made up as she wants togive Jaime a proper accommodation to honor her late husband's last wish. Jaime is herhusband's best friend whom he asked to look after his family before he passed away. While the two are discussing this, Begoña, Chema's younger sister, prepares to leave forschool. Gloria wants her to wait for Chema, but she refuses, not wanting to getassociated with her loser brother. Upon arriving at school, Chema meets withhis friends to take a picture — recreating their old photo taken ten years ago. Theirsolid friendship has flourished that long, and he's grateful to havetheir presence throughout. .

Afterward, the group hangs out on theschool grounds, talking about what they'll miss about school. Chema absent-mindedlyblurts out that he will miss Eli's smile, which his friends disapprove of becausethey know her as his cousin. The poor guy tries to convince his friends that she's nothis cousin, but they don't believe him. During laboratory class, Chema is still buggedabout experiencing the dating life just as he overhears his classmate sharing with her friendsthat she got asked out for the party. Pressured, Chema decides to make his move on anotherclassmate but gets scared. He tries again, but the next one's makeup makes him nervous. Unfortunately, Chema is also known as a softie or someone who is easily persuaded to do thingsaround the campus. Because of this, his teacher.

Orders him to throw out her cat's litter. Later, another teacher tasks him to tour a transfer student around the campus.The task would've been dreadful, but like an answered prayer, the studentis a beautiful lady named Claudia. He is so enthralled by her that he can't find his voiceor will his brain to function. Fortunately, they're able to continue with the tour.As Chema's heart gets conquered, he becomes an easy pawn to do the girl's whims. When hefinds out Claudia doesn't have a ride to school, he offers to drive her, even if it meansbegging his mother to let him use her car. Unluckily, the begging doesn't work on his mother.Just then, his Uncle Jaime arrives, so the family welcomes him. Knowing that he's graduating,Jaime asks Chema what career he's pursuing,.

And he answers that he'll take up engineeringlike his father, making his mother proud. After giving them presents, the manannounces that he has brought his truck. With a hidden agenda, Chema tries toprovide him with the best accommodation. Noticing his weird behavior, Jaime asks to havea word with him. The young man finally musters the courage to tell Jaime about Claudia.He needs a car to drive her to school and eliminate other guys who have the potentialto steal the lady. Being a supportive uncle, he instantly allows Chema to take his truck.The following day, he gets up early to drive to Claudia's house, which is far away. Whileon the road, the poor guy keeps bumping into various inconveniences, making him swearhe'll never travel that far again. However,.

When Chema's gaze falls on Claudia'sbeauty, all his complaints fade away. To impress the lady, Chema opens the door forher and ends up paying for her expensive coffee, even promising to buy it for her every day.In exchange, Claudia repeatedly calls him “baby” and kisses him on the cheek. Even afterlearning that Claudia likes Mario B., the artist Chema despises, he turns ablind eye and continues admiring her. Upon arriving at school, the two walk inside,and all eyes are drawn to them. For a moment, Chema becomes the eye of jealousy among themen while Claudia clings to his arms. After walking Claudia to her first class, Chemagives her a class schedule, map, notebook, folder, and the school's curriculum, which he preparedfor her perusal. Before they split, the poor guy.

Pleads with Claudia to wait for him and not gowith other guys. Charmingly, she promises that she'll only go with him — leaving the otherstudents who heard them in utter shock. Later that day, two popular girls, Hannaand Alexa, inform Chema's class that their post-graduation trip will be held in Cancún.Everyone becomes excited by the announcement, but their teacher interrupts to remindthem of the university training course that they'll undergo that week. Hearingthis, Ruben asks Chema if he's sure about taking engineering, but his friend hesitates.The day goes by fast and while Chema is alone in the hallway, Eli approaches him. She getsone of his earbuds and immediately identifies that he's listening to British rock. Chema is surprised that Eli remembers the.

Band he likes and his autographed posterof them. He enthusiastically shows her a picture of The Smiths' poster with Morrisey'sautograph, eventually leading them to recall some childhood memories. With the good atmosphere, she invites him to hang out and audition asa pair on “Your Hit,” a musical competition that Chema has been eyeing. Excited, the guy immediately agrees, yet they are disturbed by Claudia, who asksif they can leave. Disappointment is evident on Eli's face when Chema relents in going,but she just watches them walk away. Claudia, who's trying to fit in with thecity girls, aspires to try everything she sees on Instagram. This time, she wants tosign up for a yoga and pole dancing class,.

But she needs a ride to attend them.Blinded by witnessing Claudia in daring activities, Chema immediatelyvolunteers to drive her around. In the following days, Chema followsClaudia around for her errands, getting her food and joining her in yoga to thepoint of forgetting his commitment to Eli. The foolish guy feels guilty for abandoninghis childhood friend, but just as when he plans to go to Eli, he's tempted to stay andwatch Claudia do her pole dancing routine. Because of his unrequited pursuit, Chema hasbeen spending more of his savings for the girl and spending less time with his friends tobe with Claudia's new circle. He even gets invited to the party that Sebas is hosting.This allows him to make it up to his friends.

As he gets them invited as well. Before going to the party that night, Jaime advises Chema not to let Claudia hughim because this is a sign that he's only her reliable friend. The young man retortsthat he and Claudia are more than friends, but this is later proven false when the beautifulgirl leaves him to be with Sebas at the party. While Chema is sulking about Sebasand Claudia's dancing, Hugo and Rubén talk about their dates for the upcomingChristmas party. When they ask Chema about it, he insists on bringing Claudia as his date.Knowing that Claudia is out of his league, Rubén advises him to take a girl he feels moreconnected with. Still, he remains stubborn that they have a lot in common, though hefails to think of anything they share. .

Wanting to prove that he and Claudia arepossible, he plots to eliminate Sebas as a threat by telling him that Claudia likesgirls. This works, and Chema's hopes heighten when he drops Claudia off at her home, andshe invites him to spend the night. In the end, however, Claudia passes out, andthe young man spends the night on her floor. The next morning, Claudia worries about not goinghome with Sebas. Chema tries to convince her that she's too good for the other guy, but this earnshim a hug and the label as her “best friend.” Days later, Chema is desperate to leave thefriend zone, so he asks his mother's advice. Upon learning about Claudia, Gloria is surprisedthat he's pursuing someone into yoga and pole dancing as she expects him to be with someone whoshares his interests, like Eli. Believing that Eli.

Is his cousin, Chema objects, but Gloria clarifiesthat they aren't related. She explains how parents sometimes call their friends their children'saunts and uncles, like how they call Jaime. However, they're not related to him or Eli.Still, Chema believes Claudia likes him, so Begoña, who has been listening, pointsout that he's been treated like a dog or an exclusive human pet who'll never have physicalcontact with the girl of his dreams. Chema is utterly hurt upon realizing how hewas fooled, so he goes for a walk and wanders into a music store, where he finds Eli. Like he has no fault to her, he asks the girl if she already has a date for the ChristmasParty, only to get Eli's cold response. When he mentions the Your Hit competition, shereplies that the audition is over. .

Chema apologizes for being such a jerk beforeleaving. Having a soft spot for the guy, Eli calls him, and they reconcile. The next day, Chema tries to confront Claudia about being her “dog.” However, the confrontationchanges course when she asserts that they're going to be each other's date for the party, butit's just because Sebas is ignoring her. Despite being a placeholder, Chema excitedlybrags about the news to his friends, but when he learns that Eli is goingwith another guy, it upsets him. One day, Claudia hangs out with Hanna and Alexawho implies that Sebas wants to take her to the party. When the two learn that she's takingChema as her date, they exaggeratedly object, seeing Chema as only her dog, so shecan't show up to the party with him. .

To show her the “proper” treatment of their humanpets, Hannah calls the attention of her dog, Manny, to glam her up. Alexa also tells herthat Fer willingly follows her bidding. Because of this, Claudia hastily confrontsSebas to make him her date and clears up Chema's lies about her preferences. After school, Chema can't contact Claudia, who left her bag in his car, so he checks onher at her house. Hearing her parents inside, he climbs up the balcony instead and findsClaudia in the mood while in her bathroom. Taking the hint wrongly, he removes his clothes,only to find Sebas with his dream girl. His heartbreak has to wait, as hehears Claudia's mother approaching, so he ends up falling to the ground in panic.Meanwhile, Jaime and Gloria are watching a movie.

Until the man relates to the actor's confessionof love. He musters up his courage to also confess his love for Gloria, but he stops when Chemabarges inside with such a gloomy state. Jaime immediately follows the guy into his room,and while comforting Chema, he receives a call from Claudia. She first inquires about the clotheshe left, which he denies knowing about. Dropping the issue, she then tells him that she'll begoing with Sebas to the party instead. This crushes Chema, but he assures Claudiathat he's okay, as he can go with Eli instead. Hearing this, Claudia hints that Eli obviouslylikes him, so she encourages him to go for it. This surprises Chema, but he disregards it ashe's more worried about Claudia's affection. To band-aid his crushed ego, Chema invitesEli to be his date for the Christmas party,.

And she readily agrees, thinkingthat his intention is pure. The night of the most awaited ChristmasParty finally arrives, and Chema gets picked up by his friends in a limousine. Ontheir way, Hugo gives them a red bracelet as a sign of good luck and their friendship. They finally arrive at the venue with their dates, but Chema remains preoccupied withseeing Claudia dancing with Sebas. Despite this, Eli catches his attention byshowing him a piece of paper where she and her friend wrote a prediction during juniorhigh school. They predicted that Eli would be going to the dance with Chema. Touched by this,the guy says he's glad that it came true. Throughout the night, Chema focuses on hisdate, and everyone has a good time. Claudia.

Starts getting jealous when she sees the twodancing, so she interrupts their moment. With the awkward situation, Eli excuses herselfto the bathroom, leaving the two to talk alone. Claudia acts sad to see Chema with Eli, so headmits his feelings for the popular girl. However, the idea of being with Chema makes Claudialaugh before she leaves with Sebas again. Overhearing their conversation, Eli realizesthat she's only Claudia's substitute. As she storms out, Rubén overhears what happened and getsmad at Chema as well. To make it worse, he even gets into a hurtful argument with Hugo, leadingChema to throw the red bracelet back at him. Distraught, Chema gets wasted the restof the night, and when he gets home, he even mocks Jaime for liking hismother and says that just like him,.

He's just his mother's dog. The next day, Chema suffers the consequences of his actions as Gloria confrontshim about Jaime going away and leaving their family. Despite Chema's attempts to contacthim, the man can't be reached. Eli and his friends also start ignoring him at schooldespite his attempts to make amends. Still, Chema is persistent in winningback the important people in his life. During Valentine's Day, he enlists hissister's help to surprise Eli. He shows up to the music room with heart balloons,but unluckily, he still gets ignored. Motivated to improve, Chema starts recalibratinghis life and works part-time to save money. He becomes busy and focused until one day,he finds his mother crying over Jaime..

Also missing his supportive uncle, he writeshim an invitation to his graduation. On his graduation day, Chema is walking on theschool grounds when he bumps into their teacher, who wants to get his help. Unlike before, helearns to decline politely, telling her he's no longer that softie student. His friendsoverhear this and feel proud of him. Afterward, Chema delivers his gift for Eli in themusic room. It's a music disc and the autographed poster of The Smiths. Upon finding it and readinghis letter, Eli immediately looks for him. At the school grounds, Chema sees the popularkids bossing around some students. Pissed, he chastises them for doing so. He recalls hisstruggles of attempting to get together with the hottest girl in the school so he could fitin, yet this led to losing his best friends. .

Chema then validates Manny's and Fer'sskills and calls them amazing human beings who can thrive on their own. Hestresses that each of them is enough, hence no one deserves to be anyone's pet. Guilty over his behavior, Sebas hugs him and acknowledges that he's right. The rest ofthe students applaud the former softie, who's now feeling more confident than ever.As they prepare for the graduation, Claudia takes the seat behind him to share thatshe broke up with Sebas because she wants to be with him now. Although this was his biggestdesire, Chema now learns to reject a red flag, and instead, he offers her friendship.Hugo and Rubén then take their seats beside Chema, and finally, the three reconcile. They share theirexcitement for the next stage of their lives and.

Joke around before the ceremony starts. When it's Chema's time to receive his diploma, Jaime arrives and shoutshow proud he is of him. After the ceremony, Eli meets with Chema to returnhis poster, but the man insists she keeps it. Then, Chema walks to his family and bravely tellsthem that he'll no longer pursue engineering. Instead, he'll study music like he truly wants.Jaime also announces that he will now stay forever with their family, making all of them rejoice.Just as planned, the graduates soon get their reward trip to Cancún. While onthe plane, everyone is having fun, and the popular kids have grown close tothose they looked down upon before. Eli heads towards the washroom, where Chema iswaiting. The new couple immediately makes out, but.

A flight attendant knocks on the door to remindthem about the one-person-at-a-time policy. When they refuse to listen, someone decidesto break the door, and it's Mario B., Claudia's favorite musician who fist bumpsChema upon seeing what the couple is up to.

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