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Izumi is a kind and upbeat high school student who happens to suffer from unluckiness while waking to school he trips on the pavement within seconds of leaving the house and falls over a rope to avoid a bird dropping he meets up with his girlfriend shikamoy who saves him from being hit by a speeding truck they meet with their friend shuin Azuka.

Kyone kazaki and yui hakomitsu and confirmed they will be in the same class this year when shikamori overhears some of their other classmates telling Izumi that he is too dull to be in a relationship with such a cute girl she retrieves a zoomi returning a cold glare back at them shikamari goes to a bowling alley with the Zumi and their friends.

Where nekozaki and hakimitsu tell her to pretend to be bad at it so as to appear cuter however when Izumi encourages her before her turn she ends up bowling a perfect game as they walk home Izumi tells shikamori that he feels pathetic for having her defend him all the time with him being unable to make it up to her just then a large sign falls towards.

Azumi but shikamori deflects it she tells Azumi not to worry and that all that he needs to do is stay by her side shikamori and izumi's class holds their Sports competitions during Azumi soccer match he gets hit in the head by the ball and is cared for by shikamori in the nurse's office during shikamori's volleyball match they start losing the.

Game but a hill to Zumi arrives and encourages shikamori from the stands she proceeds to play exceptionally and alongside nekozaki rallied their team to Victory as a Zumi congratulates shikamori on the court kamiya the other team's Ace leaves disappointed shikamori immediately becomes a celebrity with many girls lining up to take pictures.

With her and showering her with praises seeing this Izumi decides to stand aside while shikamori tries to get past her admirers to get to Izumi inazuka saves him from a stray volleyball that comes through the window hitting him in the face Izumi comes close to his face to apologize for his bad luck in Raging shikamoy later Izumi nearly falls down.

The stairs but shikamori saves him in time angrily she berates him for wanting to walk home without her Izumi tells her he was going to the school entrance to wait for her and that he misses being with her delighted shikamori agrees to walk home with him inazuka gifts two coupons for the movies to Izumi which he uses to invite a delighted shikomori.

Izumi packs a bag with all the necessary items to counter his usual bad luck recalling his previous dates with shikamori ruined by his Misfortune meanwhile shikamori has a hard time deciding what to wear the next day azuni meets with her and is stunned by her look they arrive at the cinema where she chooses a horror movie Izumi believes he.

Will finally demonstrate his manliness to her but the complete opposite happens with shikamori having to comfort it terrified Izumi after the movie they go to a bakery but Izumi has lost his wallet despite his preventive measures bummed out they come across as parents who invite shikamori over for dinner after they eat motoko his mother thanks.

Shikamori for her patience explaining to her how azumi's caring and friendly nature comes from his constant injuries as a child never affecting his Spirit shikamori promises to continue protecting him delighting motoko as Izumi wakes up from a nap he finds shikamori playing video games with his father akasada as he walks her home.

Shikamori tells Azumi that they shall watch a movie he likes the next time Izumi and his friends hang out on the School rooftop as summer has just started they discuss on where they want to go on their vacation nekozaki and inazuka proposed the beach but decide against it when they remember azumi's sensitivity towards the sun they.

Ultimately propose closed the river so they can all enjoy it in Azuka and Izumi want to study for their exams but nekasaki takes them all to the mall to buy supplies for their vacation shikamori notices Azumi glaring at an ad of a woman wearing a swimsuit so she sets off embarrassed nekasaki finds her in the swimsuit store as she remembers.

When she became friends with her after she defeated her in a basketball match shikamori buys the swimsuit but hides it from Izumi when he asks her about it back home Azumi receives a call from shikamori they look at the stars as the Zumi explains the bad luck he has when he tries to stargaze with his father shikamori promises to see the stars.

Properly with him and insists on going places he wants to go together happy Izumi thanks her and after hanging up shikamori Ponders on how much she wanted to see Azumi at that moment some time later shikamori attends cooking classes with motoko Izumi and his friends arrive at the river town where they decide to hold the barbecue Izumi offers himself.

To cook after seeing inazuka's poor knife skills he proves to be a skilled cook which prompts shikamori to attempt to cook herself however Azumi is blown away by how bad her food is but seeing how much effort she put into it Izumi forces himself to eat it all prompting shikamori to promise to become better at cooking after eating some esmores they.

Head down to the river Izumi sees a little girl being Carried Away by the current but after saving her his foot cramps so shikamori rescues him back on land the girl thanks Azumi with a kiss on the cheek they head down to swim where Izumi finally tells shikamori that she looks cute in her new swimsuit they returned to the town to have some ice.

Cream whereas Zumi gives shikamori an indirect kiss after eating from her cone before she can do the same however inazuka appears and eats a zoomi's cone enraging her as they all fall asleep on the train back home Izumi reflects on how lucky he is to have found his group of friends shikamori wakes up and seeing Azumi asleep on inazuka's shoulder moves.

His head onto herself Izumi sees the news about the upcoming fireworks festival and invites shikamori to go with him while motoko gives azumia Yukata to wear shikamori has her brother help her tie her own they meet up at the festival's entrance and visit several of the Stalls before having cotton candy Izumi wishes to buy shikomori one still.

Feeling down for being unable to do things in return for her she explains that seeing him happy is enough for her they then go to a shooting game where shikamori wins a wolf plushie effortlessly impressing both the Zumi and the operator they find their friends and play in a goldfish scooping game where nekasaki has to prevent shikamori.

From becoming too competitive with inazuka Izumi reveals that his father told him about a special place to watch the fireworks however due to her bruised feat Izumi offers to carry her arriving at the top of the slope Izumi confesses that he wanted to invite shikamori the previous year as well but was too cowardly to do so she reveals she was.

Waiting for him back then but is happy to see them with him now as they are about to leave Izumi trips but is saved by akasada who reveals he attended the spot with motelco the school prepares for their cultural Festival Izumi commends how cute shikamori looks in her costume for their animal Cafe during the first day Azumi is overwhelmed with his.

Work and nearly trips however shikamori catches him on time the next day Azumi attends Library Duty discovering that the only other person present is Kamaya as such he recalls when he met her when they were paired together for Library Duty the previous year back in the present Kamaya aggressively asks Izumi about how he began dating shikamoy.

Meanwhile shikamori gets jealous when she sees that she did not get the same number as Izumi in the couple numbers game which has students with the same number take pictures together before they start dating sensing that Kamaya might like shikamori Izumi tells her their story during last year's cultural Festival Izumi and shikamori got the.

Same number however Izumi lost the slip and was initially negated the picture however after he insisted on how much he wanted it the president made an exception for them afterwards Izumi asked shikamori out and they began dating back in the present it is revealed that it was kamiya who got the same number as Izumi Kamaya visualizes.

Herself as a princess unable to access her Forbidden Love Azumi in a dance in reality nekozaki calls kamaiya outside where she meets with shikamori who asks Kamaya to switch numbers with her having found that she has a Zuni's number kamiya agrees and hands her the slip however shikamori notices kamiya's Comfort around Izumi after finishing her.

Duties Kamaya reflects on the rooftop wanting to bury her feelings however shikamori arrives and tries to give her the slip back as she explains she realized she does not want to be unfair to her feelings however Kamaya refuses and Promises to not come close to izuni again shikamori rips up the paper and Embraces a crying Kamaya telling her to.

Cherish her feelings and thanking her for being so kind after shikamori leaves Kamaya wishes them happiness izuni takes shikamori to a park to give her a heart locket as a gift for her birthday delighted shikamori tells Izumi to never change the way he is Izumi tells her that she changed him for the better and Promises to keep getting stronger so.

That she can be relaxed when they are together shikamori breaks into tears and Embraces him promising to never leave his side after he gets sick Izumi texts in Azuka asking him for his notes making shikamori jealous she then asks in Azuka if she may follow him to visit Izumi at home however nekozaki sends hakimitsu to look over them in a grocery store.

Shikamori asks in Azuka to select medicine for Izumi and asks him to to pick between two types of candy hakimitsu appears and tells them that after watching them she has realized that shikamori sees inazuka as an older brother due to her coldness with her own brother shikamori becomes embarrassed confirming her Theory sometime later.

Shikamori and nekozaki find Kamaya at the mall nekasaki initially doubts Kamaya will hang out with them but she accepts and nekasaki is impressed with how playful and friendly kamiya is with shikamori they then compete to use a basketball court against two other girls after they manage to win they all take a group picture after shikamori leaves.

Nekasaki tells Kamaya that she always seemed in pain and asks her who made her smile and the way she did today kamiya does not answer but tells nekozaki that she wishes to tell her someday as they leave nekozaki wishes for Kamaya to keep smiling and discovering new feelings despite not wanting to race both Izumi and hakamitsu end up being selected for.

Their class relay team for their upcoming sports festival to make up for it their friends complete the team and begin training after school however both the Zumi and hakimitsu struggle to improve but continue practicing after their friends have left during the sports festival hakamitsu impresses her friends with her bag tossing.

Capabilities managing to finish in second place after the main race starts nekasaki's speed easily puts her in front hakamitsu then tries to give it her all but trips and falls having never cared for victory hakomitsu forces herself to stand up and continue after thinking of the smile of her friends if they pulled off the improbable she hands.

Off the Baton to Izumi who loses one of his shoes however he kicks his other shoe off and continues after handing it off to shikamori she manages to recover lost ground and as the anchor inazuka manages to pull off the comeback as their class emerges winners of the festival delighted hakamitsu thanks her team and declares she had fun thinking.

Of how proud she is of them him a young Izumi is invited by his friends to be part of their group in their upcoming trip however he refused to go after his bad luck nearly got them hurt in the present shikamori is shopping for clothes for a date with Izumi with her brother Fuji a flashback shows a younger shikamori who was a karate Prospect.

Alongside him one day after Fuji told her he would be leaving karate he told her to be herself and abstain from trying to be like him or their mother as such after reading a romance Manga she agreed to quit karate and become a cute girl and fall in love on her high school entrance exam day she saw Zumi for the first time she retrieved his exam ticket.

From a tree but believed she had made a bad first impression on him however on their first day of high school she met with Izumi again who was glad she was okay and expressed his joy to see her as such she fell in love with him back in the present shikamori sees a cute lipstick but refuses to buy it when she sees its price having decided for.

Clothes to where Fuji Surprises shikamori with the lipstick she wanted so she leaves for her date while Fuji looks her on proudly at their date in an amusement park they enter a Sleeping Beauty themed ride together Izumi asks her if she has any dreams so she reveals her dream of falling in love has been fulfilled near the end Izumi falls.

Asleep so shikamori goes to kiss him but the ride ends before she can they then have a blast at the park and as night falls they head to a high-end restaurant after leaving shikamori remembers the commercial for the park which features a couple kissing she then asks Azumi to the thing from the commercial but he instead does other things shown in the.

Video Izumi later realizes what she really meant they then board a gondola ride but a power outage leaves them stranded only being able to see each other Izumi recalls shikamori's fear of him drifting away from her to reassure her he succeeds in kissing her in the cheek and telling her that he loves her and will always be with her a delighted.

Shikamori Embraces him tightly as the lights come back on exclaiming how she is happier than in any dream back in school shikamori tells nekozaki and hakamitsu what happened and Promises to be more open-hearted like Izumi as hakamitsu accepts it as long as they are happy so this is the end of anime don't forget to like And subscribe if you.

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