Boy Is Reincarnated At Level 1002 But The King Abandons Him Because He Thinks He Is Level 2 (2.0)

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The story begins with a high school boy whohas lost hope in his future. He is watching anime in his bed, when suddenlyhis screen hits 110 Percent Brightness and he passes away. When he opens his eyes, he finds a beautifulangel, congratulating him on being selected to be reincarnated. She explains that the new world runs on magic,and he will be granted powerful skills to begin his new life. However, even after being provided with sucha great opportunity, Haruto plans to use his overpowered skills to live a lazy life.

He wakes up as a newborn prince named “Reinhardt”,son of King Jilq and the champion who defeated the demon king, Queen Gizelotte. The king is over-excited with the birth ofhis heir, and quickly asks for a magic assessment to find out how powerful he is. But the magic orb says that the childs magiclevel is only level 2, and he can only use barrier magic. His parents are too embarrassed to call himtheir son, so they plan to tell everyone that Reinhardt died during childbirth. The King orders his servants to leave thebaby in the forest.

In heaven, the angel who reincarnated Reinhardtcomes running to another angel. She sees that Reinhardt's parents failed torecognize his true potential. The magic crystal in their world that measurespower level, can only measure power in two digits. She reveals that she gave Reinhardt a magiclevel of 1002, which is higher than the Gods. Reinhardt finds himself in the middle of aforest. But with his knowledge still intact from hisprevious life, he tries to use barrier magic, and is easily able to wield his power usinghis imagination. He creates a barrier around him to keep himselfsafe from an animal attack.

When he says “Animal”, a huge red wolfappears behind his floating body, and tries to eat him, but the barrier he created saveshim. However, the wolf doesn't back off and triesattacking Reinhardt again, but Reinhardt uses his barrier magic to ward off the attack. The wolf doesn’t go away, so Reinhardt useshis magic to lift an entire hill, and is about to finish off the wolf when the wolf speaksfor the first time, saying it surrenders. Reinhardt is amazed to hear the oversizedanimal speak, and they come to a truce. The wolf explains that she wanted to eat himto restore her mana, but she clearly underestimated the baby's strength.

Reinhardt thinks about saying his name, andthen decides to introduce himself using his former life's name, “Haruto”. He tells the wolf how he was banished becausehe has low mana, but the wolf refuses to believe him, as he is radiating a ridiculous amountof mana. Suddenly the wolf comes up with a bizarreexplanation that Haruto might be the Demon King reincarnated. Haruto doesn't want the wolf to know whata loser he was in his previous life, so he plays along and says he is the Demon Lord. He is surprised the wolf believes him so easily,and the wolf admits defeat, and asks him to.

Kill her. Haruto thinks this is excessive and refuses,and the wolf is touched by his generosity, and swears to keep him safe. The wolf introduces herself as Flame Fenrir,and when Haruto calls her Flay, the wolf tells Haruto that a contract has been made betweenthe two, since her gave her a name, and she will serve him for the rest of her life ashis familiar. Haruto says all he did was shorten her name,but he suddenly collapses because his baby body is hungry, and he asks Flay to feed him. Flay immediately transforms into a woman,and offers her jugs, but she doesn’t understand.

How a human body works, and Haruto tells herto put on some clothes. Flay apologizes, and Haruto magically createsclothes, but thinks it’s even sexier. Flay hears someone approaching, and he introduceshimself as count Gold Zenfris, a relative of the King. He has come to secretly save the baby, afterlearning that The King abandoned him, but Flay refuses. Gold tells her how his wife was once pregnant,but their child didn't survive, so she gives in, and agrees with Gold's proposal to adoptthe baby and take Flay as his attendant. It has been nine years since Gold took Harutoin.

Haruto lives with Gold, his mother Natalia,and his sister Charlotte. Haruto had initially planned to leave early,but the family's love made him stick around a little longer. The only problem is that he thinks Charlottedoesn't like him, but Natalia dismisses the idea, and says Charlotte is shy and doesn'tknow how to act around boys of his age. Haruto is convinced that Charlotte can sensehis former life's age, which would have been thirty by now, which is why she hates him. During his time with the family, Haruto mastersbarrier magic, and has created a robot clone of himself for when he leaves, so no one inthe family gets hurt, but he forgets to make.

One for Flay, as he knows she will followhim wherever he goes. Just as he fears, Gold calls for him and declaresthat today he'll begin Haruto's sword lessons. But Gold is shocked when Haruto strikes thefloor, and creates a massive hole, and dodges an attack that is impossible for anyone underlevel 30 to dodge. His dad is confused, but tells him he willturn Haruto into an elite swordsman. That evening, Gold is concerned that Harutomight be a returned demon, which explains why Flay is fond of Haruto. But even if that's true, the couple promisesto make their son's life a happy one. Gold has been busy lately, and Haruto hasnothing to do all day except lie on his bed.

Suddenly he hears a commotion, so he useshis barier magic and creates cameras. He sees many soldiers lying injured, as nursestend to their wounds. Haruto goes to meet his father, who tellshim there have been a series of attacks by thieves in their province. Gold and his men headed there only to be ambushed. Gold feels guilty for leading his men directlyinto a trap, and asks Haruto to go inside, as it might be too much for a nine-year-oldto take. Haruto does as he is told; but as he passesthe injured, he casts his magic on them, and their wounds miraculously heal, dumbfoundedGold.

Later that night, Haruto calls for Flay, andusing his shield cameras, he scans the entire province, and finds a group in a fort amidstthe jungle. They immediately leave to teach them a lessonfor what they did to his dad. But Charlotte sees them flying out of thecastle in the middle of the night. Haruto and Flay reach their base, and usinghis barrier magic, Haruto freezes their chief and two other men. He forces them to reveal their purpose, andlearns they are soldiers from the neighboring kingdom, who plan to infiltrate their kingdomdisguised as thieves. Their goal is to create madness within thekingdom, and private information is brought.

To them by a mystery man. But they don’t know who that person is,and Haruto asks Flay to burn down their fort, since they got the information they are lookingfor. The next morning, Gold gets an anonymous letterstating that the enemy troops were destroyed, and the entire fort was burnt to the ground. Gold orders an interrogation of the survivorsthey captured, and he is concerned, since the letter says an entire nation is involvedin the conspiracy. He has no doubt that Flay burned down thefort, and fears Flay's strength is far superior to his.

Charlotte suddenly gets off her fathers lap,and excuses herself. She rushes to Flay and asks her if there aretwo Harutos, because last night she saw them flying away in the middle of the night, butwhen she went to check Haruto's room, she found him sleeping, though she couldn't sensethe aura from the sleeping Haruto as she normally does. Flay brags about Haruto and tells Charlottethat since childhood, Haruto has been blessed with mana that far exceeds normal humans. But she cannot reveal Haruto's true identity,and warns Charlotte not to worry about such things.

Flay immediately goes to Haruto to tell himabout Charlotte's curiosity, and that she can sense his aura, so Haruto decides increasesthe surveillance on Charlotte. He also plans to confront her, but when hefinally gets the chance, Charlotte flees, leaving him hanging. It has been six days, and Charlotte has beenfollowing him everywhere, but when she doesn't show up on the seventh day, the roles flip,and we see Haruto spying on her. The next day at breakfast, Gold informs Harutothat Charlotte and her mother are going to an annual festival. Gold usually makes the journey, but he's sendingNatalia and Charlotte on his behalf this year.

Haruto insists on sending Flay with them,but remembers he has already given her errands to keep the monsters from attacking theirtown. In the evening, Haruto is slacking off, whenhe gets an emergency update from the surveillance he put on Charlotte. Their group is under attack, and with no oneleft to protect them, Charlotte and Natalia are surrounded by enemies. Natalia tries to run away with Charlotte inher arms, but gets wounded by an enemy attack. But she doesn't give up and keeps running,when Charlotte hears a voice, and guides her to a place they can hide.

Once inside a cave, Natalia leaves Charlottethere while she goes to find the person who is helping them. Natalia believes whoever he is, he will helpthem fight injustice. After a teary goodbye, Natalia leaves thecave, and is stunned to see that the entrance of the cave is guarded with illusionary magic,which is advanced magic. But she finds herself surrounded by the enemy,and in order to avoid being captured, she takes out her knife to end her life, but beforeshe can off herself, the knife shatters into thousands of pieces. Natalia falls unconscious as she has usedup all her mana, but Haruto arrives right.

On time to avoid letting his unconscious motherfall to the ground. He looks furious, and with the power of hisvoice, he throws the enemy soldiers several feet in the air. Haruto brings Natalia inside the cave, andasks Charlotte to take care of her until he finishes off the enemy. Charlotte is alarmed at the amount of aurashe feels from Haruto, but she gathers up her courage, and speaks to Haruto for thefirst time. They could have had any conversation, butwhen Charlotte asks Haruto if he is the Hero of Justice, he is dumbfounded.

He doesn't want his first conversation withhis sister to go down the drain, so he plays along and says he is indeed, the Hero of Justice. Charlotte's eyes light up, and she realizeshow naive she has been, and feels silly that she thought he was evil. She promises to keep his secret even fromtheir dad, making Haruto a little embarrassed. He decides to adopt the persona of the delusionalcharacter Charlotte has created in her mind. That evening, Gold is presented with a reportof the incident, and once again their injured soldiers were healed spontaneously. Gold understands that their mystery helperhas no intention of revealing himself, and.

Asks Haruto for his opinion on everythingthat is happening lately. Haruto almost reveals himself, when he mentionsthat imperial soldiers attacked Natalia and Charlotte. Gold asks him how he knows they were imperialsoldiers, but Haruto shifts Gold's focus to tightening the security at the borders. Gold is worried that the enemy has alreadyinfiltrated their province. Haruto does his best to lead Gold to answerhis own question, and finally, Gold understands that there is a spy among them, who is givingthe enemy information about their plans. But before he can reveal the person he thinksis a spy, Natalia and Charlotte arrive with.

Flay, and Charlotte hugs Haruto, claimingshe loves him now, surprising their parents. Flay is jealous and asks Charlotte to keepher hands off her master, but Haruto doesn't mind the attention at all. Since then, Haruto has been enjoying Charlotte'sundivided attention, and didn't know she could be so clingy, but he doesn't mind and thinksit’s like being at a petting zoo. Charlotte gets distracted by the surveillancescreen, and asks if it is the ancient magic he has been studying, something Haruto hadmade up to avoid giving an explanation about how he spends his time. Charlotte tells him about some books wherehe can learn about ancient magic, and takes.

Him to the castle library. She gets all the necessary books, and asksHaruto to read them to her. While reading, Haruto is reminded of anime,and wishes he could see it in this world. Charlotte seems interested in anime, and asksHaruto to explain what it is. Haruto tries his best to explain how animeis made, and Charlotte seems fascinated by such magic. After learning more about Ancient Magic, Harutomanages to get a modern Japanese internet connection. Since his streaming subscription is stillactive, he creates a children's account for.

Charlotte, and lets her watch anime. Charlotte is mesmerized by the moving pictures,but she doesn't understand Japanese, so Haruto teaches her the basics. Charlotte proves to be a genius, as she learnsJapanese in just two weeks by watching anime, and searching for the meaning of the wordsshe finds difficult to understand. Seeing Charlotte enjoy watching T.V. makes Haruto happy, but his 'big brother'responsibilities kick in, and he limits her screen time to three hours. Since then, Charlotte has started acting childish,and his mother is scheming to get him and.

Charlotte close, so she can make their relationshippermanent in the future. The next day, Gold leaves on a mission toput an end to the thieves, leaving Charlotte sad and worried about her father. She wishes that people would stop choosingthe path of evil, and that the struggle for power is put to an end. Haruto asks her if she got that from an anime,but she suddenly turns to Haruto, and asks him to join the fight with her father. Haruto has no choice but to transform himselfinto a shady-looking costume, which Charlotte finds amazing.

Haruto soon finds the thieves, and goes toconfront them. He tries his best anime impression, and easilydefeats the thieves. He is about to leave, when his dad and hissoldiers arrive. Haruto cannot reveal his identity, so he continuesplaying the role of a cringe lord, and introduces himself as a protector of justice, and fliesoff. But since that day, Haruto finds himself inbattle every day, and soon comes to be known as 'The Black Knight,' and becomes Charlotte'shero. After months of hard work, Haruto is successfullyable to create a robot that is surprisingly irritating like him.

One day, the family has surprise visitors. They are the King and Queens children, PrincessMarianne and Prince Laius, who are Haruto's blood siblings. Gold greets them, and Prince Laius talks downto Gold. He also challenges Haruto to a duel, becausehe thinks Haruto is scowling at him. They go to the Yard and start their duel. Haruto thinks he has to take the beating,since he is the Prince. But Laius asks him to fight back, so Harutodoesn't let a single blow hit him, and knocks the prince down multiple times, angering him.

Suddenly, Laius uses his fire magic to attackHaruto, but Haruto absorbs the fireballs thrown at him using his shield magic, and threatensto throw all the fireballs merged into one massive ball back at Laius. But Laius drops to his knees, and acceptsdefeat. Marianne has been trying her best to stopLaius from making a fool of himself, and when their fight is over, Marianne apologizes toHaruto on behalf of her brother. She is curious to know if Haruto really isonly level 2, which Haruto confirms, and excuses himself. He wonders if his birth parents are lookingfor him, but soon dismisses the thought because.

They discarded him as an infant without asecond thought. He refuses to believe that they'll be searchingfor him after so many years. That night, Char informs Haruto about thebandits that are displayed on the magic screens. But Haruto is feels overworked, since Charhas taken the patrol too seriously. Flay enters, and tells Haruto that Char toldher that he has been secretly going on missions. She asks why Haruto has not been taking heron missions recently; Haruto says that he thought she'd been busy. But Flay informs him that she's done withall her chores. Char hears that Flay wants to join Haruto,and she gets excited.

She compares the situation to anime, and saysthat when a hero is in a pinch, their sidekick comes to the Rescue, And Flay must be hissidekick. Flay decides to play along, making Harutofeel helpless. Haruto warns Flay that he does not want anygraphic violence, since Char will be watching them. In the woods, the bandits are discussing howlucky they are with their loot. Haruto suddenly interrupts them. And when they ask who the intruder is, Harutointroduces himself as the “Black Knight” while posing.

Flay comes out and introduces herself as the”CrimsonKnight '' and poses. The bandits are flustered, and Flay immediatelystarts to burn them alive, But Haruto tells her to stop. Flay is too into character and refuses, forcingHaruto to save the bandits with his barrier magic. As soon as Flay notices that the bandits arenot burning, she casts another flame spell. But Haruto knocks her down with a hammer,and reminds her about his warning of no graphic violence. Flay replies that she remembers, but anyonewho goes against her master is her enemy.

Seeing that Flay is hopeless, Haruto tellsher that he is going to deal the final blow to the bandits, so she can go back home. Flay thinks her master is kind, and happilyagrees. Later that night, Haruto lays on his bed,as Char praises him and Flay. She says that it felt like she was watchinga manzai routine. Flay complains about her inability to finishoff the bandits, as something got in her way, but she will finish them next time. But Haruto thinks to himself that there won’tbe a next time. Char is happy at the idea of watching moreof their mission, and she also advises Flay.

On her finishing pose. But this makes Haruto wonder if he will everbe able to live a peaceful life as a loner. Elsewhere, Prince Laius is angry when he remembershow he was beaten by Haruto. He can’t believe that he, the heir to thethrone, was beaten by a worthless Level 2. His butler asks for permission to enter theroom, so they can dress him for the upcoming banquet. As he is being dressed up by the female servant,his butler advises him to ask Char to accompany him on his tour the next day. He isn’t happy about it, but the butlertells him that it’s an order from his dad,.

And he agrees. After the banquet, Char happily enters Haruto’sroom with Haruto’s clone. She sees that she surprised Haruto, And immediatelyapologizes for not knocking. The clone is exhausted, And he complains toHaruto for forcing him to go to the banquet. He jumps into bed, and Char asks if the cloneis alright, and tells Haruto that she’s going on a tour with Prince Laius the nextday. Haruto asks her why she has to go, And shereplies that the prince sent her an invite. Haruto wonders if the prince is into littlegirls, so he decides to follow her for the tour.

At night, Haruto decides to cover his baseswith his surveillance system, since Char is going on the tour the next day. But he notices a group of people in cloaksperforming a summoning ritual, so he decides to go see what they are doing. He announces his arrival, and asks if theyhave received permission from the Margrave “Gold Zenfis,”. The leader of the group thinks that Harutohas to be one of Gold’s men, And tells his subordinates to attack him. Haruto decides not to hold back, and wipesthem out.

The leader of the group summons a group ofskeleton soldiers, and commands them to attack Haruto. Haruto thinks they are freaky in real lifecompared to video games. The skeleton soldier's attack Haruto, buthe easily breaks them into pieces. But the skeletons reassemble themselves, andHaruto gets overwhelmed by the skeleton group. But he summons a barrier and tosses them away. He notices a red gem in the chest of eachskeleton. The leader of the cloaked men orders the skeletonsto attack Haruto again, But instead the skeletons attack the group.

The leader sees that he has no other choice,and summons a golem. Haruto can’t believe that he gets to fighta real Goldem, And The golem instantly attacks Haruto. He defends himself with a barrier, but thegolem’s punch breaks his barrier, and smashes him against a tree. As soon as Haruto gets back on his feet, heacknowledges to himself that his defense is a bit weak. As he wonders how to deal with the golem,he notices a red gem on the golem’s chest. He attacks it with a stake-shaped barrier,and causes the golem to attack the intruders.

The leader of the group is confused why thegolem is attacking them. And Haruto explains that his attack on thegolem changed the magical formula of the golem, making it attack them. Hearing this astonishes the leader. After some time, the skeletons tie up theintruders, and Haruto questions the leader about why they intruded the area. The leader refuses to speak, so Haruto ordersthe skeletons to bury the rest of the group alive, except the leader. The leader can’t stand the sight of hissubordinates being buried, and confesses to.

Haruto that they were sent by the queen tokill Charlotte, after two squads were unable to kill her. Haruto almost makes the golem go berserk,But he calms down, and decides to protect Char and his family from anyone who triesto hurt them, even if the person is his biological mother. The next day in a carriage, Laius, Marianne,Haruto, and Char are on their tour. Charlotte notices that Laius looks sour, andtries to console him by telling him that he should not be sad about losing to Haruto. She says that it’s normal, and he shouldbe proud of being able to challenge Haruto.

In the first place. Haruto tries to stop Char and Laius from talkingabout it, but Laius shouts at Haruto, telling him that he does not need any pity from him. He asks Haruto how he won the duel withoutusing any magic, and Haruto replies that he’s the Main Character, so he self-augmented himselfby telling himself to get strong. Laius and Marianne are shocked, and they askhim if he is a returned demon. Haruto asks what a returned demon is, andCharlotte explains to him that a returned demon is an offspring of a demon and a human,and they usually have extraordinary physical abilities and high mana.

But since they don’t see any physical defectsin Haruto, they can’t tell. Char explains that Haruto's skin is fair,and she can tell since she takes baths with Haruto, and The prince and princess are mortifiedthat the two take baths together. When they get to the field, they exit thecarriage, and start running around the field. But Haruto goes to his dad, and asks a hypotheticalquestion about what his dad would do if the queen was after Charlotte. Gold realizes that Haruto must have noticedthat something was wrong. He explains to him that he received a letterfrom the black knight the previous day, and after following the black knight’s instructions,he saw the queen's men all tied up.

Haruto tells his dad that he wishes a cruelqueen like her would go away, but Gold explains to him that if the queen should leave thethrone, the kingdom is likely to go through a civil war. He explains the history of how the queen wasa hero who helped the king kill the demon king, after which she married the king, andthey were supported by the masses. Haruto realizes the importance of the queen,and blames himself for not doing any research on his biological parents since he hated them. However, Gold tells him that if someone morepowerful than the queen shows up, then they could overthrow her.

Haruto asks him why he doesn’t take thethrone himself, And Gold replies that he knows nothing about politics. But he knows of someone who could; But thatperson is still young, and he wants to wait until that person becomes an adult. Haruto realizes that Charlotte is that person,and remember the words of the leader of the summoners, who told him that Charlotte hasmore potential than the queen. Haruto makes a vow to protect Charlotte, afterwhich he will enjoy living his life as a shut-in in this fantasy world. Later, Haruto is walking with Flay, and Flayasks if she should go kill the queen.

But he tells her not to, and that he has tokill her with his own hands. Flay happily agrees, and looks forward tothat day. Haroto decides to go pay the queen a visit,as he is sure that she will meddle with his life in the future. In the castle, the queen asks her soldierswhy they failed to kill Charlotte. One of the soldiers responds that a man whocalls himself the “black knight”, might be the person who has been stopping theirattempts to kill Charlotte, And The soldier swears to pay back the black knight in thefuture. But the queen pours wine on his face; Sheexplains how Charlotte might be a threat to.

Her in the future, And she thinks about goingafter the black knight herself, with the holy sword she used to slay the demon king. Suddenly, Haruto appears in the room, andasks if she wants to fight him. The soldiers surround the queen to protecther. But Haruto suffocates them with his barriermagic. Haruto introduces himself as the black knight,and when the queen asks how he got through the barriers around the palace, he tells herthat they were sloppy. The queen acknowledges him as the black knightwhom the citizens are talking about, And she casts three magic circles to attack Haruto.

The queen traps Haruto in a sphere of water,But he uses his barrier magic to escape. She tries her other spells, but Haruto easilyblocks them. The queen thinks she won, but she is surprisedto see that Haruto isn’t hurt by her attacks. She wonders who he is, and Haruto attacksher. She barely blocks the attack, and Haruto isimpressed, and says he will stop holding back, and attacks again. The queen is losing mana from blocking theattack, and she decides to use her sword. Haruto blocks all of her attacks, but thequeen pins him down. She starts praising herself as the strongestwoman in the world, but Haruto laughs, and.

Says she isn’t strong at all, and he defeatsher. He punishes her by making her wear a magicalslave collar. He advises her not to try removing the collarby force, as she might lose her head. He tells her that he will release her whenhe feels like it, as long as she leaves Gold Zenfris and his family alone. The queen is humiliated, and starts cryingas Haruto leaves the room. Outside the room, Flay praises Haruto forwhat he did. But Haruto says that he won't show her mercynext time, and Flay praises him more. Five years later, Haruto, Flay, and Charlotteare taking a walk in a field of snow.

Haruto thinks about how the queen has notinterfered with them for the past five years. He is now fifteen, and life has been peaceful. He starts complaining about the cold, andwants to stay closed up in his room. Charlotte shows him the transformation broochshe made, and Haruto thinks she’s an Anime Nerd. Flay isn’t impressed, and shows them her3D Model Replica of the castle. Charlotte sees the snow castle, and complimentsFlay. Haruto is shocked that Flay can make somethinglike that, and thinks that she has so many useless skills that come out of nowhere.

He notices that Flay is shivering, and asksher if she is cold, but She says she doesn’t want to change out of the outfit that Harutogave her. Haruto can’t believe she’s so dumb, andhe magically changes her outfit to something warm. He tells her to always ask for his help ifshe ever needs it. So she tells Haruto that she needs his helpwith 20 things, but he instantly rejects her. Charlotte tells him that she needs his helpwith something. He can’t say no, so he listens to her requestand agrees, which makes Flay jealous. Haruto poses and says some embarrassing animequotes, and he casts a spell that makes a.

Giant hole in the ground. Charlotte can’t contain her excitement,and hugs Haruto. When Haruto sees Charlotte smiling, he thinksto himself that it's worth it to do these things, even though it is embarrassing. He suddenly realizes that this is how he hasbeen getting roped into things like this every time. Suddenly his mom and dad arrive, And ask whathappened to the ground. Knowing that his secret identity might beexposed, Charlotte whispers something to him, And he summons a clone of the black knight.

He tells his parents that the black Knightdamaged the ground when he showed them his special move. His dad is suspicious, but he agrees to leavethe situation at that. Gold talks about how the queen has not comeafter them in the last five years, And there's a rumor that the queen is wearing a slavecollar. Haruto tries to sneak away, But his dad informshim that he will start attending school in the royal capital in 3 months. Haruto freezes, and thinks to himself thatthere is no way he's going to that hell known as “school”, since he was bullied at schoolin his previous life.

He falls on his knees, and decides he willhave to put a new mission into action in order to hole up in his room for the rest of hislife. In the castle, Gold tries to convince Harutoto attend the school, but Haruto refuses. Haruto thinks to himself that school is nothingmore than a living hell. Gold sighs, and reveals a recommendation letterfrom the king. He tells Haruto that he has no option butto go. Gold thinks he received a recommendation becauseof Princess Marianne, Since she had taken an interest in him during the tour. He also thinks the queen might be behind it.

Gold then tells him that as a father, he wantshim to go out and see the world. Haruto is touched, but Gold also tells Harutothat he needs to take an attendant with him, and that Flay is not an option. He thinks about who he would take, and hiseavesdropping mother volunteers herself, But he instantly refuses her, and Gold tells himthat he still has three months to decide. When Haruto leaves the room, he thinks abouthow he can make sure he does not go to school. When he gets to his room, he speaks with hisclone about attending school instead of him. Since the clone does not have magic, he willbe expelled, and the blame will be on the king who recommended him.

Haruto tells him that he will protect himwith his barrier magic, and the clone realizes that Haruto does not care about him. Haruto says that he can replace him, and theclone freaks out, and asks how many clones there were before him. Haruto calms him down and tells him that heis kidding, since Charlotte won't let him make another clone. The clone has a mental breakdown, but he finallyagrees to the task. The next day, Haruto is in a Log Cabin awayfrom the castle. He spent five years building it secretly,and is happy since nobody disturbs him here.

Charlotte arrives to watch anime, and he askswhy Charlotte hasn’t been coming to his room lately. Charlotte says that she is taking lessons,and has been instructed not to go to his room all the time. She can only come to the log house if Flaybrings her. She complains about not watching anime recently. Haruto tells her that he can help with thatusing his teleportation magic, but he hasn’t tried it on living things. So Flay tells him to use his clone, and hemakes a portal to his room.

Haruto tries to convince the clone to go throughthe portal, But the clone knows that Haruto wants to use him as a lab rat, and mocks him. Flay can’t take it anymore, and she goesthrough the portal, and beats up the clone. She throws him through the portal, and hemakes it safely across, even though Flay tested it first. With his test complete, Haruto creates a doorthat leads directly to the castle. The next day, Charlotte is watching anime,while Flay performs her regular chores. Haruto is busy playing video games, when hesuddenly gets tourettes and yells, 'attendant,'. Charlotte and Flay are confused, and Harutoquickly says he's going on a walk, and leaves.

Out the door. He breathes a sigh of relief, as he doesn’twant Flay to know he’s looking for a school attendant, and thinks he still has three monthsto find one. As he's walking, he spots a path that seemssuspiciously bright, so he decides to check it out, and steps into a village of skeletons. The skeletons see him, and they rush to welcomehim. Their leader, Johnny, addresses him as hislord, and they salute him in unison. Haruto goes back in memory lane, and remembersdefeating the Skeleton army, who were called by the summoners five years ago.

They started following Haruto after beingdefeated, So Haruto gave them some land, and they ended up settling down. Haruto notices some random monsters, and asksJohnny about them. Johnny tells Haruto they are stray monsterswith nowhere else to go, as Flay has rounded them up from all over the province. Johnny assures Haruto that they are hiddenfrom society, and all comply with Johnny's directions. Haruto is surprised that the village has grownsince the last time he visited, but if the monsters are behaving there, he doesn't seeany problem with them settling there in peace.

Johnny tells him there are other districtstoo, and takes him on a tour. He shows Haruto the fields where they growtheir crops, and Johnny bombards him with information about their cropping methods. Johnny suddenly cries tears of joy with otherskeletons, when they see vegetables growing that they could not grow last year, and Johnnysays they will not have to starve this winter. Haruto can’t believe everything they’vedone, and he thinks Johnny might be the perfect attendant. Since Johnny is polite, extremely loyal andhas a freakishly deep voice, Haruto thinks he would be perfect.

But Johnny continues to ramble, and Harutothinks he would go insane if he has to listen to that everyday. He soon leaves the monster paradise, and sitsby the lake. He thought the walk would help him relax,but it turned out to be exhausting. Suddenly everything starts shaking, and Harutois launched in the air. As if expecting this to happen, he looks atGigan, the Gigant Golem, and Gigan squats next to Haruto, and gives him a flower thatlooks ridiculously small compared to Gigan. Haruto takes it, and Gigan blushes like alittle girl. Haruto thinks that Gigan might be a good attendant,but it’s gigantic.

Gigan suddenly confesses its love for Haruto,and he doesn’t know what to do with this information. Haruto thinks he won’t be able to find anattendant, and returns to the lodge where Flay is waiting for him. She looks annoyed, and asks Haruto what hemeans by an attendant, because she doesn't want a competition. Haruto can’t believe she’s only sharp-wittedat times like this, and tells Flay it has nothing to do with her, and runs away withFlay crying. The next day, Haruto takes Flay and Charlotteto see the skeleton village, Charlotte names.

Their settlement 'Pandemonium,' which meansquite the opposite of how Johnny perceives it, and is overjoyed. Somewhere else in a blizzard, a group of adventurershave come to hunt a Blizzard Dragon for its hefty bounty. But the Dragon is heavily injured, and evenas she tries to fly away, she eventually falls into an avalanche. Haruto, Flay, and Charlotte are back at thepalace, and Gold discusses the discovery of the Blue Dragon outside of their territory. Even though the Blue Dragon is outside theirregion, Gold is concerned that it might enter.

Their domain and cause problems. Gold asks Flay to go and handle the situation,but Flay refuses, saying she only follows Haruto's orders. Haruto glares at her, and says it is his order,making her more annoyed. She adds that a dragon that large couldn'thave been born in the past several years. But she doesn't know any Blue Dragons, whichmeans while the demons were busy waging war against humanity, the Dragon must have beenhiding in the mountains, and Flay refuses to help a coward like that. Haruto understands it is a touchy issue forFlay, and asks for time to consider the matter.

As they leave Gold's office, they find Charlottestanding outside. She hears everything, and pleads with Flayto help the Dragon. Her sparkling eyes and a little insistencefrom Haruto do the trick, and Flay agrees to help the Dragon. Flay and Haruto dressed as the black knight,reach the location, and they find the Dragon using Haruto's surveillance screens. But the adventurers are nearby, so they hurryto reach the Dragon. The adventurers find the injured Dragon, andare about to attack it, when Haruto steps in and kicks one of the adventurers in theface.

While Haruto heals the Dragon, Flay yellsat the adventurers for preying on the weak, and lights them on fire. Once the Dragon is healed, she breathes onHaruto and freezes him, making Flay yell at the Dragon. Haruto breaks the ice, and says it is okaybecause the Dragon has been through a lot. She realizes that Haruto saved her, and theDragon starts talking to Haruto and Flay through telepathy. She senses Flay is a demon, and asks why sheis serving a human. Flay takes an hour to recount the entire incidentof their meeting, and the Dragon believes.

It all, including the back story about Harutobeing the reincarnation of the Demon Lord. Haruto asks the Dragon what she has been doinghere, and The Dragon first apologizes to Flay for not participating in the war, as she hatesfighting. She says that she has lived a peaceful lifein hiding for 300 years. Haruto is suddenly interested in hearing herstory, and thinks the Dragon has been a shut-in on a whole new level, and he aspires to beon her level. The Dragon tells him that initially she curledup and spent most of the days in her cave, but one night, a traveler spent the nightin the cave, and left a book behind. The Dragon read the book many times, and beforeshe knew it, she had come out of hiding to.

The town to read more books. She transformed herself into a girl, and boughtbooks from the town. After doing this infinite times, she builther own library and gained knowledge. But one day the adventurers discovered her,and they burned down her books, and chased her out of her den. Flay cries her eyes out, and agrees to shelterher at Pandemonium. The Dragon agrees, and she shows thanks Harutofor saving her, and takes him as her master, promising to serve and protect him all herlife. She transforms into human form, and Harutois careful to give her a cute maid outfit,.

And not a catsuit as he did to Flay, and namesher Liza. She thanks Lord Haruto, when Flay jumps in,and makes it very clear that she was the first to serve Haruto. But when Haruto takes off and asks them tofollow, Liza spreads her wings, and flies with Haruto, while Flay burns with jealousy,and runs as if her life depends on it, refusing to lose to a dragon. Haruto and Flay return to the Palace withLiza, and introduce her to his family. He says that Liza wants to work in the Palaceas a maid, and Natalia thinks she’s adorable. Gold can’t believe this is the dragon theydiscussed, and agrees to hire her as long.

As she follows the castle rules. Soon after, Flay begins Liza's training, andteaches her different cleaning methods, which mostly ends with Flay breaking everything,while Liza effortlessly completes the tasks. She even earns appreciation from other maids,and surprises the family with a delicious dinner. Natalia is curious to know what other thingsLiza is capable of doing, and Liza replies that she loves reading books, and she understandsthe basics of magic, 300 years worth of the basics. Natalia can’t contain her excitement, andappoints Liza as Charlotte's personal maid.

Flay is sulking in the corner, and Harutoprays that she doesn't lose her temper, and burn everything to the ground. The next day, Liza starts as Charlotte's maid,and helps her get ready for her day, and begins teaching her magic. Within a day, Charlotte is able to createa massive fireball, and proudly shows it to Haruto. Haruto is impressed, and asks Liza about thewater ball hovering over her head. Liza explains she is doing the laundry whileteaching Charlotte magic, leaving Haruto shocked at how competent she is compared to Flay.

He apologizes for making Liza do all sortsof work, and Charlotte asks if she’s overworking her, but Liza says she loves serving Charlotte. Charlotte is moved to tears, and asks Lizato be her friend, and Liza happily agrees. Their bond almost glows, nearly blinding Haruto. Suddenly he realizes that Liza might be theperfect attendant that he’s been looking for. But he thinks he realized it to late, andjiggles away depressed. But he comes up with an idea. He plans to use his teleporting door so thathe can overwork her even more, so she can.

Be both his and Charlotte’s attendant. Now he can finally focus on his mission toget expelled early from school. Later that day, Charlotte can’t believeher favorite anime show has ended. But Haruto tells her that a new episode willstart next week. Liza reminds Charlotte her break time is over,and as they are about to leave, Haruto tells them that he will be attending school in theroyal capital starting next week. Charlotte freaks out, and mumbles to herselfabout terrorists and magic battles. She tells Liza to cancel all her plans forthe day, and tells her to summon all of the knights.

Haruto is extremely confused, and Charlotteyells that there will be a round table conference. Liza, Flay, Charlotte, Johnny, and Gigan,immediately gather in the woods. And Charlottle tells them that the meetingmust be kept a secret. Charlotte breaks the news to them, and saysHaruto will start attending school in the Royal capital next week. A wave of panic washes over them, and Flayslams her fists on the table, saying she can’t believe Haruto didn't inform her about hisplans. Charlotte asks Flay to calm down, saying shealso just heard of this for the first time. Flay doesn't understand why Haruto needs togo to school, and almost reveals Haruto's.

Identity as the Demon King, but Johnny stopsher mid-sentence, and reminds her about their promise not to talk about it. Charlotte suddenly jumps from her seat, andrealizes that something about Haruto is being kept a secret from her. She turns to Flay and Liza, but they bothturn their faces the other way. Charlotte is shocked, but Johnny tells Charlottethat Haruto loves her the most, which makes her more important than any of them. Charlotte blushes, and Johnny assures herthat Haruto will tell her the secret someday, so Charlotte agrees to let the issue go.

Liza can’t believe that worked, and Charlotteresumes the meeting, asking why Haruto would willingly go to school. She remembers that once she was watching ananime about school, and when she asked Haruto about it, Haruto told her that school is anextremely scary and dangerous place. She continues, saying that Haruto is not scaredof anything, but there must be a reason why he finds school scary. She presents her anime-based theory, and saysthat the school has a hidden student council, leading honest students down the path of evil. She claims that the council makes them fightin magical battles, only to crush them using.

Dirty tricks. And behind all of this, there’s an evilmafia that could destroy the kingdom. She believes that Haruto wouldn't let thathappen, which is why he is going to fight them as the Black Knight. Flay, Liza, and Johnny are fired up, and believeevery word Charlotte just said without question. Charlotte figures that Haruto will installthe teleportation Door in the capital, and she intends to use it to take Flay and Lizaalong to gather information. She asks Johnny and Gigan to prepare for whatis to come. However, Liza feels they should discuss thematter with Haruto, but the others think that.

They shouldn't bother Haruto with such trivialmatters, and decide to put their plan into action. That night, Liza narrates the entire meetingto Haruto, and he thanks her for the update. Liza asks if he is actually fighting the mafia. Haruto is shocked she actually believed Charlotte,but he thinks she is honest by nature, so he says he will be fighting the evil alliance,and that he has been acting in secret all along. He asks Liza to accompany him to the capitalas his attendant, in order to assist him with his fight against evil.

Liza agrees, and he is overjoyed that hisplan actually worked. All that is left is to get himself kickedout of school, and then he can finally live his dream life as a loner. He dismisses Liza, and falls on his bed. And that brings us to this episode of “AmI actually the strongest”. Till next time!

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