Boy Will get OP Capability By Falling In Admire W/ Girls Leveling Up Faster

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A long time ago, gods descended upon the worldof humans seeking excitement. They decided to live with humans forever in the Lower World.To do so, the gods elected to seal away their divine power and experience life with all thehardship and inconvenience it entails. Gods only offer humans one thing: their blessing—thepower to fight monsters. Those given this ability become the god's servants, their familia.For example, let's look at Bell Cranel. This 14-year-old is the only member ofthe Hestia Familia—aka servant of the goddess Hestia. Though Bell bit off morethan he can chew today at the Dungeon, as an enraged minotaur is hot on his heels. Isthe Hestia Familia going to be memberless soon? Fortunately for Bell, a girl comes to his rescuewith her superb swordsmanship skills. And that,.

Kids, is how Bell met your mother. Notreally, though. But hey, a guy can dream! As you'd expect from the lovestruck guy,Bell runs from the Dungeon through the city to the Guild drenched in minotaurblood. He doesn't notice how weirded out everyone is because he has only one objective:to know more about his savior Ais Wallenstein. The Guild's receptionist, Eina Tulle,immediately chastises Bell for going down to the lower fifth floor of the Dungeon.And rightfully so because she’s Bell’s advisor. She must remind him how dangerous that placeis, especially without a party and when you’ve only been adventuring for two weeks.After the lecture, Bell asks about Ais. Yup, this guy’s down bad! Eina teases himfor it before sharing that Bell’s savior is an.

Executive of the Loki Familia and a Level 5Adventurer. She’s said to be the strongest swordswoman in Orario—their city—enough for thegods to grant her the title “Sword Princess.” Okay, even Bell knows that much. What he's reallyafter is Ais' interests and if she already has a special someone. Good news, she doesn't! Badnews, Bell's chances with her are close to zero. Ouch, that's way too blunt, Eina!But it’s true. Being in different familias will make a relationship betweenthem complicated if not impossible. Still, Eina cheers him up by saying that ifBell keeps at it and grows stronger, Ais might just notice him. That's enoughfor the lovestruck guy to regain his smile. —After.

Exchanging magic stones for valis—the currencyin this world—Bell runs home. All the while, he remembers his late grandfather’s wise words:real adventurers pick up girls in a dungeon. Um, perhaps “wise” isn’t the right adjective. Tobe fair, Bell proved these words, though things happened the other way around. He got picked upafter a beautiful girl saved him from a monster. Bell arrives outside the church ruin thathe calls home. Going down the basement, he’s immediately tackled by Hestia [Heh-stee-yuh], thegoddess of the Hestia Familia in the flesh. After hearing he almost died in the Dungeon today, shechecks him for injuries. Thankfully, Bell’s okay. While munching on some fried potatoes,she reports that she still hasn’t found new members for the familia. Being a no-namegoddess doesn’t really help. Though Hestia.

Doesn't mind if Bell's the only member for alittle longer. *cough* She likes you! *cough* After dinner, it’s time to update Bell’s Status,which includes his basic abilities, development abilities, magic, skills, and overall level. WhileHestia does this, she lectures him for thinking he’ll meet his ideal girl in the Dungeon. She eventries to dissuade Bell from pursuing Ais. In fact, he has already met a wonderful girl who'lllove him and hold him tenderly. Yup, Hestia's talking about herself, though Bell is dense AF.Bell reviews his Status, grateful for the jump in agility points but disappointed he still hasn'tgained any skills. Oh, but he did obtain a skill: Liaris Freese. This accelerates Bell’s growth aslong as he's in love. The stronger the feelings, the greater the effect. Hestia's choosingto hide it from Bell for now. After all,.

A skill linked to something as volatileas feelings should be handled carefully. —The next morning, Bell wakes to the glorious sight of thegoddess on top of him. But when he notices two very plot-heavy things pressing on hischest, he reddens and scrambles to get ready. On his way to the Dungeon, a waitress from thepub Hostess of Fertility stops Bell, handing him a magic stone he dropped. Noticing his hunger,the waitress gives him her breakfast. All she asks in exchange is for Bell to come and eat atthe pub tonight, to which the adventurer agrees. Bell does his best to defeat every monsterhe faces in the Dungeon. All the while, he wonders how long he needs to do this tocatch up to Ais. While picking up an item drop,.

A large group of dog-headed monsters spawns.Instead of running away, Bell stays to fight, motivated by his feelings for Ais.— Later that night, Bell's perseverance isrewarded by his ability scores increasing by over 160 points. He can hardly believeit! Bell wonders why he's suddenly improving, but Hestia only pouts and leaves for a party withher co-workers. In truth, Hestia went off to sulk, jealous of how Bell must like Ais somuch that he’s rapidly growing stronger. Meanwhile, Bell stays true to his word andgoes to the pub for dinner. The waitress from earlier introduces herself as Syr Flova.As Bell eats, the pub owner, Mia Grand, gives him food he didn’t order. So much for budgetinghis valis to save for the future of his familia..

As Syr checks up on Bell, the Loki Familia andthe goddess Loki herself enter the pub. Everyone, including Bell, stares at the beauty that isthe Sword Princess. Syr says they’re regulars here since Loki likes the place.Bell looks at the familia fondly until the werewolf Bete Loga starts telling anall-too-familiar story. There was this tomato loser Ais needed to save from a minotaur the otherday. The wimpy little kid probably just started adventuring and had to be protected by the SwordPrincess. He ended up running away screaming while looking like a bright red tomato! How pathetic!The other members try to stop the obviously drunk werewolf, which only prompts Bete to callthe tomato loser the trash he is. Bete even urges Ais to join in mocking the wimp,though the Sword Princess remains silent..

Bell knows the werewolf is right, though.How can someone infinitely weaker than Ais ever deserve to stand beside her?Filled with anger and frustration, Belle runs out of the pub crying, leaving aconcerned Syr and a stunned Ais in his wake. Belle heads straight to the Dungeon,fighting wave after wave of monsters. He needs to keep going and become stronger—orelse, he’ll have no right to stand beside Ais. —The next morning, Hestia stands outside the church, waiting for Bell. Just as she thoughthe'll never return, the young adventurer arrives, exhausted and injured. Even in this state, hecan only think of his desire to become stronger. [2]After getting some.

Much-needed rest, Bell has his Status updated.Hestia discovers the incredible rate at which the adventurer is growing. There’s no doubtabout it—this is the effect of Liaris Freese. Realizing that other gods must be watching,Hestia keeps the skill a secret from Bell. It's for his own safety, after all. So, insteadof revealing Liaris Freese, Hestia tells Bell he’s naturally gifted. This should at leastgive him the push he needs to work harder. Bell is ecstatic about how much his Statusimproved. As Hestia promises to support him, he, in turn, promises to never leave her whilepursuing his goal of becoming stronger. The goddess beams at him. She then informs Bell she'llbe out of town for the Banquet of the Gods for a few days.—.

Later that morning, Bell visits the Hostess ofFertility to pay what he owes and apologize to the owner. Good thing he did because if not, Miawould’ve hunted him down. Syr approaches to give Bell the lunch she made, insisting he take it. Asthe waitress retreats to the kitchen, Mia tells Bell they only let him go because Syr convincedthem. She then advises him to focus on surviving since he's just starting out as an adventurer.On that note, Bell sets off to the Dungeon. —Meanwhile, at the banquet, Hestia is busy sneaking some take-out as Freya,the Goddess of Beauty, approaches her. Being honest to a fault, Hestia tells the goddessshe doesn’t like her very much. But at least Freya’s not as bad as Loki, who specificallywore an elegant dress to spite the poor Hestia..

The mutual enmity between Hestia and Loki soonbubbles into an all-out fight: Loli-big-jugs vs. Loki-no-jugs. The other gods have evenstarted betting on who’ll win the squabble. Loki eventually backs off crying.The goddesses are soon joined by Hephaestus [Heh-faye-stus], Hestia’s good friend.Upon hearing Hestia’s been wanting to see her, she immediately tells her she won’t be lending heranother valis. But you can’t blame Hephaestus for assuming Hestia needs money. This goddess hasbeen freeloading off of her familia for ages! Freya interrupts the conversation to excuseherself. She already got what she wanted. Plus, she's already bored with all the men at thebanquet. With her gone, Hestia tells Hephaestus she wants her to make a weapon for Bell.To express just how serious she is about.

This request, Hestia prostrates herself beforeher friend from the time of the banquet until a couple days later at Hephaestus’ office. She’swilling to go this far because she wants to help Bell. He's found a goal, and the road towardit is fraught with danger. Giving him a weapon will help clear a path for him. It's the leastHestia can do after all Bell has done for her. Hephaestus smiles in understanding and agrees tomake the weapon. But to be clear, Hestia still needs to pay her back—even if it takes centuries.With that, Hephaestus works on a knife for Bell, with her friend as her assistant.— While out in town for another day ofadventuring, Bell is called over by Anya Fromel, a cat lady waitress from the pub. But with hermeow-speak making everything hard to follow,.

Ryuu Lion asks Anya to explain properly. So Syrwent to Monsterphilia for her day off but forgot her wallet, and that’s where Bell comes in.But wait, what's Monsterphilia exactly? Well, it's a huge festival organized by the GaneshaFamilia. They take over the coliseum for the day, taming monsters from the Dungeon.It's a death-defying spectacle! —On the same day, Hephaestus finishes forging the weapon for Bell.She wraps it and ties it tightly to Hestia, smiling while reminding her friend about the loan.— In a place near the coliseum, Loki and Freyaare chatting over drinks. Turns out the Goddess of Beauty has her eyes set on a certainchild of a familia. His beauty is ethereal,.

A color she has never seen before. Butbefore Loki can find out who the lucky—or perhaps unlucky—fellow is, Freya stands toleave. She has somewhere she needs to be. While looking for Syr, Bell is surprised tosee his goddess here. The guy can only get more flustered as Hestia says she wants to go ona date with him. After going about to enjoy what the festival has to offer, their good times arecut short by a Silverback escaping the coliseum. As if that’s not bad enough,the beast is targeting Hestia! Bell and the goddess can only run away.They enter Daedalus Street—a wide and complex residential area. But the beast ishot on their heels. As it pounces on Hestia, Bell forces himself to shake off his fear andsave his goddess. The young adventurer jumps and.

Moves to drive his knife into the Silverback’sskull, only for the blade to shatter to pieces. Despite being thrown like a ragdoll, Bellmanages to blind the beast momentarily, enough for them to escape. They run, butBell knows it'll eventually catch up to them. What then? He's not strongenough to protect his own goddess! Left with no other choice, Bell locks Hestiabehind a gate. All he can do now is buy her some time.[3] At that moment, Bell is hit with the painfulreminder of how his grandfather died—killed by a monster in the mountains, falling into a valley,never to be seen again. The day he found out was also the day he decided to become an adventurer.But upon reaching Labyrinth City Orario,.

Not one familia would accept Bell. Helooked too weak, they said. Then one day, after Bell was shoved out the door into the narrowalleyway, a goddess stood before him—his goddess. And that’s why Bell can’t lose her. Hecan’t lose his family a second time. So, though he knows only death awaits him, Bell runsto fight the Silverback with all his strength. Meanwhile, Ganesha’s men inform him that ninemonsters have escaped. Without a second thought, Ganesha instructs his men to get other familiasinvolved. Reputation and glory be damned—the safety of the masses comes before all else.Misha Flott [Misha Flot] catches wind of monsters escaping and quickly informs herco-worker Eina. The Ganesha Familia needs all the help they can get from adventurers. Luckyfor them, the Sword Princess is in the vicinity..

And as Ais takes down a monster, Eina can onlyhope that Bell isn’t caught up in all this. Sadly, Bell is right in the thick of it.The young adventurer pants, holding up the only weapon he has left. Bell uses the daggerto block the attack as the beast pounces, shattering the blade. With nothing left tofight with, Bell makes a run for it. The Silverback is far from exhausted. The beastcatches up easily, and though it crash-lands on the pavement, that's not enough to stopit from aiming its heavy chains at its prey. With his back to the wall, Bell is reminded ofhow he cowered in fear as a minotaur rushed to attack him. But unlike before, Ais Wallensteinwon’t be here to save him. At least she won’t see him like this again—weak and helpless.But before the Silverback can land its deadly.

Punch, Hestia arrives to distract it. Bellrushes to protect the goddess, holding her close as they roll down a flight of stairs.Why is she even here? He told her to run away! Hestia smiles fondly. She’d never leavehim behind. She wants to protect Bell as much as he wants to protect her. Besides,Bell promised he’ll never leave her alone. The young adventurer can’t return her smileas he sees the Silverback approach. Carrying Hestia bridal-style, Bell takes to the streets. Asluck would have it, he discovers a hidden passage. Though they're safe for now, it's only a matter oftime 'til the beast finds them. So can you blame Bell for being pessimistic? But Hestia won't behaving any of it. The Bell Cranel she knows can defeat the monster easy-peasy, especiallywith this new weapon: the Hestia Knife!.

Hestia will bring him victory. It’s a promise!Bell lets his tears fall before returning his goddess’ smile with one of his own.While the Silverback is off their trail, Hestia takes this chance to update Bell's Status.She looks on, amazed by how it has grown by over 600 points. With the update finished, Bellclutches the weapon, still unsure of his chances. But Hestia reiterates: she will bring him victory.With those words in his heart, Bell smiles and rushes forward, holding the knife as thoughit’s an extension of his limbs. He dodges the beast’s attack, and as he uses the blade to blockanother attack, Bell can't help but be amazed. The Hestia Knife is alive. The moreBell grows, the stronger it will become. Now all he has to do is believe in thisknife. Believe in Hestia and in himself..

Bell attacks from above, slicing the Silverback’sbreastplate into pieces. For his goddess, he will believe! With one swift motion, Bellplunges the blade into the monster’s chest, landing in time to watch it turn to dust.Hestia runs to hug the young adventurer as everyone in the square claps to congratulatehim. Among the crowd, Ais looks on with a gentle smile. She turns to leave after giving herpervy goddess a well-deserved smack on the nose. Bell's relieved smile is soon wiped off asHestia collapses beside him. Thankfully, it’s just from exhaustion.— As Bell sits waiting outside Hestia’s roomfor the night, Syr approaches to apologize. None of this would’ve happened if shedidn't forget her wallet. Bell disagrees,.

But the waitress whispers into his ear before sheleaves. After seeing him fight, Syr can't help but begin to fall for him. The adventurer blushesbut writes it off as her way of teasing him. Bell soon rushes into the room after hearingHestia call for him. After updating her on how the rest of the escaped monsters were defeatedby Ais, Bell asks where the knife came from. Yup, it really is from Hephaestus herself! Hearing howmuch his goddess cares for him—that she wants to help because she loves him—Bell lets his tearsflow shamelessly. He hugs her tightly as he cries. Right now, all that matters to Bell is thathe has someone in this world that he can rely on—someone who supports and cares for him. Andthere's nothing else he could ever want more.

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