BRAND NEW Teaser Trailer For The Owl Dwelling Season 3 Episode 2 For The Future REVEALS ALL!

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Brand new clips for the owl House's newest episode for the future have just been released in Disney Channel's 2023 new year kickoff even though a few Clips were reused from thanks to them most of the content we got were from the new episode and they did not disappoint the first clip we get is of Hunter warning the rest of the group that something is.

Coming their way and there is a sign behind him that looks like it would belong to a stand and this means that the heck side Squad are in the town of bonesborough on the boiling Isles this town is known to have a Marketplace full of stands this clip is actually quite concerning considering how busy the marketplace usually is in the series to.

See it empty means that the day of unity has really taken effect on the citizens of bonesborough we then get a clip of Gus Willow Camilla and loose looking very concerned at what Hunter might be referring to I don't think there is any danger coming their way and it is probably a reunion with someone that they already know this will most likely.

Be barkers who is a student at hexside because one of the other clips from this new episode shows the rest of the team with barkers who looks very different from his original design he still has his original gold ear piercing but now he has a brand new one and has swapped his glasses for a pair of cool red shades he also has a few bandages on his.

Lower jaw probably from the events that took place in King's tide given their reunion with barkers I wonder whether they will reunite with any of the other students at hexside to form an alliance and save the Isles the fact that bacchus's character design has changed so much and he isn't even a main character gives me so much hope that we.

Will be seeing some insanely drastic design changes for the other characters in this same scene I find it so funny that everyone is looking at someone in front of them with such a disappointed and unamused expression and then we have Camilla smiling away behind them all because they are with barkers I think they are looking at another hexai.

Student that they are all not fond of maybe Bartholomew we get a close-up shot of loose and her staff transforming into what looks like a galactic portal and the reason I say this is because in the next shot loose is seemingly alone with her palaceman in an open space with a huge Starry Sky and the only reason I can think of her ending up here is.

Through her changing parisman all the parisman could have created an Illusion by changing the scenery around her to reveal something to her the starry Galaxy theme of her palaceman's transformation and the area she is either transported to or given an illusionary vision of has strong similarities with the collector's design.

Has she been teleported or given a vision of the collector's Homeland and does her palaceman have any links to The Collector himself is the collector toying with loose through her parsman and setting up a trap there are so many questions here after all I have seen leaks of the collector's mind which could be what loose's palaceman is.

Trying to show her or The Collector could be trying to throw her off with this there seems to be a deeper story and connection between loose and The Collector that could determine the fate of the boiling Isles we get to see loose flying on her passman and it looks like her punishment is controlling the flight rather than lose her self but she looks.

Extremely happy in this scene because her husband has finally hatched and as its shape is now a crystal ball it may have given her a vision of how to save the boiling Isles I swear if this is the collector fooling her I will be so sad because she has had so many bad moments and it's nice to see her smile I don't think this is the final form of Lucy's.

Palaceman after all we already know it will change at least three times in this new episode from an egg to a black and purple portal then to a purple Milky Way galaxy and then from that to a purple crystal ball shape her punishment is clearly very powerful and transformative and I can't wait to see its final form and how powerful it can be loose may.

Have even been given the most powerful person from the Titan himself as we know the Titan of the Isles is the source of all Magic including parisman magic there's also a clip of Gus Willow and Amity with their parsmans and it looks like they are in the same Woods area as well Lucy's palaceman awoke and judging from the smiles on their faces they've.

Probably just heard the news of losers palaceman and are celebrating of course they had to get something in there of bellows and it looks like he is carrying away at night in some dark cave maybe he's gone back to the Titan's head or another part of the Titan to figure out his next move while he lays low Disney Channel's newest release has gotten me.

Even more excited for the episode comment down below what your favorite clip is and why and don't forget to like subscribe and hit that notification Bell to never miss one of my videos thanks for watching guys

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