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This looks like meafter a gummy. Oh, God!It's a horrible monster! (LAUGHTER) Ink blot. Here we go.This is our first one. BRIDGET EVERETT: Oh,that's The Red Wedding. (LAUGHING) I don't, uh…It's a tiny head. Okay, you're righton that one. This is too hard for me.

All right. You know what? It's Joel fromSomebody Somewhere! (LAUGHING) I justsaid I had a tiny head. Here we go. Oh, for me, that is–Oh, that's Somebody Somewhere. No, I think it's a skyline. I think it's… Oh, no. You're right, it is Somebody Somewhere. -It's the barn.-Like the barn and the silo.

MURRAY HILL: You're absolutely right. It's the barn fromSomebody Somewhere. Yay. All right. You guys arestarting off great. This looks like meafter a gummy. Oh, that's Somebody Somewhere too. That's a tractor. -Oh, it is a tractor.-Jeffrey? Yeah, it's a tractor.

Oh, my God. It's the tractor from Somebody Somewhere. I wonder what showwe're promoting today. You're really goodat seeing them. -Thank you.-Well, they're from the show. I mean… Anybody shuffle these? (LAUGHING) JEFF HILLEN: Oh, God,it's a horrible monster!.

No. (LAUGHS) That is a very handsome man who meets Samanthain season two of Sex and the City. And she is sweptoff of her feet. Mario Cantone. (LAUGHING) That's Mario Cantone. MURRAY: Wrong, it's Fred!.

From Somebody Somewhere,played by Murray Hill. -Oh. Can I pick a good one?-PRODUCER: Sure. I mean, the hearsefrom Six Feet Under.That's a little dark. What, you wanna endon the hearst? Yes, I'd like to end on”the hearsts.” Patty Hearst. (LAUGHS) Patty Hearst. No, don't do it. Don't do it. -I'm sorry.-It's fine. No, it's fine.

Okay, what's this? It's the hearse from Six Feet Under. Wow! MURRAY: Well, it is! What a great game we playedhere tonight. Were we keeping score? All right. And who needsthe most therapy? SPEAKER: And, Jeff!.

We concluded this gameand I hope that it did what it wassupposed to do, which was to get you to watch Somebody Somewhere. So, thank you so much. And don't forget to watch Somebody Somewhere. (GIGGLING)

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