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It's something I've thought about for a long time. I always thought it would be fun… I thought this was the right moment! EP1. On our MANG way. j-hope Appears Whoaaa As if this is a fan meetup Aw, my dear MANG It's been such a long time.

Months? Years? We're filming, but… We are much interested in what you think, j-hope Yes And what you think about the future of MANG. This is something we're looking forwards to more. MANG's future meetup It's already so beautiful And already so cute!.

Well, you see… I need to… I'm preparing to start the second chapter of my life. I was hoping that this will change as well. I hope my sincere heart's desire can be communicated. I was wondering if this could be communicated better. That's why I made the request. It's something I've thought about for a long time. I always thought it would be fun….

…to show a different side of MANG, without the mask. I thought this was the right moment! This is the moment! Do you see a laptop in front of you? We'll give you some time to video call MANG… Really? MANG! Hi, MANG! MANG's voice. Whoa….

Ahaha! Haha! An emotional reunion MANG: Oh.. Hello? MANG: Hello? Is this for real? Ahaha MANG: Hello, MANG: Hello, I'm MANG. It's so cute!.

MANG: I'm so happy to MANG: finally meet you like this. MANG, I'm so happy, too. Whoa MANG: Can you see? I can move my hands. MANG: And I can dance like this! Yes! Whoa! That's a good vibe! It feels like a lot has changed….

Yes, that's the vibe! Vibes are the same. Ahaha Ah… It's so cute. Maybe I shouldn't change it. CREWS : ?? …why am I talking to you so politely? An unfamiliar voice coming from my character. MANG sounds so unfamiliar?! MANG: I heard.

MANG: that today was going to be my day! MANG: I'm so excited! MANG: What are you expecting from me…? Maybe… opening a new chapter? You see, that mask is an integral part of you, MANG. But I thought it may be time to show them the real you. That's why I wanted to talk to you directly. MANG: I'm so cool without this. (Pressure).

MANG: Make me look pretty, please! MANG: Thank you in advance Ah, it's so cute! MANG: Then before I leave, I wanted to say this! Last words from MANG before we part? MANG: Thank you so much for creating me. MANG: Thanks to you, I met KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY, VAN, MANG: and everyone else in BT21. MANG: With this gratitude in my heart,.

MANG: I'm trying my best to spread my love to everyone I see. MANG: Will we meet again? Of course! MANG: Yes! MANG: Then I'll be looking forward to it. MANG: I… MANG: I love you! MANG: Good bye! I love you!.

MANG: I love you! So cute! Oh my god. How will MANG walk out? Whoa, that's so cool!This is moon walk MANG: Good bye! Oh! That's a good vibe. MANG is walking backwards! This is amazing. I didn't realize this was what you had in store!.

The fact that I made that character, really makes me feel real. I feel like a dad again. I need to do this well. What do I do? If I make this… It will take this shape… And MANG will be with us in that shape for a long time. I'll think really hard about it. I'll make sure to make the best choices.

Okay! Let's go! Whoa! Good luck!

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  1. Бпасибо Π₯осок, Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Ρ‚Ρ‹ создал Манга! Π― ΠΎΡ‡Π΅Π½ΡŒ Ρ€Π°Π΄Π° Π΅ΠΌΡƒ) спасибо, Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ снимаСшь с Π½Π΅Π³ΠΎ маску!)

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