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INSIDE j-hope j-hope stares Before we start drawing, I think it might be a good idea to share some thoughts. That's great. I feel so lost. What do I do? That's natural. I feel the same way. Ahaha j-hope thinking.

Was there a specific reason that you thought you needed to change MANG and wanted to open a new chapter for MANG? It's a character that I made, and it has a little part of me. This character is like no other, I am wondering if I could create more of an impact than that. A sudden confession? so I think it was very impactful.

I'm not throwing away this mask just because MANG's taking it off. MANG with the mask is MANG on its own right so I want to show that side of MANG But I also wanted to show a little bit of originality and add to everything that there was. I want something different from the mask, as if there is something that has been revealed,.

So that people can really feel the change. But that change was hard to find. I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I still haven't made up my mind as to what's right. That's why I wanted to consult someone who can help me make a decision. This opportunity is perfect, and I mean it. Cause I am actually that serious about this project I'M READY It'd be fun to make it cool.

But how do I make it cool? You underestimate me. It's so circular and cute. How can this be cool? We'll do it somehow! Really? Hope On The Sketches (3/15 Coming Soon) If it's cool, ooh What is this?.

What do you think cool is? What's cool? Thinking… I think cool is Good at what you do Responsible And not afraid of adventure That's what a cool life looks like The cool that you're talking about seems very internal.

Yes! I think he needs cool eyes. I think that’s correct. MANG's eyes cannot be more alive than this. This is… Cool eyes MANG This is as alive as it gets. It never changes! Winner of Staring contest When looking at the body,.

I think this part has to look circular without the mask. Slightly round, and with little ear, like this. If it is going to represent a new j-hope. (Studying?!) Why are you doing this to me? I have a bit of a fantasy about studying. What kind of studying? I'm really interested in languages these days. The best quality for globalization.

(MANG's life is not going to be easy) I was also interested in cooking Trying out new things and seeing what results I get is what really drives me. I'm not sure if MANG will be the same, but cooking is the essence of all of that. I have one thing I want to do before I die. j-hope's bucket list?.

Skydiving! Maybe once in my lifetime? Just to fly! Do you think you can fly with him? MANG's silent Do you need wings? What do you think MANG's personality will be like without the mask? Without the mask? Don't you think getting rid of the mask is a sign of great courage?.

Something really strong and proud, I think. If the eyes are a bit dull after taking them off, then… *News flash* MANG should put the mask back on I need MANG to be proud and passionate. Whoa Oh, I didn't expect this. Was there one defining moment that made MANG take the mask off?.

In order to show a newly improved self on its very own stage I think it'll be cool if MANG dances as it takes the mask off. You see, everything needs to come together for a perfect performance. But MANG was wearing a mask. So we can't see the expressions and things. But now it's finally ready. This isn't half-bad! MANG practiced to perfection without the mask, by itself.

It has monitored everything. Not bad at all. It was being courageous. So with what you've given… I think I might start drawing. Really? That's the most important thing! INSIDE MANG!

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