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Inner courtyard of Canaan College The most important strong picking contest kicked off Fifty strong players participating in the competition will determine their opponents according to the lottery And Xiao Yan met Bai Cheng again Bai Cheng, who knew he could not win, exerted all his strength to consume Xiao Yan's fighting spirit and hole cards Vowed to make Xiao Yan lose the chance to advance to the top ten Facing the aggressive Bai Cheng Xiao Yan' finally condensed the different fire armor.

And use the powerful power of different fire to completely defeat Bai Cheng The game Xiao Yansheng This Bai Cheng is really phlegm, If you meet Xiao Yan Don't be so ashamed Don't worry Mayfair As long as you can meet I will definitely give you justice.

Don't underestimate Xiao Yan Otherwise It will be the same as Bai Cheng Brother Xiao Yan Are you okay It's okay It's just too much vindictiveness I didn't expect Bai Cheng to have such a mysterious fighting skill like blood splitting And the secret method to enhance strength.

It is really beyond my expectation Although Bai Cheng's family can only be regarded as a second-rate force in the entire continent But it is much stronger than the three major families of the Jiali Empire hey It seems I'm probably the weakest person here Brother Xiao Yan is a fifth-grade pharmacist Even the Dou Huang strongman wants to welcome him with a smile Who dares to say that you are alone.

Next No. 17 Liu Qing is coming Let's see what he can do Liu QingLiu QingLiu QingLiu Qing Competitors are here competition start Senior Liu Qing.

Learn from all words Three shark spines Sure enough, a strong opponent Liu Qing's two great skills The first is the mountain cracking gun The second is the big split coffin claw He has practiced this claw technique for more than 20 years It can be said that the fire is perfect Competition is over.

It's amazing no matter how you jump In front of the big brother, he is just a clown Even physical strength is so tyrannical Sure enough, a formidable enemy However, Senior Lin can defeat Liu Qing It must be more powerful It was just a fluke to beat him back then If you use all means.

I think Even if Liu Qing and I It will not be easy to beat you Then Bai Cheng's plan to consume my fighting spirit is about to fail With the ability of my fifth grade pharmacist It is not difficult to recover in a short time However Tomorrow's game will be more dangerous than today's After all, those who can advance to the top 25 today.

Basically stronger than Bai Cheng Especially Liu Qing's Big Split Coffin Claw I'm afraid my Bajibeng is not as good as whatever no matter who you meet must go all out Top Ten Places I must take one Miss.

One month has come you Aren't you leaving? wait a few more days Waiting for brother Xiao Yan to successfully win the top ten in the competition I can leave with peace of mind But if Miss doesn't leave The family may send someone hey.

A total of 25 people advanced yesterday So today's competition will have a bye Unconditionally advance to the next round but to be fair This quota will be given to Ziyan Competitors There is no objection to this Idiots have objections I wish the King of Brute Force had a bye.

Fly is Who wants to be the second account? Since. Everyone has no objection So the second round of the strong ranking contest officially started first session Contestant No. 3 enters the field Ah, it's Lin Xiuya.

Male god Lin Xiuya I love you to death Senior Lin you see Hurry up Early finish early finish Yes What a weird way of attacking Liu Qingyou Shuangjue.

One claw one shot And Lin Xiuya, who can always beat him What's more, there are two unique skills that are not inferior Such a strange attack It should also be a very strong melee combat skill Look at the way it uses its fighting spirit Hey, don't you want to know what the stunt is? Love to talk or not boring guy.

Lin Xiuya's unique skill is entanglement and gangster Snake Winding Hand Can suppress the opponent's attack to a very small range Forcing the opponent to be unable to perform It's just brown sugar What about the so-called Yi Gang? I'm not too sure about this Lin Xiuya's gun is like Liu Qing's gun Few people can make him perform.

That year Liu Qing was defeated by the above But they are nothing to you, are they? I heard from several elders You single out a sect that has a strong fighting sect In the end, he actually retreated I entered the top ten words this time Will be an elder in the inner courtyard for about a year If you want to return to Jiama Empire after one year.

Call me hi don't get me wrong My dream is to travel the whole continent I will call you when the time comes Lin Xiuya wins Lin Xiuya Lin Xiuya is awesome Lin Xiuya.

God next game Seventh It's my turn Brother Xiao Yan, come on I don’t know who Xiao Yan’s opponent will be this time it's him How could it be such a coincidence Looks like someone did something shameful.

His vindictive attribute will cause headaches even if he meets the top ten in the strong list Xiao Yan has to show some real skills this time Milly lucky guy It went so smoothly along the way However your good luck Let me help you stop Yao Sheng.

If you lose to that guy Don't appear next to me in the future Look good Mayfair I will be in your face Beat Xiao Yan to his knees begging for mercy are you ready to start you arrogance The game begins.

Yao Sheng is extremely good at melee attacks Although Xiao Sheng's ruler is mighty but limited by space And Yao Sheng's level is far superior to Xiao Yan's It seems that the little guy Xiao Yan wants to advance this time, it will not be too easy to advance Combat awareness is good But don't forget the gap between us Tianhuo Three Mysterious Changes Otoko Hitoe.

Qinglian Also What's the situation Xiao Yan was able to draw with Yao Sheng This speed, strength, and combat awareness are not at all inferior to Yao Sheng's Even vindictiveness can be balanced It’s true that people don’t show their appearance Yao Sheng You show some real skills to Ke.

Can't lose to this trash What are you proud of? Wait until that trash is defeated by Yao Sheng Watch how I humiliate him We have to hurry up and decide the winner Otherwise Mayfair will be unhappy Black Water Realm The whole site is mine.

Where else can you escape This contest You are doomed Fighting Wings Two , as expected of the boss Dou Wang wrong It is flying fighting skills I didn’t expect this little guy to have such rare fighting skills.

Okay okay I almost thought that this kid had already entered the Dou Wang rank. I think back then, the old man practiced hard and hard for decades Have just reached the strength of Douwang If this little guy is less than twenty, he can reach this step Then we really lived such a big age for nothing don't forget Xiao Yan is also a fifth-grade pharmacist It turned out to be flying fighting skills.

Alas It takes a lot of fighting spirit to perform this kind of flying fighting skill I don't believe you can stay in the air and don't come down It's really troublesome But as long as it is water It will be evaporated after all what Lost Blackwater Realm Yao Sheng's speed was about to be suppressed by Xiao Yan.

Yao Sheng is in trouble next See what else you can do You thought you were flying in the air I can't help you Phantom Thorn Toxic Liger Broken Gold.

Not good octopole January Guang eight, too strong Good job Xiao Yan Xiao Yan is doing well great As expected of someone you and Liu Qing value.

Great Competition in this game Xiao Yan wins

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