Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (1998) Episode 11: SHEER HEART ATTACK – English (HD 60 fps)

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Damn! My business equipmentjust went crazy! Damn! Damn! I might not be able toget there on time! Why did I have to workovertime today?! Sylia, wait for me for threemore minutes. Well, two more minutes! Priss and Nene have begunthe action already. What?! Why didn't theywait for me?! What's this? No way!.

Why me?! Not again! This always happensat the worst time! Good job. Why, thank you! Yahoo! Thanks, thanks! I'm finally here. See, Priss? I can do a good job,just like this time! How long do you intend tostand there? I'm going. Wait for me!.

I guess it's because I usedtoo much power. This part, it's manufacturedby Genom, isn't it? A part is a part, no matter whomanufactures it. You don't like parts madeby Genom, do you? Well, not a great deal I guess. These are certainly more precisethan other makers'. Mackie, give me a torque wrench. Sure! Here.

Cheese… Nene's gotten stronger,hasn't she? I guess. Sure she has. Before I joined the team, it was just the two of you doingthis for the longest time, right? I feel like I'm being left behindby both of you again. You have your regular job. Wow…

What? You care about me like that! I have to leave Tokyofor a little bit. Where are you going? My parents' house. I have to go back therefor a short while. It's a lot of trouble for me, but… Can you tell Sylia about it? Sure, why not?.

I simply love to watchboomers at work! Regarding the Showhamm Project, the Umbrella will be completedon schedule. However… A problem on this side? It's the Dragon that stores theenergy sent from Umbrella. Construction of the undergroundstream is behind schedule, so… Disorder of the stratum caused bythe earthquake wasn't allowed for? It was greater than we expected.

Also, the consumption of boomersfor underground work was quick. What do you think the completionof this project means? It's a drastic solution to Earth'senergy and resource shortage. Genom will take control of theeconomy as an energy industry. Do you know why I live like thiswithout any organ transplants? I am able to keep myself aliveby using these machines. These machines live on energy. I bought all the boomers andfacilities created by Dr. Stingray, because I thought the boomerwas a new form of humanity.

I was wrong. They are friends ofmankind. I can't be one of them. The Showhamm Umbrella that theboomers are constructing will create unlimited power, andbecause of that power, I'll be able to become one with thesystem which controls this planet. I don't think there's any meaningto just extending one's life. Mason, I'm going to become thesystem of this planet Earth. By becoming the system, I will guide humanity andboomers in the true path. Forever!.

Momma! Momma! It's all an old man'snonsense after all. The Boomer Crushers haven'tmade it there yet? What a cruel thing to call them! If the Knight Sabers heardthat, they'd cry. I've heard that the Chairmanhas lost his interest. Why don't you leave the matterto the AD Police? I'm not asking your opinion.

What are you going to do whileDragon construction is halted? The Metro Express is so fast!I'm here already! I have lots of time. I don't want to waste any of it. Underground… I understand. It's an undergroundstream that stores the energy sent from that stupid umbrella. What a fantasy for sucha pitiful old man! They're doing something whileDragon construction is stopped,.

But they're not using aninternal department. They're using outside specialiststo do something. Brian Mason! Dr. Stingray is in the middleof an experiment. You're a good girl, aren't you? A good girl doesn't bother her dadwhile he's working. Right? Good girl! That man must have a target.But what? I'm home!.

I'm home! Linna's back! What? Why didn't you callfrom the station? Sorry, I'm late. What are you doingstanding there? Make proper greetingsto the guests! I'm home, everybody. Linna, I've heard you're acareer woman in Tokyo! Do you have a boyfriend there?.

I don't think this girlis that attractive! I'm not good at dealingwith my relatives. Oh, sorry. I didn't help youfinish cleaning up. It's okay, since you'vejust got home. My home's comfortablesince I'm used to it. Honestly speaking, I've juststarted living by myself in Tokyo, and it's too early to come back,so I didn't like this idea, but… Are you eating properly? Are yougetting used to work there? I'm fine!.

Your father is so happythat you're back. What? He didn't look like it! He's not the kind of personto show emotion. He sure isn't. Delicious… How long can you stay here? I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow,because I'm a new employee. I can't take long vacations. Can you stay at least untilthe day after tomorrow?.

I have to take yousomewhere tomorrow. Just as I thought. I wondered why you insisted that Icome back for the memorial. This is from one of your father'sbusiness customers, so… An arranged date. Have you found anythinginteresting in Tokyo? You used to tell us that you'd findsomething that you'd love to do. For the first time your Dad had togive up what he wanted to do. I found it.

I think I've found it. Well, I think I've been settinggoals like that all along. That's not such a bad thing. Really? That move… That poweredsuit is no ordinary one. I wonder if this suit is aninheritance from Dr. Stingray. Show me the staff listof the Wiz Lab. Who is not confirmed deadamong these? Nigel Kirkland…

An engineer in the boomerfacility, wasn't he? Do you know what yourprototype looked like? No, I do not know. Stingray didn't intend to create anandroid capable of independence. Meth. It means death in Hebrew. Just one letter Stingray erasedfrom a word on your forehead. Emeth. It means truth. The owner of this funny Towerof Babel lost this letter. He thinks you're his friends.

He believes that only faithfulgolems will worship him. I will make the essentialboomer awaken. That's the reason I was borna human being. You understand me, don't you? No, I don't. I know you don't understand. You're still just a golem. I thought Rosenkrantz was mostcapable of helping realize my goal and at the same time,the biggest obstacle.

I guess he isn't. You hate wearing akimono that much? My hairstyle isn't right for one. It not a big deal, right? It's justa simple greeting today. Excuse me, but I came heretoday for you, Mom, but I don't think this is fair. I've just started living in Tokyo,and I haven't done anything yet. I even went to junior collegein this town for you. I think it wouldn't hurt you if youlet me enjoy a little more freedom.

We didn't mean it like that. We simply agreed that there's anice young man in town, so… I don't… Your companion has arrived. Sorry to keep you waiting. Oh, no… Your name is Mr. Masaki, right? Yes. This isn't cool at all, is it?.

That's why I don't like my hickcountry hometown. I can't believe that this arrangeddate system is still alive here. I told my parents that Ididn't like this idea. See! It's such a pain, isn't it? It's not that bad an idea for me. Ms. Linna, you're workingin Tokyo, aren't you? Well, yes. That's great! I went tocollege in Tokyo. I see…

It was right after the earthquake,and the place was full of boomers. That place was so bustling. I didn't have any qualms abouthelping my father in his business, so I returned rightafter graduation. You went to Tokyo after youstood up for yourself, because you had something youwanted to do, didn't you? They didn't need to tell youabout things like that. That's wonderful. I desperately wantedto go to Tokyo,.

Even though I hadn't decidedwhat I wanted to do. I'd thought I could find whatI wanted to do quickly. Actually, I did find whatI want to do. But even if I get uptight, myexistence means nothing. Nothing I do changes anything. I'm envious of you, Mr. Masaki. Because you understand what youcan do and where you need to be. I wonder if the place you shouldbe is waiting for you. Sorry, I'm getting toopersonal, aren't I?.

I guess, since we've just met. I want to know you better, tostart becoming friends. All right, the shift is over! Good morning! Well, see you later! Hey, get out of my way! Sorry, but can you stay overtimefor a little while? Remember that incident in anoutlying area the other day? So what?.

There's an anonymous report froma so-called citizen of good will. I said, “So what?!” Knight Sabers attacking a boomer. The scene was recorded with acamcorder. Please analyze it. Why do you need to bringstuff like this to me? What do you mean? Nothing! I'll accept this requestjust for you, Leon-pyon! Wait a second! What thehell is “Leon-pyon”? Why me?.

Hey, I'm asking you a question,what's this “pyon” thing? What the hell is a so-calledcitizen of good will? Are you listening to me?! Cut it out! Your attitude is not suitable fora person asking for a favor. But she called me “pyon”, andthe last time she was… Forget about it and let's go. Wait a second, Daley! Oh geez, we were recordedso perfectly.

Cool! I'm so cool, aren't I? Wait a second… Why were they taking picturesbefore we got there? Someone was waiting for us? Emergency dispatch requestfrom the G4 area. All nearby PC and BV, pleaserespond immediately. I can't leave the office now. What's the target? A trial model for a militaryattack boomer!.

It's huge and very strong,I've heard. We need to get paid more thanthe regular rate then. Is that so, in Tokyo? Yes, it is! I'm might want to go back thereafter hearing a story like that. Really? Ah, excuse me! Linna, where are you now? Priss hasn't told you?.

Can you take action? I can't leave the office now, andPriss is about to get there, but I'm sure it'll be impossible forher to deal with the boomer alone! I can't go, because now I'm with…

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