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It's Isaiah Colbert the otaku of Kotaku viewers I'm pissed royally pissed for a long time now anime has unabashedly been peddling these heteronormative shows in the hopes of pushing this Pro creative agenda that says we should all find the perfect waifu or host Bando and create the perfect nuclear family it's high time anime boldly past us virio Taco.

Some gosh darn boys love I'm talking yaoi folks and oh would you look at that we did it Joe gay spy X family is here to save the day buddy daddies is an action comedy series that takes the winning formula from last year's most popular anime spy family and gives us a buddy cop no wait those are definitely crimes buddy Hitman anime fans didn't.

Know they needed while on a mission on a live tourist politician on Christmas Day The Hitman Duel of Kazuki kurusu and Rey sua end up being the surrogate fathers to a four year old girl named Miri buddy daddies might be the first anime to copy the narrative flow of spy family's wacky premise but it differs from last year's hit show and how The Odd Couple.

Assassins go about rearing their rambunctious bundle of joy after the pair initiate their plan to pass the kindergarten Buck off to her real mother the disaster tour discovered they might be exactly what Mary needs for rental figures in Rey's case bonding with Miri gives him a means of breaking the abusive cycle his contract killer father.

Instilled in them buddy Daddy's is on the fast track to becoming the anime to watch this season it's get heart high octane action two dads and a hypebeast fashionista and the ever so adorable Miri let us know in the comment section below if you plan on checking out Yahweh ex-family I mean buddy daddies

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  1. Glimpse x family : unfunny , trash characters… neatly you look there's nothing correct about that repeat… Pure garbage the viewers is neatly 8-14 mostlyAnd some youngsters that need that female mc Factor in what would possibly perchance presumably be the ripoff of one thing this abominable

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