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Bug Therapy? Oh boy, that feels good. You wanna get that sanitizer in there. I love that we're so close. You can separate from time to time! I grind my own beans. Mortals… Ugh. Thanks for coming. Y'all ready to share your deepest, darkest secrets?.

Nope! (Spider mumbles nervously) Okay. Hey, welcome to the group. I'm Dr. Pill. Oh, I'm not in the group. I'm not crazy. But- uh. But if… um… you are. Ma'am, we try not to use the word-.

Crazy? Crazy about coffee. Did I tell you I'm addicted to coffee? I love it, but it makes me so jumpy. Yeah, don't worry. He'll be back. Now, let's all join hands and you can tell us why you're here. I'm back! Got my coffee.

Got a refill? Swung by Starbucks. They were busy,went to Pete's, went to Phil's, then I chose Coffee Bean. Settled on Coffee Bean. No, no, no, no, no. Not- That's not good! I- uh- I don't hold hands. Ugh. Here we go. You don't know where these hands have been, really.

You know? Yeah, I think we do. Ew. Let's skip the hand thing. Tell us why you're here. No, me? No, I'm fine. No, I don't have a problem. It's okay.

We're all here to support each other. Can you get off of me? But I love you. And I love spending time with you. But I can't breathe! We'll get to your couple's issues in a minute. I'd like- What? We don't have couples issues. Did you tell him we have couples issues?!.

No, no, I didn't tell him anything. I might have sent one email. You tell him right now we do not have couples issues. Okay, okay. Okay. Can I text him? Where did you guys meet? Let me guess. Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Pete's, Dunkin Donuts.

The other Starbucks. I'd really like to hearfrom our new member. What'd you order? Cappuccino, espresso, latte, double latte, cafe au lait Americano, macchiato, Piccolo latte- You know, you're really kind of clingy,you know what I'm saying? Maybe you should talk to somebody.

I think we alw ays do it to you. Oh, come on! Now I gotta clean those. I just cleaned my ears. Somebody, get me a Q-Tip! I know you're not supposed to- C'mon, what really brought you here? You can tell us. No, you see, what happened was.

There was a spider and I tripped. And you know what? Your group looks so full. I don't want to take up anyone's time. Yeah, yeah, I get all that. I'm good! Ask her over there. Are you praying? Is that what you're doing?.

I am God. People should be praying to me and they don't. That's my problem. For the love of God, woman. This is not about you. Everything's about me. Let me get this right. You're a praying mantis,but you don't pray.

I see… Oh look! A crow! Oh, my God! You're praying now, aren'tcha? Yeah! Hey! What is our only rule? No laughing. I'm out. How is this girl ever going to feel safe? If she's afraid you'rejust going to laugh at her.

[Spider breathes nervously] Ew. What's- what's- What's going on there? What is that? He can be afraid of spiders. Has anyone told him he's a- Shh Like I said, no problem's too weird. Ehh. That's. That's kind of too weird.

Yeah. It's okay to not be okay. This group is about acceptance. Right… Who's that? Like you guys accepted me. Who said that?! Oh look, I see him. Therehe is. The stick! Look at the stick! See? Right next to the leaf.

Right over- oh. I think he's there. It's like I'm not even here. You know? Did anybody even address me? No. Anyway. You are kind of invisible, and your little pet leaf doesn't help. Well, I see you, Stickbug, and I'm glad you're here. And how's he doing? Mm. He's still afraid of autumn.

When all the leaves die. [crow caws] Oh, that was scary. Is everyone okay? Stupid crow! I spilled my coffee. I wasn't afraid. Are you okay? Yeah. I had your back. I had ya covered.

Are you okay? That was scary alright. Wow, I thought you guys were goners. He's circling back! We need to get out of here now! The good news is, we're not lunch. Wait- wait! Sorry, lady. Out of time. My name is Citronella.

And? And um my problem My not very big problem is… No judgment. Safe space. Just spit it out. Well, I'm a mosquito and I faint at the sight of blood. [all burst out laughing] Ha ha ha.

Oh, it's not that funny though,'cause it's a safety issue. Ohh! Oh-ho-ho! How's that for a safe space? Who's laughin' now? Hehe! It's me. Wait. Is that blood? Oh, it happened again.

I'm back. Got my coffee? Wait. You're a mosquito and you faint at the sight of blood. Yeah. [laughing] Ahh! Hey! I dropped my coffee. Yeah. Citronella, if you want to join the group, I think a spot just opened up.

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