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Toward the loss of the second store let's start moving Understood manager good morning good morning increase in the commercial guild Because there are many ear merchants should i use them Did the man ager stay up all night again?.

I'm not staying up all night I left for an hour very take care of your body I don't need polite words I can see your heart different culture For things made by unknown techniques As god of technology and planting.

I'm intrigued Are you Ryoma? Y is Peora Listen to the story from Granny Griciera clever Yes, if you eat deliciously, that's it is the best He and the cleaner slime I'm trying to evolve.

By the way Ryoma-sama It seems that something was made in Nissin earlier Is it a gamoshi or a magic tool? It greatly influences the quality of life I wanted to try something, so return to the mine area Me too it's going to be busy.

Festivals during this time Isn't it the founding festival? I want to stand upside down, I am the god of magic and learning Peruveria What do you think of this world? Ryoma's shop is doing well Everyone was happy You are still a child But today I was on the side of supporting you until now I have been supported by many people support someone.

If you really can If I can help people in this town I'm kind of happy

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