Can Yaman y Demet tienen mucho cuidado de no dar las noticias que quieren los periodistas.

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Hello dear followers. Welcome to our channel. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications to be the first to find out about new videos. Dear followers, if you want to know more about Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, don't forget to turn on notifications. Watch our videos until the end. Please stay tuned to our channel. You can support our channel by activating the “Join” button. Thank you. Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir do not deceive them and give them the news that journalists want.

This would only be a victory for the media. It will be a great ruin for you. Because you two would become victims of a conspiracy in the eyes of society. Your acting talent is very important for your career. You just draw people into the media pool, and as a big player, you'll get swept up in a story that doesn't deserve your big star. Apparently, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir were told by the producers that they could not be seen together outside of filming, so their popularity and lives were focused only on the success of Early Bird. I read somewhere that Diletta is now with the father of her baby and starting her life in a new direction.

Demet is divorcing her singer husband and leaving. Can is still searching or is with someone (in a very secret relationship) for the love of his life. I wish them all the happiness for that they have been through a lot over the years. Dear Can, have a little more patience and then, as soon as you finish your work, you will return to the place you love so much! You know that many of us love you and we all want you to be very well. I understand that being so far away, our thoughts go to family, loved ones, friends and all those who are on your mind and in your heart! Also think of the many fans who write to you, they make you understand how much they really love you and through writing they also keep you company!.

You know, I'm sorry, Can, to see you sad, if I could do something for you, I would do it with all my heart. He knows that I love you very, very well. Come on, animate your life a little more and you will return to Italy, where the whole world awaits your return! I recommend you, Can, don't worry and fulfill your commitment as an actor, as you always do, in this work, which in my opinion is very important and will surely be a great success, I wish you with all my heart! I greet you with a huge hug. I really and sincerely love you Never forget it! Good and quiet continuation of the evening! Dear Can Yaman, do not worry because you love there, you will see that that day you will be happy to have waited. Now don't be in a hurry because in a hurry you would make a lot of mistakes.

I can tell you that one day you will thank me for these words that I write to you feeling what you are reading now… Do not feel alone, you cannot give way to sadness because you will find what you are looking for even if I do not think you are alone. I'll be wrong but for me you in your heart have never been alone as in the other heart that beats for you. I would like to give you some advice even though I know you don't like who advises you… You must remember that the advice of a person who can be a Mother, certainly the years lived are life experiences. I can only tell you what I know as an Italian and I know many things that you are not, other Italian Actors do not know… Now do what you believe because life is yours, your Guardian Angel who will see you succeed as a great Actor. Because you can do everything, it's more because it's you with a physique… A face that lends itself to making any type of film.

Congratulations to Can Yaman for being a gentleman and expressing himself well by Demet Ozdemir, I think the relationship is very difficult and the fault lies with the failures of both. their own analysis and each one correct what caused the separation and may God help them overcome and if they wish to meet again at some point may God help them and unite them forever with his blessing and protection because it is a real shame to see them separated and sad. Because Tu Can Yaman You look sad and your beautiful eyes are dull. Turkish Actors, for us there is only one great, true Turkish Actor and his name is wonderful Can Yaman, nobody gives you sensational emotions like him, I am not talking about his imposing physique but his face, his performance that makes you collapse on TV or in.

The tablet is the mobile, or it is always said and I will always repeat it because you love how it moves even with a simple caress a tender whisper in the ear of any actress… Of course the best is Demetr Ozdemir. We all see an Actor I am a super Star because there are also a few who act and they already look like our Actors the veterans not the ones of today, our veterans were passionate not like today because they make movies or fiction because they know without the style based on the feeling… Therefore, there is no actor in Turkey because Can Yaman is the only one. When I have to see those gloomy whistles, I always cry like mold… We meet again Dreidrym on the tablet and we see each other too Ingredients of love.

Only those who speak Italian are fed up with the language that I don't know, it's also because it's Italian there is more harmony, let's give Can Yaman from our wonderful country in the center of Italy five thousand people who love you even though we are not that far away but We have the responsibility for our families as well as grandchildren… However we do a lot on Amazon. I already know you when I was filming the film with that curly redheaded girl and with a smile from a story that is very spicy… I was in Turkey for a baptism of my cousin who was married to a TURKISH boy known in Italy.

Can Yaman forever because it brought the true meaning of honest life is humanity towards others. Excuse me, greet me with a big hug, Demetr Ozdemir, you are the best of all the Tucan actresses. Can Yaman, time passes for everyone, you don't have to waste that youth, talent, what you worked with Demet Ozdemir brought you full fame, whatever they say, I know your career and I know what a good actor you are, don't overlook it , I am very fond of you as an actor… Take care, blessings to all Can Yaman.

Do not say that you are alone because you have never been, you have had very important Great Women in your life Your Beautiful Mother and Your beautiful Grandmothers and now the most beautiful in Turkey beautiful intelligent and good professional and also Great Woman Demet Ozdemir she has everything forget what Other congratulations for your good taste and great selection Demet Ozdemir meets all the requirements you ask for and you don't need anything else. I tend to believe that both Can and Demet will always have crazy love for each other, as well as respect and friendship. I know that some time has passed since Early Bird and each life has been touched by other loves that Demet married and Can almost married.

The situation between Can and Diletta was thought to have been conjured up by each of their managers to help them stay in the tabloids and help jumpstart their individual careers. Sad, but the same was said about Can and Demet's romance during Early Bird. Dear friends who show love for Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, we will pass it on to you, our valued supporters, as soon as news about our players arrives. Stay tuned for instant access to the latest news. Subscribe to our channel and share the video. To be the first to watch, stay tuned for new videos by turning on notifications.

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