Candy Reincarnation Episode 3 & 4 in Hindi & English

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After the bandit crisis village condition is worse. a man inform Pas' mother that they won the. Fight but pas is injured. Situation getting normal and the bandits tie up and lock in shelter. Meanwhile, Casserole give everyone reward according to their contribution in fight.Whereas mark and Lumi better work as pas retrainer got a sword and pack of barely. Pastry is happy and give hand to them. mark brother and sister is impress see his courage and mom finally take relief to see him alive. Lumi house her hand is go out for work but her grandfather is Happy see her success and also greet pastry(young lord) Some villagers arrive there with a view to party because they won right and also told young load to join.All are happily drink wine but kids are drinking milk. While mark and Lumi leave that place and play with sword. As future retrainer they go for monitor the prsionerWhile mark and Lumi leave that place and play with sword. As future retrainer they go for monitor the prsioner Although the gurd don't give permission to go mark diverted there direction and go inside the shelter.

Where the leader told the sword on your hip is mine but they both denied because its reward.So leader give mark opportunity to learn sword with magic. That's how mark becoming like pastry agree When he close to him leder immediately untie and make him a hostage Attack on Lumi,he go with said other commrade free from here yourself. village in hurly-burly when pastry got the news he immediately check Lumi and riding on hourse. Thought about If he actually copy anything so why not he do that? Meanwhile, Casserole and feuille have got the news without waste any moment he want to go but feuille suggest him to stay here. Public is scared after the news, you're lord you need to came down thee situation. Leader trick in pastry trap when pastry arrive there he fight with leder with sword but the situation is getting tuff Evening time , feuille fond pas broken sword with a sad news pastry is no more and how he told this.

Later at Casserole house, he saw pas fine sit on hai mom leap. Casserole told him that after you go sometime he summon there with mark.both ask how you do. Firstly, pastry try to hide this thing but father forces he said that he replicate father teleportation magic on him. Casserole is Angry on him and told never know anyone about your magic if there any issues you would teleport inside ground or rock. Later night, Casserole is worries because if anyone know about his son power then he use as a human weapon The next day, mark is sad because of him Lumi was injured so pas suggest him to meet her and apologize. They both meet Lumi and pase leave the place,in the kitchen pas finally Going to make his first sweet that is exited him. On the other,hardly mark apologize but Lumi easily forgive him mark don't accept and number less time ask for forgiveness. Pas arrive there with bolka pie after a bite both suprise and pas also give them the honey-mix-bolka.

Which is sour, pastry explain that every bolka have its own favourite when they ready to cook, they shine as they are. Which is simplely like us, when we shine ouf talent,we will more great. i want from you as my lieutenant. Lumi father galcage enter in room angry on mark because of he's mistake his daughter was wondend. but in a cam way he pay this thing simple Marrige with her, lumii also have no problem. both are start teasing him. and after some timehe eat bolka pie which surprised him when pastry show everyone happy, he thought just like this I wanna make my land of sweet. The day come when the village don't have any money to repair the damages. If they borrow money from noble rese they demand big intrest. Pastry is also suggest Casserole to take mony from his parent. Casserole didn't able to ask for money because the relationship with parent is already untie.

When he want to marry with Agnes without their permission and also they don't know about their grandchildren. Pastry talk this issue with mark and Lumi but they suggest idea is required money. Lumi proposed pastry to perform a magic in order to give an idea. Pastry Agree and told them to draw anything they want Mark draw a dragon and Lumi draw a bolka pie,pas use his magic But on other stuff it will be permanent. Lumi proposed him why don't he draw a real thing to picture Pastry got an idea and thank Lumi and told marc sorry for holding his wife hand He go in hurry, Agnes told if he ask money to my parents , we won't get such. But pastry summon their with an idea of mach-making picture made from his magic.

Because every time when a parent want to marry their child , need to introduce first ,but we use teleportation magic for safety The people who don't have magic they travel long distance which is dangerous. Pastry demonstrate his mom image into a wood plate which is exactly real. Pas think for this atleast we got 10 to 20 gold coin and also it's more real then painting and everyone will introduce with each other with any threat The threat of pastry magic is also away because everyone think he's magic only for drawing. Pas and Casserole have a meeting about Brioche who is current incharge of this land she's predecessors is died until he grown up. somehow,we demand for compansation2000:02:17,300 –> 00:01:27,500They both go to the country Retesvale for compensation amount but the mistress and her butler is already ready for them. Because of Casserole hero work he's well known person and pastry greet her. Brioche Salgrade Mille Retes also invite him to chat with tea.

The tea is speciality of the resta and Brioche business. Casserole praise the teaand miss Brioche also good to listen. Meanwhile, when pastry eat cookies with any kind of excitement although he love sweetsmiss also surprise to see this. Brioche is shoke to see this. There are normal conversation about mortlen land grow and mistress ask about the secret Casserole told that everything was happened because of this kid. Queen told that your dad is good person who gave his credit to you.2700:03:16,200 –> 00:01:23,,500Now pastey intrupt and told about 100 bandits who attack on our village and destroy our feif oppose them children also need to fight. We introged them and found The bandits are free from conrty Retesvale if you have any Doubt we have few bandits you should ask2900:03:39,600 –> 00:03:,42,600Also your force is fail to stop them as result our fief is damage Brioche understand the. Boy intension for negotiation amount and she ask a proof for this, Casserole show the bandit sword which has a royal mark and the Brioche is agree for compensation amount at 100 gold coin But pastry demand more the the deal set at 150 coins Both sign a contract while Brioche thought she underestimate the boy to age.miss though either lost respect in front of king this is better.

Miss ask pastry about when he ate cookies he don't seem happy. He replied that tea is good but the cookies is much sweet and tell about some method for less the sweetness But Casserole punch him in order to shut down and asked miss for thousands of apologize. Miss impress by the kid and pastry apologize miss to wasn't get any gift for her. Pastry used his replied magic and make a handkerchief with her photo. Which thing impress miss more and more and she thought the boy is different from others' Thanks for watching.

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