Chainsaw Man/Jujutsu Kaisen/Horimiya The Lacking Objects Hindi Dub And More: Anime Info Ep-3

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Welcome to Weekly Aane News and in today's video also we will talk about a lot of amazing news and updates like we will be able to see that zoom 100 which is anime date this anime has been delayed as well as some harmony Hindi dubbed of more missing pieces is going to come, there are some updates in which today we will talk, then there are many amazing updates in today's video, so if you want to see them, then you have to watch the video completely and without watching, today's interesting anime news episode 3 Let's start then in today's video the first update is manga related updated as we will know which is over the next update is love original romcom anime manga has also ended then breastus aur me favorite Things in the world means really mine which is going to end now, in the next chapter, if you guys are interested, read it, then after this update, the.

Crunchy roll of Juju Sukhasan's season one is being done by Sarita, that too in Hindi and Tamil. Both are dubbed only if you want to see hindi dubbed which is very amazing dubbed, a related video will come next week or this time the video will come and the next update is e-roll and hindi dubbed Change Ho Maa Continuous Aaj Chan se Maa Hindi Dubbed Ed has already been done which you will get to see and I am thinking that Isko bhi review kar dun isko aur ji jo question ke engineer ko ko bhi sakte hain will make a review video If you guys will get to see this Wednesday then subscribe if you want to see it, after this the update is that we got to see the trailer of an animated spin off series called Castlevania kuch to hai aap log naam dekh lena The show will be happening on the screen , I am having some difficulty in speaking what I have asked for, this is also going to end in the next chapter, so.

If you guys are following Mangal then you will have full fun, after this there is an update of zoom 100. The fourth episode of bucket list of the dead anime has just been delayed in some streaming service so if you guys are waiting for it then it is not bad for you which is also for me because I am also following Saini Mere Which is very funny, then the next update is that Crunchyroll Traders Season 5 is going to bring anime in English dubbed, so if you guys like to watch Animesh in English, then you guys can watch it in English dubbed too, then after that The name of the news is sorry, the name is not possible sir , then the news after this is that Stupid Angels has been done, which you people can go and see and it is being said that we will get to see them in 2024, which means next year. Look inside it, after that, the news after that is.

A YouTube channel of News India, which is centering season 2 of the train, and apart from this, we search the heroine in the project, music, you will find the channel. The news after this is that I have got an English audio book from Glide Noble by train, so if you guys are thinking to read exactly in this line, then listen to this audio, I am thinking the same. I will listen to this audio book from the beginning itself because I am a big fan of Animal, after that Crunchy Roll has added the missing piece of Holi Nahi Aata in Hindi, which is a good thing, how will it be dubbed, we will have to check now . So let's see how it turns out then the news that this cat from and world and the forgotten witch is asking for it is going to end on August 28 means next month so if you guys follow then it's fun for you We have come to know that the trailer of main step sister anime has been released and it.

Seems that we will get to see it in 2024, so I want to see how this anime is, then the news is that Classroom of the Elite Ke Bade Me Jo Not very good and its third season which is going to come, we have to reveal the visuals of which you guys will get to see on YouTube, go and watch it and I am waiting for it in other very amazing stories. Then the update is that the second teacher of the third season of reserve other has been released, you guys should take one out because I am not going to do it because I have not shown the season one season, you have not shown it to anyone, yet I will see these two first. Then I will see his shirt, how it looks, I will tell you, I will add this video too, so in today's video, with so much news and updates, so if you like this video, please like the video and comment please leave a comment and a like Everyone please do if the video is really good and.

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