Chainsaw Man: Makima’s Lawful Powers and Motives Published

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With striking red hair, she's beautiful, she’ssmart, and a complete dog lover. She is definitely obsessed with Denji. That is clear to see.But is it really due to love at first sight? Or is she after something else? Watch on as we’llreveal all about Makima and her true objectives. Makima is a high-ranking officer fromthe Public Safety Devil Hunters. So why would she be so obsessed with Denji? Wefirst meet her when she was assigned to exterminate the Zombie Devil, and it wasthere that she met Denji. From there, we see an interesting relationship formbetween the two, resulting in a master-and-pet dynamic between her and Denji that becomes animportant point for the rest of the story. Throughout the story, we see her assigning thesquad to various missions, and interacting with.

Denji as well, giving him his “motivation”throughout multiple points in the series. She’s usually calm, relaxed, and has a gentlesmile on her face. But behind all of this, lies a few secrets and mysteries thatneither Denji nor the squad knows about. But did you know that Makima is actuallyno ordinary person? By which we mean, she’s not actually human at all. As it wasrevealed in the manga, Makima is the control devil, who represents the fear of control orconquest. She is part of the four horsemen. A group of four powerful devils representingthe concepts of conquest, war, famine, and death. You might not be familiar with it, butthis is a direct reference to the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”, which are important figureswhich appear in religion as representatives.

Of different aspects of the apocalypse.It turns out, though, that she’s actually using her powers for her own motives, which sheputs it as “creating a better world”. Using the chainsaw devil’s special power, Makima wishes toerase certain devils and the concept that they embody entirely. In the manga, she mentionsideas and events that should have existed, but have been long forgotten due to being eaten bythe chainsaw devil. In another panel, she explains that she’s a “big fan” of Chainsawman. As we saidearlier, she wants to control chainsaw man and create a better world, but if that doesn’twork, she’d be more than happy to get eaten by him, as messed up as that sounds.If you’ve been paying close attention, we actually see a lot of her traits asthe conquest devil pop up in subtle ways,.

Especially in the way she controls Denji. Withevery single one of her interactions with Denji, she knows just what to say to make him falldeeper in love with her, turning him into a pet that would do whatever she says. In the end, wesee just how cold and sadistic she actually is. From the very start of Denji’s journey, Makimahad purposely set up Denji with squadmates, and people around him that he could get closeto. But in the end, she plans to destroy all of this happiness. We come to know that herreasoning behind this is that it will allow her to completely awaken the chainsaw devil that lieswithin Denji. Interestingly, Fujimoto, the author, mentioned that some characters in Chainsaw Man areinspired by Fooly Cooly, with Makima’s character possibly being a reference to Haruko. Mysteriousand unpredictable, Haruko’s interactions with.

Naota, and Makima’s interactions with Denji,are rather similar, in the way that these older women manipulate and charm the two boys.Following Denji’s fight against Aki as the gun fiend, we get a sequence that perfectlyencapsulates just how ruthless she is. Makima sees Denji depressed and sitting alone on a bench.She then invites him over to her apartment. After Denji tells her his wish to be her pet, Makimareveals that she invited Power to the apartment, and orders Denji to open the door. Rightwhen that happens, Makima blasts her apart, killing her right in front of Denji’s eyes.This really goes to show just how terrifying Makima is. On the surface, she seems to be abeautiful, friendly and charming woman. But in reality, she’s really just cold and calculating,basically perceiving the people around her as no.

More than pets that she orders around. Fromthe start of the series, we see this as she reinforces this way of thinking in Denji.She promises Denji a relationship with her, the more missions and tasks he fulfills forher. On the other hand, she also threatens him if he happens to disobey her orders. However, in the very end of the series, we see a rather vulnerable side to Makima. Her dream, asshe describes it, is to be together with Pochita, the “chainsaw man” that she has in her mind.She mentions wanting to simply eat, sleep, and live together with this “chainsaw man”. Thisis due to her longing for a normal relationship. Pochita later explains that as the control devil,being as powerful as she is, it was hard for her to form these normal relationships with others.As the control devil, Makima has multiple.

Abilities that set her up to be a fearsomedevil. She could easily be considered one of the strongest characters in Chainsaw man. To start off, she has all the standard abilities of a devil. Increased strength, and theability to regenerate herself through the consumption of blood, although wenever see her do this in the series. And, as all devils do, she is able tomake contracts with humans. She has made a contract with the prime minister of Japan, whichbasically means that she works under the Japanese government. In return, any attacks, wounds, orinjuries on Makima are transferred to a random Japanese citizen. This is how she was able toescape the train shooting in episode 9 unscathed. As according to her contract, the wounds shesustained during the shooting could have easily.

Been transferred to another person. Doesn't thissound so unethical for some reason? But hey, it’s still a crazy power nonethelessand that’s why Makima is so intriguing. So then, with all that said, what are Makima'strue powers? As it turns out in chapter 86, she has the ability to control and manipulatehumans, fiends, or devils. This power works when she believes the target is inferior orbelow to her. It’s a very powerful ability, as we see her able to basically force and controlcharacters in the story who were originally her enemies. If Makima doesn’t believe she’s superiorto the target, she could just easily defeat them and prove her power over them. She’s even able tobring back individuals that she has killed. After being put under her control, those victimslose their previous memories, becoming very.

Affectionate for Makima and following her everyorder. She is also able to use the powers of the person, devil, fiend, or hybrid she’s killed. Thisis done by summoning the subject’s body, connected to her by a chain that comes out of her ownbody. To be specific, for the humans she summons, she uses the powers of the devils they had acontract with when they were alive, having been seen using the Angel Devil, Punishment Devil, anda few other devil’s powers through this method. It’s currently unconfirmed, but her powers as thecontrol devil might have been the reason that Aki Hayakawa has a crush on her. In chapter 74, wesee the Angel Devil ask Aki why he likes Makima, which even he himself doesn’t know the reason.This ability also works on animals. Makima is able to extend her hearing through smallanimals, such as rats and birds, allowing.

Her to listen in on conversations remotely. Thisability essentially allows her to secretly gain information about whatever happens around theworld. The only way you can avoid this is by communicating non-verbally. With animals, she alsohas the ability to teleport herself anywhere by using rats. These rats can then come togetherin the shape of a human. Makima would then be teleported to the location instantly. Her offensive abilities are also nothing you’d want to mess around with. Makima hasthe unique ability to release a powerful, invisible force that can easily crush a person.We first see this in the Kyoto shooting that we discussed previously in the video. After the trainshooting scene, we see her display this terrifying power. With a bunch of prisoners lined up andblindfolded, Makima orders each one to say a name,.

As she then proceeds to make a gesture, resultingin a bloody mess as the person whose name was previously mentioned gets crushed in the blinkof an eye. The blindfolded person also dies, as a sacrifice. Location also seems to be animportant element for this ability of hers. While using it, she instructs other peoplearound her to also blindfold themselves. It’s likely that this is done just to hidethe mechanisms of her abilities from them. Lastly, she’s also able to release thisforce through a hand gesture. Generally, she makes a pistol-like gesture towards the enemy.This shoots out the force through her finger, and heavily damages the enemies, evencapable of hurting the Darkness Devil, a powerful primal devil. She was able to killPower instantly with this ability, erasing half.

Of her body in an instant. Against Denji’s berserkform, where he turns into the full chainsaw devil, she was able to send him up to space, by usingthis move multiple times. Occasionally, she likes to say “Bang” when she uses this ability.Makima is also pretty capable in hand-to-hand combat. During her final battle with the cloneof Denji, made from his Pochita-heart, we see her trading blows with him quite effectively.She pairs this with the powers she gained from her contract. During the fight, Denji slices anddismembers her multiple times, yet she doesn’t even flinch. What’s more, she’s summoned multiplepeople, possibly devil hunters, connected to her by her chain. The injuries she sustained duringthe fight were instantly transferred into each of these people. With this, she was easilyable to defeat the Denji clone in the end..

So do you agree with Makima’s actions,knowing of her inability to form normal relationships? And was it luck, or wasit misfortune that Denji had met her?

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