Chainsaw Man’s Anime Became a FAILURE

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Chainsaw man Sails are tanking it's time for the latest news out of Japan there's a bit of a feud going on between fans of Chainsaw man and boji The Rock Fans this all began with one misleading article involving Blu-ray sales for many chainsaw man fans this is just another attempt to stop the show from getting any more attention or success thankfully.

Though many within the fan base are taking the information with a grain of salt and letting go to the Rock have its moments in Limelight there are many things that come into play with anime popularity and sales for something that involves a lot of music like Pochi the rock the series is bundled with all the fan favorite songs and that's intended.

To be the selling point and yes chainsaw man did have a different ending theme for each episode but that wasn't the main appeal for viewers or longtime fans of the manga a moderator for r slash manga was kind enough to explain why this doesn't indicate that chainsaw man is in any way struggling or falling behind other big shows for one the.

Numbers are mainly listed on mapa's own site while the Blu-ray sales are pretty much Irrelevant for Shonen or action type anime a perfect example is that licorice recoil outsold Demon Slayer one of the biggest and most popular new Shonen Series in Blu-ray sales but does that mean much overall not really not to mention a big part of an anime's.

Popularity nowadays relies on streaming hours and subscriptions to watch said shows Blu-ray discs tend to be for collectors who want to show their love in a more physical and obvious way and in the case of anime most Blu-rays only contain a couple episodes and can be ridiculously priced some fans just buy the manga while continuing to stream the.

Series also unlike chainsaw man Bocce is a family-friendly series not to mention the fact fact that the online sales of Chainsaw man have yet to be counted here and in the manga Department chainsaw man has only seen a rise in sales since the release of its anime sometimes people just want to show with cute characters and fun music to buy videos of that.

Doesn't mean that chainsaw man won't suddenly blow up in sales in the future either and let's not forget that chainsaw man's Blu-ray discs only just went on sale a few days ago hopefully this rise will continue long enough for the series to compete with the creator of Attack on Titan's secret new manga

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3 thoughts on “Chainsaw Man’s Anime Became a FAILURE

  1. I don’t contemplate other folks set up how necessary BR and DVD sales are for the alternate in Japan. It’s miles a cultural thing and indirectly this are what dictate the economical success of an anime (including edifying merch). Streaming numbers don’t topic powerful role off the US platforms and distributors make contributions diminutive or no to the economical sustainability of a chain. That’s why western audiences are customarily rejected and the sequence completely salvage it foreign due to deals between world distributors and the producers (no longer even the studios lmao).Treasure it or disapprove it. This numbers are no longer correct for csm, no longer correct at all and, despite how invested foreign audiences would possibly maybe also very neatly be, it’s no longer within the producers' completely pursuits to charm to those. Perhaps they’ll are attempting to push a 2nd season to gaze the procedure in which it goes however at this level that will doubtless be moderately impossible.

  2. One thing is foremost to clarified about anime fandoms in japan: they are very organized and are attempting to monopolize particular scrutinize about some manga/anime, and if one internal those teams attain crucial claims, be pleased spreading memes, every person acept it (bark keep in mind you of one thing?). The identical originate occurs by boycot, harassment… saddly that came about, useless to issue powerful about the disrespect capacity they are able to act in direction of recount actors and your complete sequence if about a of their idol isnt single anymore. For the chainsaw man fan depraved in japan, they had been so closed-minded since the initiating of the anime, however some western CSM fans bow head to them because they read identical manga, no longer due to objetive capacity, to the level of making an are attempting excuses to acept CSM as failure: “MAPPA's cure” to their workers, Speak solid that isnt idealized, colour pallet, sizes of Makima, CGI, tune, “no longer role off”, “leisurely pacing” (yes, leisurely pacing, despite adaptation of 1-38 with new motion scenes). CSM has arresting style, secure scenes within the manga are less detailed in comparison to anime, those “comedian scenes” – which other folks are talking so powerful – that doesnt elaborate the air of JJK anime, with “chibi expressions”, abominate of awe/caotic scenario. The dearth of those is, it sounds as if, the starting put of this disapprove from the japanese fan depraved, which is exhibiting lack of self assurance and respect in direction of the anime and their producers, being attach into tell by no longer hunting for his or her blue rays. Coincidential? perchance, however with such uncommon and low numbers, boycot is perchance the capacity they archaic, as CSM used to be hyped by MAPPA and themselves(fandom), i wouldnt be bowled over, as they attach “balloting for a remake”.

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