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Foreign pat on the night of last home football game I bet you I will dunk on that hoop what are you put him down I have a first.

Edition Charizard Pokemon card shadowless yeah we're three grand so what's the plan this guy she's gonna teach me how to dunk hey Andre you said you were a basketball coach you said you were six foot give chain can't dunk by our last football game he's gonna have to move to.

Another school yikes I'll do anything you ask me to do we're gonna do a whole series on yo I'm changing I'm dunking all my haters yeah oh you were serious I'm sorry bro you're gonna work on that you're home away from home no wait just you in the bar is that the kid from the mean.

I have 10 bucks on you dunking oh hey don't worry my man's got this I didn't seemed like this before I thought he quit after a week use that chord chain but he didn't kept going everybody's talking about you dude it was five eight he's inspirational let's go.

Why do you want to dunk so bad is it really about this bet with Matt if I get dunk it would be proof that I could be more than who I am

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