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♪ Way undergroundWe start our story ♪ ♪ In a Disney laboratory ♪ ♪ Super-duperConfidential spot ♪ ♪ Where a bunchOf crackpot scientists ♪ ♪ Said, “What the heck?We're trying this” ♪ ♪ And grabbed up every storyThat we got ♪ ♪ They threw 'em all togetherIn a mash-up machine ♪ ♪ Produced a glowing orbAbout the size of a bean ♪ ♪ Slid it underneathThe microscope and found ♪.

♪ A bunch of cutesy charactersJust fussing around ♪ -♪ Fussing around ♪-♪ Fussing around ♪ ♪ They're Disney ChibisWith their own TV show ♪ -♪ Hilarious ♪-♪ And very well-rehearsed ♪ ♪ We know the logic's murkyBut who cares? ♪ ♪ They're quirkyWelcome to the Chibiverse ♪ ♪ They're Disney ChibisWith their own TV show ♪ ♪ So stinking cuteYour heart is gonna burst ♪ Ready, set, let's go ♪.

♪ Time for the show ♪ ♪ Welcome to the Chibiverse ♪ Wait, are we surethis was a good idea? Uh… ♪ Chibiverse ♪ BOTH: Hello, Chibis! I'm Molly McGee. And I'm Penny Proud. (cheers and applause).

And I'm so excitedto be hosting today with my new BFF Penny that I made these life-sizedcardboard cutouts of us hugging! Which is so nice and definitelya normal thing to do. Uh, we can't wait to show yousome Chibi adventures. Plus, we'll be ending the showwith an all-out epic… BOTH: Chibi pet parade! MOLLY:Where our favorite furballs will show offtheir super-cute skills.

I can't waitfor Puff to strut his stuff. Suga Mama taught himto roll over, play dead and pick locks. But first, let's read fromour Chibiverse suggestion box. Okay, “Chibiverse hostsshouldn't be able to date until marriage?” Daddy! (laughs nervously) Moving on. Our next suggestion says,.

“Chibi villains should bein charge of the Chibiverse.” Wait, what? Who wrote this? GLOMGOLD: We did. (all laughing) -(both gasp)-It's all the Chibi villains! Uh, while we try to sort outthis nonsense, let's watch someProud Family Chibi adventures. (screams) -(clucking)-(barking).

(explosion) (funky dance music plays) (swinging rock music plays) (pop synth music plays) (record needle scratches) (giggling) (joyful squealing) (giggling) (tires screech).

(shrieks) (cat caterwauls) (indistinct shouting) (horn blares) (snakes hissing) (car horn blaring) (giggling) (bones snap) (laughter).

(laughs) (laughter continues) (laughs) -(loud crash over phone video)-(both laugh) (both growl) (all growl) (plucking) (snarls and howls) (cries).

(dragon roaring) (shushing) Let me get this straight. Instead of watchinga super-cute pet parade, you want to take overthe Chibiverse for nefarious purposes? That's right, human girl. For too long,these Chibiverse celebrations have championed the saccharine,.

The adorable, the cute. Meanwhile, the Chibi villains have been forcedto the sidelines, while our stories go untold. Yeah, and being cuteis for losers. Hard disagree. But in the spiritof the suggestion box, what do you want? For every Chibi to say that I'm the richest duck,.

And not Scrooge McDuck! (cackles) (sighs) The loud duckspeaks for himself, but what we desireis to rule the Chibiverse with an iron fist! (all laugh) Hmm? (gasps).

(clears throat) Whoa! (chuckles) (woman screams) (grunts) -(bones snap)-(screams) (giggles) (laughs) (laughs) (sighs).

(roars) (all scream) (groans) (teeth chattering) (hoots) (both laughing) (creature snarling) -(blows landing)-(creature roaring) (ringing).

-Hmm?-(stomach rumbles) (stomach rumbles) (whistles) (romantic music playing) (both sigh) (stomach rumbling) (stomach rumbles) (slurps) (stomach rumbles).

(stomach rumbles) (whistles) (romantic music playing) (grunts) Uh, what do you thinkyou're doing? Redecorating. We had no ideaChibi villains felt left out. And we've got some Chibiadventures with villains. Is this true?.

Oh, you'll see. (growls) (roars) (bells jingle) (trumpet blares) (screams) (dance music plays) (gunshot) (growls).

(blows raspberry) (snarling) (bell tolls) (gasps) (thunder crashes) (dings) (elevator bell dings) (electricity crackles) -(all scream)-(loud crash).

(elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) -(electricity crackles)-(elevator bell dings) (thunder crashes) (punches landing) (thunder crashes) (screams) (laughs).

So? What you think? Yes. You're right. We saw ghosts, specters,and then an adventure in which the villainwas defeated! From now on,villains will do the winning. Audrey, time for stage twoof our plan. Sure thing.This should be a blast. -(all scream)-(laughing) Just as I thought.

Unbreakable magic locked cage. Bummer. Molly, you in danger, girl. Not so fast, ladies. Yes. And nowwith a captive audience, the Chibi villainsare now in charge! (all laughing) I'm sorry I ever questioned yourthing for cardboard cutouts. (electricity crackles).

(banjo music playing) (cannon firing) Arr! Arr. (all shouting angrily) -(both giggle)-Arr! (whistling) (burps) -(barks)-(all sob).

(angry shouting) Whew. (whirring) (hair dryers crackle) (timer ticking) (wolf-whistles) (timer beeping) (blows raspberry) (timer ticks, dings).

(timer dings) (loud crash) So, uh, how longdo you think it'll take for them to realize those arejust cardboard cutouts of us? I don't know. Some of these Chibisaren't playing with a full deck. Glomgold likes sharks. (screams) We've got to find a wayto stop these villains.

More importantly,save the pet parade. I wish we had some help, but all of our friendsare locked in a cage. Locked. Molly, that's it! Puff can pick locks, remember? If you distract the villains,I can make it to Puff and get himto let all our friends out. I was born to be a distraction. Hello, fellow Chibi villains.

It's me, Evil-lizabeth. You know, that villainfrom that evil place. She sounds evil. I buy it. (rumbling) (both snort) (all shriek) -(teeth chattering)-(horn honks) (monkey shrieks).

(camera shutter clicks) (elephant trumpets) (cackles) (roars) (hisses) -(screams)-(roars) (both scream) (camera shutter clicks) (plays melody).

♪ Troy Bolton and Gabriella ♪ ♪ Met at a ski lodge partyOn New Year's Eve ♪ (party favors blow) ♪ He plays basketball ♪ ♪ She does decathlon ♪ But, like,for science and math. ♪ Deep downThey both want to sing out ♪ ♪ They inadvertentlyTry out for the school play ♪ ♪ Miss Darbus offersA callback ♪.

♪ That reallyTicks off Sharpay ♪ We'll come back to her later. ♪ Now everyoneIn school's inspired ♪ ♪ To follow all their dreams ♪ ♪ Then Chad and Taylor ♪ ♪ Say, “No, no, no” ♪ ♪ Stay in your laneYeah, stick to the status quo ♪ ♪ Then they hatch a scheme ♪ ♪ To make Troy talk trash ♪.

♪ How did he not seeThat webcam? ♪ ♪ Gab gives upOn the callback ♪ ♪ Subsequently ♪ ♪ Troy's basketball game'sAll off ♪ ♪ They make up ♪ ♪ But SharpayTells Miss Darbus ♪ ♪ To schedule the callbackAt the same time ♪ ♪ As the basketballChampionshipAnd scholastic decathlon ♪ ♪ But through hackingThe gym's power ♪.

♪ And some weird chemistry ♪ ♪ They make the callback ♪ ♪ Get cast as leads ♪ ♪ Even though SharpayArguably earned it more ♪ ♪ Wildcats win their game ♪ ♪ Then they sing and dance ♪ ♪ We're all in this together ♪ I may be an evil villain, but even I found myselfrooting for Troy and Gabriella.

PENNY: Puff, do your thing! (all gasp) The time has come, pets. Today is our inde-pet-dence day. (all cheer) This can't be good. Hey! Aah! (screaming) No! I will not be defeatedby a few mere pets.

HAMSTER: Too late, bro. And you can stay there. (growls) You've wonthis time, Chibis, but we'll be back. We'll… Most of us will be back. (all cheer) And now that we've restoredpeace to the Chibiverse, we can finallyend the show with a…

BOTH: Chibi pet parade! (cow lows) (barking) Well, it looks likeChibi cuteness triumphs over evilonce more. That's our show.Thanks again for watching the… ♪ Chibiverse ♪ (upbeat music plays)

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