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As we saw in the last episode, the girl starts making fun of Lucent and leaves from there, but even her junior brother does not like it, he is telling her to the girl, consider yourself lucky, do you even know? Who wants to make you his disciple, he is about to tell him, but till then he seduces him by shouting loudly in his ear, but he is getting very angry, this is happening, no, no, brother, you should not do this. If you want display for yourself then you have to tell your truth nothing is going to happen by asking so nicely I tell her your truth and with the knife you will know about your truth then see how she will come running to you And then he starts opening all the cards that the don of the underworld has become the king of the evil people, there is no one in front of him, that is.

, Lucent, why girl, your heart beat faster after hearing his name, you must have never thought that In the weight set i.e. our senior brother himself will propose for his decibel what happened to you Why are you not saying anything, now that I have told the truth about my elder brother, have you grieved, do n't you want to come under my elder brother, don't want to worship him, but here she is smiling and caring too Well, that is the biggest evils act, it is pointing its sword towards Lochan and keeps on doing it . After the practice of Main Tumhare Iss Evil Set Ka Sharbanas Kar Daungi, after singing this, she starts leaving from there . There is a family.

, but as soon as they are four, there is a huge explosion, some guy falls there because someone is coming to kill him, and we are shown that these people are three people. And the banda that falls, it belongs to these people. You are very good and powerful too, but you do not know when When should I say yes and when should I say no now I am not going to leave you no matter how strong you are but your game ends here but till then Bol Pinky comes in between him and stops his sword. You are trying to support me in such a way that you asked me whether you can kill me or not, it says that I have never heard the name of this method, but I will tell you if you are in my way. If you come, I will not leave you, I will kill you too. This side of.

The story is that I am a good person and I will not allow any evil person to stand in front of me, no matter who and how strong they are. But this guy is getting very angry, he goes straight ahead to attack the bay, brother in any way stops this attack, but only then we are shown that someone is coming from the side. And he is very fast, Begusarai is unable to see, that fool kills 14 lakhs and this kick is very strong. But she somehow manages to control herself and stay fine, here it is because your cultivation level is nothing in front of me, if you bother me again, this time I will not leave you. Yes, I will kill you. Pinky's condition has worsened and where is her whole body , but now she says that as long as I am here, you cannot do anything at all,.

I will stop you, but She doesn't even stand up, she is sick, on this side she has done a lot of nonsense, she takes out her sword and says that now I will finish you, you are not going to survive, she moves straight towards it, she tries to save herself. So she does but he puts her sword in full after that he comes to the bay and is scared now do one less now say that I will be a good person in my good life and is about to die but till then lu chan lu se Asks to stop and goes to surprise English too, it is happening that look, I am going to do a good job right now and today here is so much Why is there so much noise alcohol today who are there so many people here and who are you the one who dares to stop me looses and tells him his real name that he is lucent he says man i don't care about it You are trying to stop me if it is a storm or a storm, I.

Will not have any problem with Lao ji, if today I am wearing two or two people, then only then something will come in his mind. And it's where you said you're Lu Chan why you're the leader there you're where it was Han you recognized it right I'm the one his sword falls from his hand he also gets on his knees and It happens to be my idol, today you are in front of my eyes, I can't believe it, you don't know how many years I was longing to meet you, you are the idol of villains, I consider you my hero, my guru, my everything Admit, I have heard a lot from your kiss that you had killed all the people in such a stupid way, it is fun to hear that, I want to be just like you and want to learn a lot from you, but it does not happen. No, what you have heard, you have heard wrong, earlier it was like this, but now I have become a good person, these people start laughing and saying, that master.

, you make a very good joke too. It is happening Look these are the two people whom you are trying to kill Are you sure you are serious about it? It was not at all like that let's kill him guys he and all his friends i.e. two-three people they would have been coming to attack and they would have been doing it you are fake Lucent and the real one never does this he is evil He was a god, we worship him but you are not like that and here he must have been very nervous and thinking , but I have not lied anything, whatever I said, I have told the truth, I am a good person.

And I He has never committed all these sins, but here he also has an army of juniors and sisters, those people come and finish these people in one go, that means they kill them very badly and here Lokan There is breath in the breath and he is thinking, come on, I have junior sister and brothers , at least this many people are enough, big trouble He was defeated even before he came and here it is shown that another villain has arrived and he is powerful. Everyone is calling him second master, second master , we will also call him second master and here he is second master. What happens to that person who is harassing me, not allowing me to do business and even he hurt me in Ishaan and is calling himself the head of the villain, see, I will not leave you at all. If not today or tomorrow you will be killed by my hands and after saying this he picks up his companions and starts walking from there,.

After that he does not say anything. These people also do not try to stop him. He is asking, who is this person, who went away with so many things, his junior Pradar is telling that I do not know, but as much as he has told me, it seems to me that he is the second master of Arling Mountain, Lucent. The other guy is telling him, brother, do n't take his words lightly at all, earning mountain is as much as our website Not good at all and that too is a decline set like our week set but currently looking for earning mountains so that they can replace our growth and become more powerful than our sex till then we see Lucent The disciple has come there and he is getting to know the second master, he says this is what he used to say to the girls, do you know me but he doesn't say anything and starts.

Running from there seeing him Bhagat These two brothers also start running after him, but Lokan is asking these people , wait, where are you going, but these people do not say anything, these people are running after him, the girl says that they have gone but Now what will we do with this man, here we are shown his condition which has become very bad because the number of vital points he has, he has suffered very dangerous damage and it has become almost impossible to save his life. At the same time, it is also told that its bones have become pulverized, so it is impossible to save it now. she carries i am not going to spare those earling mountain thieves at all i will kill them with my own hands once i complete my study then you see i will kill you and all those people anyone I will not leave and here the episode ends, well tell me one thing,.

Why are the views not coming on the video, at what time you will put it, then tell me, the views will come, now more videos than before. Started pouring but the reason for increasing the views is also doing it .

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