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Hello Gas, if you have not yet seen the Go Reverse series or the series with Ultimate War Spirit, which I have explained, then you must try it once because it is a little different , then you will enjoy watching both these series. Let's start the video without any delay, as we saw in the last episode, Lu Chan comes here, suddenly someone attacks him, this attack is not done by anyone else but by the same girl, all her friends Also, now it has become more dangerous than before because it has a team, everyone has covered the blue channel from all sides and this is a special formation, will it be able to get out of Lucent, let's see, the girl is telling that it is a cross aero formation . Where does it go and it is specially made for Lucent like Devil or big masters so that all these people together can kill him comfortably and no matter how big master.

He is, he cannot escape from the front. You are trapped inside the formation, so you can't get out of here, now you go straight up If you are there, then she gives all her men quadrats to shoot, do n't give him a chance to escape at all, everyone shoots at him, he just stands there, and Lucent has realized how much he is an air host. It is more dangerous because as soon as it comes close to someone, its inside which is going to be exploited is felt but still it is not accepted because our Lucent has a secret weapon but this girl Happy if anyone gets trapped inside this formation, he never knows how to come out, if he comes out, then only his dead body can come out mini, but it is faster than lightning, before it even touches the arrow. Seeing that he has disappeared from there, everyone's eyes are torn, they are wondering.

Where he has gone, where he has gone, no one is looking at him, only then we see that suddenly Se Locha comes after a guy, he must have been an idiot, I am here, he punches him on the head so hard that it reaches him straight up. What is that girl saying look over there she is the devil of an excuse over there what are you all doing hurry up and shoot her but it will take time for everyone to suit up What was going on, you guys are very slow and then goes in zigzag movement, kills all the people and finishes them all with masks, no one knows how to survive, seeing this, she gets completely surprised that how is this so? Gya was smiling looking at her at the girl was saying you are again trapped in my forest he was thinking that well luck was good that I had three teleportation from Shyam which I got as a reward the good time but.

Use this character i attack her password don't know i get hurt very hard no marta but leave seems very dangerous still this girl has too much attitude she is doing set her fenkiling about this I came with full force but still you caught me , it doesn't matter what happens because I am not going to leave from here because if not now then later my pending set people will go to kill me and they will continue to kill me but Lucent is asking him in a nice way come on you tell me after all your feniling What is the purpose of the set, why have you guys come here with so much instinct, she says do n't even think about it, I am not going to tell you at all, just like that, he takes out his hunter and kills her, attacks her leg and If you don't tell me, I will have to force you,.

But she says, if you do it, then you do the same thing, keeps hitting, keeps hitting, tears come out of his eyes, but even thinking carries I am not going to tell you at all, he says that it is okay, it seems that if you do not believe it, then here it is. It's going to be okay, I tell you, we've come here to lift the school. But Lotion was not able to understand about which school and what she was talking about, so she asks again, she tells that she does not know that there is something in the Secret Rail that our people are going to get here. Attracting to come in secret real that's why so many people are coming here on our set lotion what happens to her then what do you think of your attitude are you showing such attitude to her.

You can achieve it, she says that I can lose because our fencing has been planning this thing for the last 100 years and we know that this thing will definitely happen here, what has it been doing, has it been planning for 100 years Means something or the other is the matter and why do I feel that your friend living here in the village whose surname is Gian, has always been watching those people for the last 100 years, that means he has been spying, she says. Our people have been watching those villages for a very long time and they are even minor lasers . Had he been asking, she tells that all our Code Disciples, i.e. their core disciples, have come to the secret place and this Perfecting Set is not going to return, this time he will return with the treasure, Lucent tells him. so.

Okay are you ready to go show me the way over there and he was wondering is there really such a thing over here and if Is that thing real, then it will directly take us to the third level continent, then only then Lucent gets a notification again that the people of its set are doing bad things, then its cultivation level and its life suddenly start decreasing again. It is less and here it kills a very legendary dialogue , along with that, tell the hair see in the comment again, so whose dialogue is this, this is a very famous dialogue , he asks him, have you seen more friends of my website here hai kya woh bhi hai nahi jo log lucent saath aur koi nahi dekha aur kisi nahi lucent is thinking that its jo baki junior bros the na you will remember a few episodes back that six and set 12 junior bhai wo log bhag Gone from the set and was thinking that they will surely miss people, those people are a little bit human.

, now that time has come on their way when these people reach the fourth bridge and this bridge is also a little different . It happens here we are shown a fat man who keeps his hand on the stone and then the sex period comes out inside him. And the spirit means that it has passed and it is very happy to see that the spirit has passed, it means that now I can cross this bridge, I have passed , this period does not come out from inside everyone, only then His partner has been there and has been saying weather many many congratulations to you I am sorry that I do not have that much talent now I can go ahead from here but it is affecting the mood brother you worry Why do you do it, once I pass all the levels, after that whatever treasure we get, we will share it in half, you don't take any tension, but here its Radhe is not looking good at all, so what's the matter? Tha Han, why not.

Brother and in the process of shaking hands, he inserts his sword inside his stomach, he says why did you do this to me, what is it like, brother, forgive me, but I also have to cross this bridge. To reach here, how many people have sacrificed themselves, how many brothers and sisters have we lost, now I have come this far, how can I go back? Please forgive me for this, the girl starts telling Lucent that the rules are very simple, you do not have to do much, there is a tablet, then I have to keep my hand on the tablet, after that the processing will start for a while. And then after the processing is done, that spirit will come out from which it is decided that whether you are fit to cross the bridge or not, it is a simple rule, then we are shown the spirit inside the pots. She has come and entered inside this formation. If you want, even after killing someone, you.

Can take his speed inside you and cross the bridge as this formation did . Hello Lotion asks is there a difficult level here, the girl starts telling that look, there are a lot of people here, but not all of them can cross this bridge, because everyone does not have the talent, this level is more difficult than before. And it's weird and then what was he saying okay first you go that girl goes she puts her hand on the stone tablet And we are shown that the same divine light emerges from inside it and again a different speed emerges from inside it. Everyone is surprised to see that these people have come just now and they have passed the talent, the spirit has come out. Gai Lu Chan tries to see here with his super eye, then it comes to know that his talent is not bad because his qualification grade is of fifth level and this is what Lucent needs so much.

Good companies stay with it then it will be fun everyone starts watching them that if they kill that girl then they can pass the bridge comfortably but they tell don't even dare to touch me do n't you know that Who is with me, she tells everyone about Lucent that wickets are the devil of the set, if anyone has so much courage, he can come and touch me. What are the master's daughters doing here together? These people don't have the guts to attack these two. Everyone leaves behind . Now it's Lucent's turn. He wants his stone tablet. Holds hand but nothing happens even after a long delay nothing happens there brother would have got his insult done now it doesn't matter what will happen after this insult what will happen next story is getting interesting.

Now Hai phir meete next episode gas tab tak ke liye bye godrej dekha na dekh lena once

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