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At the beginning of the episode we are shown the lap spirit and it deepens that finally after so many years the descendants of the Immortals have set foot on this place . They are the descendants of the motel, they carry the spirit, yes, this continent, this is not your ancestors , their blood is still circulating inside the motel, the and you, the spirit tells that after doing a lot of configuration, they recognized these two good ways. That's why they say to Grandfather is it really like this then tell me where is this model, where is our assistant and that throw set , why was he killing our people like this, why are they not there to save us, the spirit tells that Unfortunatly this model has been killed in the First World War itself and he has killed at the same time i.e. he.

Has killed, just don't know, maybe he was named Immortal just like that, so these other Grandpa's are asking him about his period why are you looking for us why do you want to find us Tata had changed everything, especially the great domain, and it is obvious that with the experience you have now, you are not able to understand that after all this is a grade domain, do I just want to tell you this much? That there is another world called Dai and that place has been increased millions of times more than this world of yours and I just want to tell you that why the Immortals had kept the Secret Realm at such a low level, that is because Because he was feeling like this and he did not have much hope that his descendants would be able to follow his path or not, but here both of them are still not able to understand that after all that spirit Instinct was not done,.

That spirit is telling that in the future you will automatically understand what is your purpose, when you pass the last bridge as soon as you pass it, then I will come to know that your own model has helped you. What relief is left for the spirit, suddenly something starts happening, it is slowly disappearing then This spirit tells that it was waiting for the descendants of Immortals for thousands of years, that is why its power has lost a lot, so it is worrying these people that now it will go inside their body and their limit Yes, it will extend it, it will increase it a lot and these people will become the most powerful people of the fourth level continent, that spirit goes inside both of them and as soon as it goes inside, both of them start feeling a lot of power and their cultivation Also you have been 250 years i.e. Lucent has been doing so much with the spirit that I hope you will use this power well.

And bring the rally to me as soon as possible. I am feeling a lot of energy inside me, after that people use their energy to see that they just hit lightly, then the trees in front of them have been painted and after seeing this power, both are very happy. They kept saying that they had just hit the bird a little and took it to mean the tree. We can easily beat an elephant with just one finger, it used to be Grandpa's saying that let's go now, we find Relax as soon as possible, but his man is in a different mood. Now we have power, so first of all we will take our thin, after that we will go to find Relax, but these people belong to Grandpa. grandpa kills him yellow one.

Grandpa 110 and fools don't care where that rally has been lying for thousand years and till today no one has come to pick it up and our motel and sister they have given us this ability That we can take revenge on them, we should do the same, then we can take it later also, although I feel that we should first tell the master about this matter and take some further decision only after talking to him. Should be taken, let's first go and find the master, after that let's see what is going to happen, now here the scene changes, show us the fridge It is known that the flying set has caught these two junior brothers, the junior brothers of Lucent and these people are of If I come to know, then see, they will beat you guys brick by brick and look.

Here, who is near the throw, these are also Lucent's brothers, those brothers remember about whom I said he is the one who is doing less of both, because of which his cultivation is getting cut, the head brother will come here, then he will leave you guys, till then you guys can't go, stay here, he is the most in his team. He is more brave because he scolds anyone and tells anyone like he is telling Muthukku that you are listening to him about the planets, don't you see if Big Brother comes, what will he do to you and on this side Master Fan I care that I have heard that the devil has also brought two bloodlines of his Sajia family, is this true, we will name him White. It will be absolutely true, there is no doubt that it is master's, then it is a very good thing, I.

Will fulfill whatever agreement was made between us as our set and we will cross the bridge together. Till then we see that on the blue channel his disciple and that girl have also come, they both belong to The Big Brother Aap Aag Hai White. Ka raha hota hai senior bhai senior bhai I am very happy to see you you have not changed at all though I can't imagine you came back alive after being killed, have to agree you are very powerful Lucent ka raha hota ki You are also not that bad as soon as you met these two you caught them both why he starts saying look big brother I have no enmity with my brothers and neither I want to kill them I want to fight with nine I have just kept them locked like this in the hope that you would hand over me to those two surnamed young ones, that's all I want.

Master, I see my daughter, Lucent is worried that you are yours so much Dare you have kept my daughter in your possession you let my daughter go I will give favor to your whole family Tuition says hey you are blind what can't you see they both are not with me and even though they both are here but it doesn't bother me nothing is going to matter han they both were with me before but not with me now and you What do you think I am a good person no no no it is not like that at all our set is a villain set and we are cheaters right now there is a talk going on between these people till then the elders who are here Those people have come that both grandfathers have also come on a fee, they are master's, they have to accept that the prey came by walking to the hunter himself, so there will be no need to work hard for them. It doesn't matter what is happening here,.

That's why those people come silently and are saying Master Pranaam to Lucent, but the news channel is saying to those people what are you doing there, come quickly, follow me. Hey go I will cover you till then we are shown who are the men of Friendship who have come to attack them yet it is not known that they are men of throw but they don't back down nor These people are running away, you see now, we are not going to leave you, we will continue to kill you today, but before those people attack them. Lucent goes to run among all those people A has been done and Ka is being careful who even tried to touch these two I am not going to spare any of you but be careful from the master It happens that Lucent you are in my way go I have spent my 100 years to get into this Immortal Secret Real and if you.

Try to stop me I will not leave you I will also finish your evil set He is jokingly saying are you going to kill me with your words stop all this nonsense understand and remove your dirty eyes from my disciples I am not going to give you at all that's why White is saying to him Brother, I know that your new recruits, these two are talking about the same Grandpa that they do not have any cultivation and so I can not save them both of them from Lucent. It happens that master you don't have to worry about us, we can comfortably handle all those people but nin doesn't pay attention to them what happens to lucenton ok if you have so much faith in yourself then why don't you try once and see who can do some harm and loose it happens that both of you Don't panic at all.

I know you don't have power but I have made you my disciple so I I will definitely protect you guys, here this grandpa is talking to him or not, you are not understanding , now we do not need your safety, we can fight with ourselves, but no one is going to take the matter of the day seriously. You people follow me quietly, do as much as I say, because till now those people did not have cultivation, everyone knows this, but they do not know that you have got a spirit in them, so their power has increased a lot. He has become so strong then gas 500 likes are needed before 12:00 midnight because this is the eighth video of today, even before this eight eight videos came two days ago, if you do not like then how will it happen, hurry up, like and share. Do subscribe and what are many series I have explained, go and check them out once.

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