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Lucent was wondering what the master is doing in the fifth level continent because it is a modern world and I have come from there, so what are you doing there, it may be that I am just a subject of his experiment. Because when he went there, I came here suddenly, now Lucent is slowly understanding everything and he is also understanding everything, till then A TV tells its fat brother that You stand here watching what are you doing hurry up and kill brother Lucent we will also see how long he can last Motu does exactly the same he moves forward to attack Lucent with his full power But Lucent is also stopping us comfortably in his looks, but he is not fighting again and again, he is just stopping us, he was afraid of Motu as if he would hit him No, now what is happening is that I have played enough games.

With you big brother, now we do not want to play any more games, he orders Motu to go and kill big brother as soon as possible. Rotu goes further and Lucent is still doing his defense and he was thinking that if this continues then I will have no option left what should I do I have to do something or the other Varna I really Will kill you big brother I don't think you will be able to last much longer remember you forced me to do this so it's not my fault but till then Lucent is back disciple and he hits him on the head 140 When punishment comes, he becomes unconscious there and when he becomes unconscious then the one who is Matko also becomes unconscious along with it. It seems that both have something or the other. So there is definitely a connection, the look is from him, you have made him lotus, after all, from where did this idea come in your mind, his disciple starts telling.

That I feel that there is something wrong because these two are of different techniques. Practicing the and at the same time the strength of both went to the fat uncle and I was wondering why the thin uncle is not fighting, he is just Why are you giving orders without delay, only then I understood that something is definitely wrong here, now I am told that these people practice kicks exercise, these people practice these two, Motu Patlu's Patlu should also give its power to Motu. Will give and only give command to Motu and Motu will be so much over power that he does not know how to control himself so Patlu controls him understand what I want to say both are connected with each other one has power and one has mind of Lujan Keep these two away from my eyes, I don't want to see them any more, they are acting the same way and they are getting darker.

, put them both in a cellar where even the sunlight doesn't shine I don't care because when I go inside I don't want to see his face he is shown in front of my eyes in the next seat he is inside the set and got into a very serious problem that now he has Highest level compact in the entire fourth level continent and recruits 10000 disperses from across the continent Whose qualification should be of third grade and it has to be completed as soon as possible because this is the task of the system, even after that there will be a problem that I will have to leave this continent and find a way to move to another continent. The best way to reach is to first go to the fifth level continent and see if that fifth level continent is really the world I used to live in or are they talking about some other world next scene We are shown that.

All the prominent members of the website have come here and gathered in the hall, but today I have to announce a very important thing, so I told you Everyone here tells Lucent that he is going to destroy the Erling and Fencing set and wants these people to help him so that he can destroy them well . Big brother, you have snatched our man's talk, you know for this day We have yearned since long, we have to finish both those sectors, Big brother, don't make us alive now, just give an order, after that we both want and see how they will bring havoc in both the sets . Both of you will go into fencing sex because their force has already been killed there on the mountain, so just both of you will be enough.

Seeing that people will go to the fort like this and then what to capture comfortably but both of them do not like this thing at all, otherwise we will not go there because only weak old children and women live there. And there is no fun in fighting there, every man will go like this, the second one is deep, right hand, the second master has already been killed, but still he will have some strength, but tell me man Lucent takes out his baton and says he wants to go through every link. He was thinking that last time the staff Helped me a lot, had a lot of fun , hit me completely, hit me with a laser, don't you remember, I was giving you like this, from front, back, up and down, we were waiting for when he would come out from behind, but he didn't do it, no problem, try And Pinky is worried that.

Both of you will go to Earling Mountain and if those people don't listen to you then you know what you have to do is take this dog's death stick and kill it so much that you can't even remember your name That's why those people are still going to do this work, so I want to remind you that what are the rules, first of all ask nicely and then if you don't agree then give it. If possible, and secondly, I would like to tell you guys that if you find any good disable there whose qualification is above third level, whose strength means you guys are extra ordinary here, then don't harm him, quietly return him to our set. Bring it, I want to make my sector, the power of our set has decreased and I.

Want to increase it, in the next scene, we are shown that it is moving in the cell, then White starts saying brother, can you see us here? he says hey dream who will come to see you we are shown that he They go to the girl's cell, she is sitting like this, Lucent would have been with her, have you thought about it, tell your decision, because now the time has come, then he also starts telling that brother, he is in this position for two days. And she has been sitting since one night even she hasn't said anything, hasn't drank water, her eyes haven't even opened yet, can it be that she has died, the system is also very fucking bad, it is giving the mission of births. It happens that he should get the girl to join his set and he is thinking that this soul is in me but he gives me all this mission, he knows that it is very difficult to do all this, that's why Blue Channel is doing all this with him. Says that look, I have already.

Sent my men to destroy the fencing sector, then after a day or two from today the pending set is also going to come in the territory of our website, then Lotion starts telling him the story of his mirror. that his name is shiv he has tried many times to kill me he wanted to kill me but was not able to kill me so i offered him this Kept and then after that he started considering me to be his teacher man because he wanted to kill me what do you want do you also want to do the same if you want you can but for that you have to join my sex first Will have to do but she is also not saying anything, she is sitting like this, only then his hunter comes out and hits her on the ground and keeps saying that I want an answer, why are you sitting like this, she goes to the door and then carries I promise you that I will consider you as my teacher, I will ask you like a teacher, but one.

Day I will definitely pass you by the head and then see that day I will kill you . This time he doesn't get any such reward, he gets such a very special flower reward and he has about 10 such puppies, this moment if anyone eats it, his power will suddenly increase 10 times. Lucent was thinking that The moment is really of Kamal everyone's cultivation base will increase for 10 years as well as their over all strength He will also increase that means everyone is going to have a lot of flowers in his set. Motor senior brother is driving a hunter on top of a lady. He says he is driving on the ground, not on her. Who are we ? After that Lucent comes to his other prisoner who is the community and he is very nervous seeing Lucent don't worry I am not here to kill you.

And you don't even need to be scared of me, in fact, I want you to surrender yourself and help me get the Civics set back up so I can get you out of this place, and then Lucent is thinking. It happens that I have already seen its cultivation level and its ability its cultivation level has gone up to more than 150 years and if it wanted me to surrender myself to join my set will it join or else Will not do it but before that the system is very dangerous now the system has given the mission to get it to join the community and here it has tears that the system does this to me it wants to kill me my big brother There is no enmity with you , there is nothing to fight with, so I have my own purposes, I want to fulfill all those things, I tell him what I was doing, last time you told me that you have to find the treasure, which is.

Behind some door, and find it. you will need a key to open the door why i have been right that's why you we Are you leaving continent and going to another continent? Lo asks him tell me why do you want to go to other continuum maybe I can help you tell me I am your elder brother He says what really what Really Lucent seems to be thinking that I have looked absolutely right and everything will be fine then everything will go according to my plan from here it is telling me that I am going to find my mother and with At the same time father will also be found because when I was only 8 or 9 years old then they brought me here and left me here which you people call fourth level continent but my mother is still hanging in third level continent and she is there You can't understand brother, what kind of feeling is this.

When you are away from your family, that too for so many years, I am getting worried thinking about it, when will I be able to see my mother again. So many years have passed when my father came here last time then he did not allude to me that I Let me leave this place, my father left on his own, now I will go to third level continent so that I can find my mother. Loser says ok now I understand , there is no enmity between us, you are just your friend. want to find the mother the way look i have this key if you want her to open the legendary door you have to get out of this place and go to the third level continent why the group is surprised to see her because it's very There is only one precious thing and it belongs to you. You really have.

Only one . Not only that, he has the door, he has many more keys to the door. Lucent says look, that is not the issue, the issue is that I want you to get out of here. He says okay brother, I promise you. I will help you to get your website back up but you also have to promise me that as soon as you You will get the door, you will get me out of this place. He says ok my boy and as a reward he has got the same number of films again. Now we are shown Lucent getting both of us out of jail. These people are going easy. Lucent is thinking that it has 16 pills and one bill can increase the cultivation level of every person for 10 years, that is, if you understand in this whole continent, if you and three and someone Even if we take only a few members of this entire continent, if the bus power is added, then these people will do it on the entire continent today,.

Both of them are shouting from behind that brother, don't leave us alone here, take us with you too. Don't want to stay in this jail Lucent says you have killed a lot of innocent people and that's why I want you guys to stay in jail for a few days now scene change happens from now on we will call it orange ok Lucent is with Orange and is giving him those pills, Luken tells him to take them quietly and eat them but Orange is asking big Brother, what kind of pills are these and what will happen if you eat them, Lokan tells him that there is a special kind of moment and eating this one moment will increase your cultivation for 10 years, but it gives him more than one moment. And then further it tells that your over all friends will also increase very much she eats this heart and we see that His power has also started increasing suddenly. Lucent is very happy and he was thinking that.

In this whole weight check, this is the one who is standing with me from the beginning, it can never cheat me , so First of all, I gave it to the film, after a while we are shown that the effect of the pills starts and it would have been like Big brother, this is really a lotus, I feel like my power has increased a lot all of a sudden Now we come to know that its cultivation level which was less than 100 years earlier has now increased to 140 years and after seeing this it is very happy that it has also become very powerful only then both Grandpa goes there and What are you talking about Big brother, you have a little less than us here, Lucent is giving them two bottles and in this also there is a flower that increases the student, they are talking about whether it is really good, you guys knew it after trying it. Why don't you see, you will know and think that I have saved the whole family and the Xian family has.

A lot more than the four level continent. If there is a deep relationship, then there may be a little relationship with other continents as well, they can help us a lot in the future, so I have to increase their strength, because even though these people are powerful now, they will have to become even more powerful now. Here we are shown that the friend comes and Lucent says the same thing and gives him a moment but as he eats the moment, his power suddenly starts increasing very much, he is master, I feel that this is my out of Control seems to be going away, I will not be able to stop it. Lucent is shocked to see this and was thinking that how can this happen, how can its cultivation base increase so much because where you know, eating one bill will kill all the people. Cultivation also increases only for 10 years or even doubles, but in case of K it is different, its cultivation based has increased for 200 years, it may happen that it.

Comes from a special family, that's why whatever the reward of the system If you get like this, it will also double, this is very dangerous, till then both junior brothers will be there. Dushyant has become the pride of this nation, both are a little bit , and those people are of old age, but it was not a big deal for us to deal with them. Told that we don't want to kill those people, we have to leave the good people, so we just enjoyed a little bit . If you are not here then what happened I will see how much your strength has increased he says oh no no you embarrass me where can I attack he says oh no no why do you worry you So come on my nefi, come on, I give you a chance, you have to attack me first.

And attack me with full power, it will not be very strong, but suddenly he comes there, he is ready to attack him, but he attacks He is so strong that he does not know that he is right, he goes too far and falls and starts foaming at the mouth. The person's eye gets torn even after throwing it here, I could not believe how he did it because he just touched it a little, he was asking Nephew Fan, what did you eat for dinner, you are so much How did you become more powerful , friend tells that no, he did not eat anything, just the master gave me some pills, but his condition is not asking anything, then there is an idea in his mind, hey, there are still many hidden treasures from us. about which we don't know and maybe Big brother is making all those treasures, it 's a good thing, now we can distribute them only to your people, this is a very good thing.

, till then all those A has been done and the disciple is telling Lochan that when those people went to the mountain, they were not ready to accept everything, so he hit him with a stick and broke his bones, and from there he 21 21 People have been brought because their qualification matches are being held. As Lochan said , Lucent says, we have to admit that this time you have done very little, but this time On the side they both belong to junior brothers not master but big brother what moment did you give to Frank please can you give us that moment also Lucent says you guys don't worry here I have kept rewards for all people the most First of all all four of you have helped me a lot and as I said Always done exactly the same so I have kept some special bills for you if you eat one bill your cultivation level will increase for 10 years both very happy come to Lucent.

One goes sliding and hitting But in the set, the punishment will be clear and the reward will also be clear, both will be very strong, if you make a mistake, you will be cool and do good, even then you will be cool and as long as you guys keep contributing in the villain set, you will continue to do so in the future and if you listen to me, then these rewards will be given to you. Here it is shown that as soon as those two consume the film, the power of both of them has already increased a lot and their cultivation base suddenly becomes very fast. The second camera is that I suddenly feel that 50 years of cultivation has increased, I am enjoying a lot, Big brother, you are really a lotus, we will always be on your side . After all, how can this happen, really even the set has such pills that whatever your cult They can reach the higher level of vision instantly, they are.

Like the third level continent people, I think my father is probably trying to tell me about the same thing, now our episode ends with this. Till then see you in the next episode

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