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At the beginning of the episode it is shown that White Mitcon is worried what are you doing standing here hurry up and help master quickly defeat Lokan he was gone he takes his brother's talk and goes straight He is going to attack them but till then A goes in between them and says that you cannot go further than this and here the master says to his two brothers that this is the perfect opportunity for both of them. doesn't have any cultivation at all you guys go what are you doing kill them both here we see these two guys are filling up towards Grand Pass but here it is shown that Lucent has his own only once White is thinking that it's okay Lucent was very powerful before but he just threw it away in a single blue he is alive after killing but his cultivation is already Lucent.

Realizes that both Grand Pass's lives are in danger and immediately goes to save them. But it is shown here that their power has increased a lot, what would you have been doing today, we will not spare you guys, we will not spare any of you, they kill us as many digital as they want. And all these would have been finished in just one attack , seeing which the master of the Franklin set is completely shocked that how could this happen and Lucent is also surprised to see, after all, when did these two become so powerful, I am sure. It is not happening and here are the junior brothers, when he is Grandpa, I mean I call him Grandpa, but he seems to be his nephew , these people belong to whom, after all, when did our nephews become more powerful than us ? We have nothing in front of them, now the master has got angry and he has been.

Doing it . Their power is also very high, their condition is very high, but Lucent is in the midst of these people. You are so daring with Grandpa Lokan that master please go from side to side, this is the matter of our village and we want to solve it ourselves. Isn't it very powerful , then those people are moving forward and killing the master. But you people have become normal human beings long ago and you people are untouchables, you people did not even have any power, so you people believe that your luck is good that your pending set is.

Getting a chance. to die under me our friend sex from sex now that i have learned a few skills from devil then i will take revenge on my fanging you two you both are challenging the sex master do you think you are even worth it But both grandpas are very angry, they both increase their power and go straight to attack him. They go away for it but the master was no less powerful, he is avoiding their attack very comfortably and says that you have got cultivation, you have got power but you still have no skills and Its not going to be of any use but till then we are shown as soon as he is in the air another grand comes from above and hits his face with 14 lakhs because he was in the air that's why he didn't survive and then it gets angry Here Lucent uses his smart eye and starts.

Watching what is going on, then he comes to know that both Grandpa Cultivation has reached 250 years, which is There is a limit and the cultivation of the friend's master is up to this , he is very surprised to see this and is wondering whether my disciples are just walking around here and their cultivation level has reached the limit of this world here. It would not be surprising if he finally defeats the master of the set because his cultivation is You are only up to 30 years, the game is completely in the hands of Grand Pass, he was not able to stand in front of the master train, he was of the master that I will not leave you guys, go, if you have the courage, then here we will see They come and hit him on the stomach 14 more punches and this one is a bit more powerful, he goes straight and falls from religion , then he is not able to get up, but now both have been and continue to be today. we.

Today we will keep the meaning of our village, we will not leave you, then here we are shown this girl who continues to save her father, but till then the news channel goes and holds her hand , she starts saying What an idiot, leave my hand, what are you doing, leave my hand, but Lucent does not leave his hand, what has happened, he has done very bad things, he has killed many people, so today he will have to atone for his Look dear, here we are shown that both Grandpa's come with their full power and directly hit his chest and the master game ends here . I am saying that all my brothers and sisters were killed, today we have taken our revenge, may you rest in peace, here we are shown another Grandpa, who comes directly to attack both those Grandpa and suddenly attacks them.

. People are not even able to escape, what happens to both of you, have you both got some special opportunity ? Yes, but because your cultivation base has suddenly reached the limit, both of you even though your cultivation base has reached the limit, but I tell you that you do not have the skills that we have because you do not have experience. If I want, I can kill you people and finish them immediately, that too in just one go, but I want your blood so that I can open the gate, they start moving forward, but the look would have been in the middle of the channel, and Don't try to outdo it , don't try to outdo it, Old Man gets angry, it's going to happen, Lucent is out of my way , go, I spent half my life fighting your master, but he found a way to get ahead of me. I am out now I am very close to breakthrough.

And then I will also become a big torch artist in martial arts world if you try to stop me I will kill you Blue Channel asks him so are you Can you tell me where my master will be at this time? It is obvious that this is a low level world and your master who became so powerful must have gone to a high level world. He had gone to the high level world. Do you mean the third level continents? People may call it third level continent, but for me it is more than that because that world is not a normal world, there lived many monks and they did a lot of cultivation and all the people in this world are immortals, that's why I call it I call it the world of Immortals, that place is very special and not everyone can go.

There. There are ways and if a normal person does valid cultivation for 10 years in this world, his power will increase, but if someone does just one year in the model world, then it will be equal to 10 years here, that means that place is very special. ok let me give you a chance I hope that you and I will cross that bridge together and then a new chapter will begin in the world of martial arts . why what do you say what do you say about this you give your display to us and then we will sacrifice both of them after sacrifice that bridge will open and then after the bridge opens we both will go inside why right I am saying this, brother, our weight set has already been doing very bad.

Things and they have to sacrifice themselves, this is not a big deal for you anyway, these are two people and you have to disperse. Today or tomorrow you will have a lot of responses back but Lucent doesn't like it at all, he keeps saying just shut your mouth, I had told you before also if If you want my dispers, then you have to pass through me first, that too I increase my power and what are you doing? It seems that I have no other way, I have to kill myself because you have become a thorn in my path, but before it starts, we see that suddenly a lot of light starts coming out of the gate , How can this happen?.

He is calling on his side and on this side he takes advantage of Old Man Smoke and starts going straight towards the gate. Lawson is trying to stop both of them but we see that he listens to Lucent and Stops both of them are saying that master we can't do anything, we feel like that gate is controlling us, it is pulling us towards itself, we are not able to stop ourselves, Lucent asks them. Hey tell me how did your cultivation all of a sudden reach from zero to immense limit ok tell me one thing like man lo these two are old men so we call them Grandpa because it is important that I remember their names I am like this thousand Thousands of names can't be remembered a bit and these people, Chinese people keep such names that what to say, just remember the name of the character in one, there is a heroine with him or some friend, remember that name, otherwise I will Remember the name of the character,.

Give it a cool name, whatever people like, what do you guys think, will it be okay?

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