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As friends saw in the last episode, this girl crosses the bridge and at the same time she was going to threaten Lucent that now if we meet next time, see that you are not going to survive and what is this? It goes for less but Lu may be thinking here and there that this bridge is very dangerous. If you walk on top of this fridge, you will see many types of illusions. Someone will cross, but if you get caught in the illusion, then you will fall under the bridge and the water there will eat you slowly. Lochan starts telling everyone that this bridge is different from all the other princesses. In this we will have to depend on our own will power and I am not going to force anyone here to cross this bridge whose man is there, he can cross it and the one who does not have the man to cross, stop here.

Kar will wait for us, both of them become very happy after hearing this and are saying that we will stop here, say that Big brother, we will not cross the bridge. Want to do the same, we both will stay here and wait for you till you come back, but the lotion is coming from those people or not, this tension condition is not applicable for the rest of the people. Will you do it how can I get them out of here but after a while we are told everyone's decision no one wanted to wait for Lochan here everyone wants to go with him so everyone decides that we all will go Lucent ok so now that everyone has decided who will cross the bridge first his disciple comes first and what happens to the master first I will go then he starts going over the bridge midway he gets illusions Starts coming but he is moving suddenly.

We are shown that he has teleported to some other place and at that place he is being seen by his lads who are very badly injured and what is their condition What should I do now after so many years of hard work, today our family is about to lose from these thieves seeing my father in such a condition. He screams loudly but doesn't budge, here his father used to say that forgive me my un sister I can't maintain your foundation and not even your family I apologize to you and then he goes to his house Keeps the sword on the garden, here he would have come to stop his father, but he would have used the sword , but still nothing would have happened to his father because it was an illusion, here we are shown that in reality its balance It starts getting worse and it was about to fall, it is saved again, it is already in the world of illusions where its father is saying that you.

Will have to take revenge for all of us, now all the members of his family are here. I am thankful to God that he has not sent you as a son of our family. You will also have to die. You will also have to apologize to our un-sister . I was wrong, I'm sorry, here we are shown that its balance is deteriorating . He was almost about to fall but by then he would have regained consciousness and was thinking that no, this is all a lie, not at all like that, I had taken revenge for my family, he stands back and is a Messi fan been digging in the years it's been about 3 years now and i've avenged my family an illusion can't beat me again he stands back up and this time it's like he 's crossed the bridge to see it After that Lokan would have breathed because he.

Was his first disciple and if anything happens to him, he would never forgive himself . old man but it happens that I don't think it's a good idea because you guys have just come to our set and your cultivation level is not that great I don't think you should cross the bridge but he says Yes master, you still do not know about a secret thing, every year there was an animal festival in their village and there was a mountain in that village. There was such a single plane bridge built between the two mountains and whenever someone used to walk on that bridge, his head used to get dizzy and these people have been walking on this bridge since childhood, so this thing is called their It is not big for other planets, they start telling that Han Master, we have been walking on that bridge since childhood and at the same time, we used to sing our national song in it.

Which makes it easier to cross the bridge. We have done this many times. Locha says if you had this thing then you should not have told me this thing earlier. Can cross, after that they start the song going to the gate and have crossed half the bridge very comfortably, everyone is surprised to see that this trick is really reducing the song, go to the gate And then that illusion will not dominate you and both of them cross the bridge with great ease and comfort . Lucent is thinking that the national song of his Gian family is really reducing his illusion. The above could not make any impact, but if seen from this point of view, the Gyan family is related to this secret reality in one way or the other, maybe those people were born in the secret reality, now all others All the remaining ones do the.

Same, they all cross the song gate bridge and all the people cross the bridge very easily . no what happens ok now that everyone has crossed the bridge let's move on now a voice starts coming from the sky that very nice congratulation to all of you now you have reached the second assessment lucent is deeply shocked It happens Hey where is this voice coming from no one is visible that voice says don't worry this is secret real speed so I am not in any danger now you guys have reached second half aces house so you You will have to face the challenges ahead alone I want to wish you all the best of luck again we are shown the same green light which has covered all the people and then there is a lot The same big bang is shown in the next movie of this blast. Lucent who is alone.

Now knows that the fourth level will have to be crossed by all the people. Lucent starts moving forward as he is moving forward. There is a strange feeling here because the environment around here is very different from the rest of the places. He seems to be thinking that the information that I have received is absolutely true that the first motors used to live here but where do they live in the third level continent, higher than that in the second level continent or in the first level continent because There is a lot of power in the trees and plants around here, there are still many mysteries in this world that I do not know, such as those 20 did and at the same time all these doors open in the trailer, that man with the mask, after all, that flesh. Who is this guy but if not today then tomorrow I will find out about these things that after all who is behind all these things and who wants to kill me.

And what was the real master of this body how was killed but for the time being Everything is not necessary at all right now the most important thing is that I have to keep moving forward first of all I have to find the fourth bridge as soon as I cross level four maybe I can meet everyone else but here we are shown A very fast arrow is moving towards it, but the Lucent is also very fast . The arrow goes straight and hits the tree, but something special happens to her during the day, she goes on to explore, but Lucent still survives the blast and wonders who is here and who has so much courage . Only then we are shown that some masked some men come around her, take her home and this girl would be their queen, she says look, we have met again so soon, why are you doing so much with her? She ran away from my clutches, I thought you are.

Not going to come back to trouble me, but look here, the opposite is happening here. She says I told you before , if you want to mess with our set, you will try. So I am not going to leave you and now the same thing is going to happen you will not escape from our hands he says if you guys have cultivation then you can try and then we are told that they all have cultivation above 100 years It doesn't happen and here its cultivation alone is above 160 years, then these people will easily lose it, it happens from here too and says Even if our Cultivation is weak, it doesn't matter because the secret trick of their SEC doesn't depend on Cultivation, they have a killing formation, so they can kill a lot of people with great strength and ease. Why should he not be Lucent , I am telling you a fact that his set believes in formation, that is, believe in teamwork alone.

Banda will win what will come he orders all his brothers to go and kill him with technology for his secret everyone takes home from all sides everyone has the same dangerous arrow now lucent home from all sides He has done where is he going to go even after escaping because he has an arrow, if he kills , it will come out from behind, so what do you think, will he be able to get out of his secret technique because he is very powerful, then in the next episode till bye bye

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