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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that the Elders come to attack Lucent and let's live, let's see who is here who can save your life from my hands, but here it comes out and casts its spell. Again the same thing he attacks with his talisman and there is a big bang bigger bang than last time and here the elder is blown away on it and in addition some breath is coming out it says Why every time it's me, why I always get hurt , suddenly the system pops back up and it must have been a congratulation, because he killed a villain, his cultivation base would have been increased for one more year. And his life would have been extended by five more days. After seeing this message, he would be wondering whether Elder Ji Han has become a good and decent person, so why is this villain writing this? Could it be that Elder Xian.

You have done a lot of bad things secretly, anyway, the regional owner of this body has completely lost his memory, but now I am slowly Ray has started remembering a lot, we are sent a little fast to his memory where we come to know that after all the original owner of this body had twisted the hands of eldersiyan and at the same time had removed his eyes. That's because he was not a normal person, he was a very big villain, and in other words, he was a very bad man, now Lu Chan has understood all the things that how the system reduces if you If you kill an evil person , you will be rewarded with an increase in Cultivation, as well as an increase in your life span, but if you accidentally kill a good person, your Cultivation will be lost. I have to take good care of the matter that I.

Should not kill any good person by killing, because if I kill him then the balance that is being made between my life and cultivation will get spoiled and then if my life comes to zero then I will No one can save me from death and then there will be no time to regret as I will have zero live soon. Ant hi will speak, all of them are very surprised that in just one attack, the Elders have been finished, the set is very powerful, so much so that I have never seen it till date, now we have to wait for the 10 set master, when they all come here together . We will attack after three days, then we can win, we will definitely come back and after saying this, those people start running from there and on this side, these people are doing blue chain, you dams said that you should not be too happy because as You will die, the news of your death will spread in the whole world immediately, just three days, you have three more days, do as much fun as you want. That girl comes to Lucent and carries.

A big brother. Has passed so why should we wait for 3 days the trouble is about to come let's kill everyone now giving death but he says no no no I am tired now I am not in mood and he was thinking already set him Why might I be filled with a lot of villains like Elder Xian but it also has a lot of good people and even if I accidentally killed those good people If I kill then my balance will deteriorate and I will go to negative number . Yes, both of them start making excuses that you said that you are tired, I am going to arrange a bed for you and the other one is staying. It was going to be taken but here it has come out to its.

Hunter and it is going to be taken now wait now I will tell you you tried to cheat our set as well as respect the dish of the head and today I decided to use the center Was going to teach both of you a good special lesson, he is moving forward, both of them start falling down in front of him and what are you doing Big brother, you can't do this, he moves forward to attack Lucent and what is happening First get killed, after that you have to kill your mistakes, then take man and he is killing both of them with such speed that His condition becomes very bad, tears are also coming out of his eyes, but he does not stop, he kills a lot, he was going to kill . The balance of jaggery between them will remain intact and these people will also improve. Hits a lot, turns the backside red. After hitting for about 20 minutes, it has stopped.

And he is thinking that it is very good, it is okay, whatever monitor is showing its good and evil, it is now in balance, now even if going forward, any one can be more or less, it depends on someone and No one can tell about it but then he will handle it in future there is no tension in it and then he goes in front of both of them and says that today's punishment ends here but this thing Remember, I did not give this punishment intentionally, I gave it to you guys so that you guys get your mistake released and I will wait for you guys in future to see how your performance is. Wala is cute senior brother you don't worry at all we will never cheat you in future han just as much as you say we will destroy even more cities and villages I will set them on fire and the other one was senior Brother, now you.

Have given it, then this junior brother of yours will go to other values ​​and pick up another princess within a month. Will come so that you will be happy, again a notification has been sent from the system that if these people do bad work, then that thing is going to be added in Lucent itself and what will be the reward or punishment, it is known from this and if those people do good work then That too is going to be added to this, that is, if those people do bad things, then their cot will be raised and after hearing this, the color of their face would have gone bad . People are very bad people and these people are only going to do bad things, so hearing this, he gets tired because if those people do bad things, then you know that his life span will decrease even more, okay, all those things So we can do it later also but right now our enemy has more powerful people so I would like to say to you guys.

Don't go out of the first place at all for a month and she was getting too much tension. That's because these people who are juniors, the evil has become heavy in their sweat and blood and these people are unable to do good or less quickly even if they want to, and these people To improve them, Lucent will have to work very hard for this, it would have completed its mission, it would have saved its expressed set from outsiders, then it would get the reward which is in plus 10 and plus five, but this Knowing this does not make me more happy because even after working so hard, its life span has increased only for 20 days and the cultivation level has also increased so much in a few years, so what is there in it now? Will do it and after three days from you 10 big set masters are going to come here and its set is about to jump, its condition is getting worse thinking that what should be done with it,.

In the next scene we have love i.e. evil set is shown where he is sitting on his throne, that girl is in front of him, he is asking her, after all, how much do you know about my hidden treasure and it is also going on in his mind that First of all, it has to be reduced that all the 10 effects have to be prevented from meeting because if those people meet Otherwise the plan is not going to be made that those people will come and attack his set and if that plan gets spread, then whatever is the survival plan ahead of him, to make his set bigger and better than before, all this is also like this. It is going to spread, although in three days it is impossible for anyone to increase its compact power to a great extent, but still it has a way through which it can become very powerful in three days. Not only this, the number of people in its set can become even more powerful and it will also invite some.

New and powerful members to its set, but here we are shown that this girl is feeling scared because she is like this. He doesn't ask so easily but now he has asked so she is shying away from telling. Lucent immediately goes to him and says look there is nothing to panic in this. You are the best of this senior brother. Be favorite junior sister and I know you will know where my treasure is because I am back alive But my memory is hazy, she starts thinking a bit and carries that elder brother, I don't remember the exact address of the place because you used to spend very little time there, but I still remember that mountain. is where you used to live before and you used to live there many times before you passed away and if we are lucky we will reach there soon and.

On this side, he is very happy that at last he has found a way to the place because he has a wonderful treasure which he had been carrying for many years and what has been going on, let me take him to the place, now he will come. Now you will meet in the next scene, then see you in the next episode, till then bye bye

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