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At the beginning of the episode we see that Lucent is on his flying cot with his teammates and what is happening is that most of the 12 people are back. Ho that where will Forth be and what is his situation then Bay is asking Lucent brother do you remember how you got killed suddenly he says no I don't remember anything about it but what about Forth and et has something to do with it after that lucent is thinking i really can't remember how i got killed suddenly because the original of this body was running in its most powerful time and how I have no memory of what happened and the idiot in me starts telling me that you met Fourth and 8th before you passed away and soon after they met you were in this condition and.

As soon as they came to know that you were not So both of them had immediately left our set, you can ask useron, do you know where she has gone, she tells me so much on trick mountain. Been thinking for years that I should take revenge on you but they both went to trick mountain and they both are good at doing tricks their formation is also dangerous that's why it's a bit difficult to go there because there were lot of traps and then later I come to know that you have come back alive so I gave up on revenge that I will not take revenge then she starts telling Lucent about the mountain that it is the only way to go inside the mountain And that path is not even that much normal because traps have been laid at every step and no matter how powerful a thing is in the world, it means that the mechanism can go a little and it has a limit but which is.

Fourth and eighth. Those who have saved terms there, they give a lot of damage and their skills should never be doubted because it has become a different world for them and going there is nothing less than risking their lives. tells them okay you guys stay here i will go there alone because i have teleport If there is a session, then nothing is going to happen to me, then Lucent starts leaving from there but then Orange Juice asks to stay, she is saying that she has a good relationship with Four and Eight, so she also wants to go there with Lucent. But he seems to be believing her, she starts saying that it would be best if we go to the second princess and ask her for a lot of gunpowder , and then after bringing the gunpowder, we will blow up this place, both of them will come out on their own, Lujan says. no no no they both are not so bad that we should give them examples and anyway they.

Haven't done anything less for which they should get so much punishment by the way you all wait for me here i will come immediately What was it after that he takes his flying cot and has entered directly inside the mountain and then goes on walking but after walking a few steps he gets trapped in the trap and he sees oh what is this but before that As he looks, we see that the arrows have passed in front. The look is trying to run away, but those arrows are also following him. He was thinking that this place turned out to be more dangerous than I thought, the mechanism of fourth and rate is really very good because there is a cultivation inside these arrows and Cultivation of one arrow was 50 years i.e. if one arrow was hit then it would have been less but here again it would have finished first in the second trap, this time it comes out from below but still our lucent survives.

That is sky Fell from and sitting on palm the same condition is happening again and again and again and again gets stuck but Lucent was not such a big ass film but still he was afraid he had teleportation but still He was running, running, running, running , trying to escape again and again, that now he is saved, after escaping from so many traps, he was thinking what should I do because The further I go, the more dangerous these traps become . Should I move on from this point or should I stop and see here? in the vicinity but now what can I do by going back also when I have come so far then he goes further and he sees a blue color formation over there and here something strange happens two people out from inside They come out and this is not a human, something else is strange, he was thinking, is this also a formation, while he is thinking.

Till that thing comes to attack lucent that too very fast but ours is very strong hits one point and smashes him into pieces of thing then he tries to see his super icon cultivation then It happens to him that there is 150 cultivation, when the second one comes, he is sitting comfortably with us and he hits this one with two punches, then it ends. Now we are told that this one was the second one. Its cultivation level was 200 years, and 200 years of cultivation is no less. He was wondering, is this formation strong enough to comfortably produce 200 years of cultivation? The mechanism skills of the fourth and rate are really Kamal's and the damage limit is also very dangerous but by then the third avatar would have also arrived there and he would have been coming towards Lucent to attack with speed and brother.

Phir se famous dialogue bolta hai woh saath hair viko again aur phir kya tha extreme vs extreme ka muqabla ho hota hai and Here, Lucent has won a lot from this, he has been defeated by this because when he sees his cultivation, then it is known that it is equal to cultivation and this world has immense limits , but he was also not going to give up so easily, he wanted and kills him a lot and finally after a while Lochan must have defeated him, after all he is original but now there are three formations whose cultivation level is 250 years. Means the total becomes too much, Lucent gets very nervous seeing this and thinking that it is better for me to run away from here, he uses teleportation and we are shown that he disappears from there and goes straight to another . He would have reached the place and was thinking that the character has narrowly survived, all three of them together.

Make my kachumar, only then we are shown that as soon as he lands there, a cage falls directly on him. He is a normal sage, he uses his powers and tries to crack the case, but as soon as he Who punches him, there is no effect, that cage is very strong, lotion tries again and again, but till now he has not even hit the rabbit in the case, it means that the formation of both of them is really very high. It was of Kamal, now he has to use another teleportation even without wanting to and then we see that he has teleported to another place a little far away, but this time also he has fallen from the sky and got trapped in another formation of khajurpet. Happens and this time it's a fire formation and it slowly starts increasing fire lucent doesn't try to follow but that fire is following lucchayan and continues to read.

What I was thinking If I keep on being a devotee like this, I will get tired and if this man catches me, then mine will turn into water brinjal bharta, it will become Lucent's bharta, here he is running, running and then the idea comes. He goes on top of his flying cot He goes on top of the flying cot he survives Sits quietly and thinking when I have such a good There is a weapon, then why am I running, he is sitting comfortably and thinking that there are many traps behind in the ground below, if I go on the ground , I will be killed, it is better that I will go flying. He is going between the two mountains very comfortably, but only then he realizes that both the mountains are slowly closing, he is thinking that I should get out of this place as soon as possible. Characters will have to leave , here my condition will be like a sandwich, I will have to hurry, this flying cradle.

Makes it even faster at full speed, but there those mountains are starting to close from above, so many stones too They have started falling down, these stones are so many that even the Shahkar can not escape from those letters and his flying cot disappears there and then, what Lucent still had left. In teleportation 40 he uses it but it's spread he hits his head straight on the stone and he was thinking After all, how can this happen, why is it not reducing, after that again he uses teddy potassium, but this time also he is not reducing , so I was thinking that what is happening in the last, is it due to the formation I have come here for the first time so what is happening what will happen friends now because you are out completely closed It is with regret that I have to say this but now our loser is no more among us, what is your opinion and opinion.

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