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Hello Gas, all of you are welcome on my channel, tonight I will put a small video, you have to see the video and tell whether someone has explained the comic or not, because it may be a day or two. After it ends because the chapter with it has not been released again so it is the same thing so without any delay let's start the video as in the last episode you saw that Lucifer uses his mind and finds out that Who is fake then White uses his power and removes his control over Motu. Motu remembers everything and is very angry. Here it is shown that Lucent's Tas is complete. He has paid and he keeps getting a very Legendary Bill and this Legendary Bill is one of the most powerful places in the Fourth Continent i.e. even from the most powerful, you will come to.

Know what it is going to be used for, but this Bill It is going to be very special, so Motu is shown, who is very angry and moving towards White and where It happens that you used me, I will kill you, I will not leave you, but you idiot, you give me an enemy, it is not my fault because master taught us both this technique, either I control you or you This is the thing about this technique, controlling me, it is not my fault, but Motu does not listen, he comes, hits his face with a strong punch and is being fooled, not stupid, but the master gave us this exercise like other things. and you have misused it he is going to die again but by then lucent comes in between him holds his hand stops him and is love okay first of all you guys tell me about the technique Tell me about it you guys.

Will talk comfortably Motu starts telling Lucent about the technology when he asks in more detail he says I don't know much about it because master told us just this much And said that the time will come, then after that he starts asking Look and White that what do you think about it? What do you think, he tells whatever information he has and then he does not know further because the master had said that he will use it when the right time comes. The more I try to solve this dog, the more it is going fast inside, now what do I do ? It seems that he was trying to get the video and wanted to kill all the people quickly, then he would have come out of the.

Jail laughing that now it is time to cut down on the next plan and he would say Saying that he leaves from there, here we are shown Lucent, who was reading a lot of books here in the master's room, he was thinking that what this master wants to do, I am not understanding anything. Then we are shown that Lucent's disciple has already brought him tea because Lucent was awake very late. He is asking that you have been digging pits in our set for a long time, so have you found anything around here? He says no master, I did not find anything like this . You have not been able to go and it is difficult for you, only then it remembers a place in the mind, where it has gone only once, then it has never been there, what was the lotion, tell me.

Which place it is, then tell it. Looks like lucent was pretending to die then his uncle cut his tom that night but he didn't have a chance to go to his place is it not the cigarette door after that It is about his pupil that let's go now it's time to go in the next scene we are shown his tom which had written his name here it is with orange juice so Lucent was asking him is it already It was here, she tells that the master had made it long ago, that after your death, I had written your name on it. Lochan's disciple is checking there. Is there any space behind the door, then he finds a space and he is telling that the land below it is completely empty, c an you do this with Lucent, he says yes, I have so many years of experience. I can do this comfortably myself and I can also tell.

Whether the ground below is empty or not, what was the lotion, then okay, let's cut the grass, then what were those people They start putting all their strength to eat grass on the stone, smoke starts coming out from below , it means that there is no soil at all and there is no soil, here a different thing remains , see it below. After these people would have been damaged and doesn't there seem to be a problem in this, no one knows how to find it, even though I had so much experience, still I could not find it so easily, he tries to open it by hitting, then his hand is red Done and he starts running from there shouting after that Orange carries out brother you don't worry I open something for you she takes her sword and there she gives a very powerful attack on the spot Sword Gets spoiled but he doesn't even get an expense on the place Tabulation is supposed to be that.

You step back a little let me try here Lucent went after that Lucent takes his full power in his right hand and gives him the place But 14 more punches happen there, boom boom and that place opens up and thinking that this place is very strong i.e. it You must have 200 years of cultivation to open it, and if someone finds it first, he doesn't know how to open it, then we are shown that place, it becomes a big pit inside there and it is very dark there when he When people go inside the pit, they find a lot of gold there and so much gold that these people had never seen before, even the tuition student was there, I don't even know about this place. What is so much gold doing here , it must have been for tuition, I think this gold belongs to the country and all this gold was kept hidden here, it is a very lotus thing that till date we could not come to know about it. That so much gold is lying under.

Our feet, then while walking there, they see a box and the disciple says that he is a master, look at the box, I think it is the most valuable, that's why it is different When they open the box, they find a golden key and by looking at this key, Lotion has come to know that this key is in his place. The key is only to open the door because it already has one, now the lotion is racking its brain and thinking that it could be that these two keys are the same or one key is different and the other key It is completely different, only then we are shown and told that the meat has escaped from the prison, they are not surprised to hear this because they already know and Lucent is asking, have you sent someone to investigate ? Thi Han I haven't gone comfortably says ok let's get out of here first let's.

Talk now all four of them have left he is shown out of the underground place on the side that both the junior brothers happen to be lucent That they have been running and running and both are very nervous and are nervous because 20 tide is coming towards their vet set and now these people are not going to escape then everyone would have been shocked to hear this. Here we are shown outside the website where the best would have gathered and very dangerous here Lucent If he goes up and sees what is happening, it will definitely be less than a month . Can't run away because these people have got all the assessment that the beach tide is coming from all sides, so these people can't run anywhere, Lucent doesn't have any option but Orange still gets deep hurry up and start the.

Formation orange immediately starts chanting and here we are shown before the above 20 days attack the formation would have been put up but it was the formation of people It is not going to last long because there are many best and it is being of formation so what should we do is there any solution for this it tells that there is only one solution for this thing and that solution is to take this Strengthen the defense even more, but to increase it, some things are needed, which are not in their evil set at the moment and are not even around here. When Lu Chan remembers the pavilion and he knew that Orange can call Villian upstairs in his cigarette way, then he immediately tells Orange to hurry up and call Tandu pavilion here for their She will definitely get it, she immediately uses her special trick without delay.

And then on the other side we are shown above that the hole formation has started and you A chuka hota hai tandu ka villian ka bada sa ship aur bus gas hamara ye episode ends here if you like the video then subscribe to the channel and thank you very much for watching the video till now. See you in the next episode till then bye bye

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