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At the beginning of the episode, Lucent says that we have money but no time, then the girl brings a license and carries it. But you can call and they will reach here on time. Lucent says okay if it is only this much feces then let's burn it and see how amazing it can be. That girl now uses her special technique because It requires special technique to burn it and it is already burnt. She says okay now those people will come here soon but Lucent still could not believe this thing at all. The thing is fake and nothing is going to affect but suddenly there is a shock of earthquake, those people immediately run out of the cap and when they come out of the cap, they.

See a huge ship in front of them. Is giving and those people about whom these people are talking about the people who fly the flying vote and that so soon How did he get here, he seems to be thinking that this world turned out to be much more complicated than I thought, then a girl comes out of the ship and carries that you all can read me of the shop. Seeing her, these people become flat and this is why I do not know what our guests want from us, and then this flying kiss also gives them, after seeing this thing, both of their mouths water. It is dripping , that too very loudly, only then we see some girl comes and says that you have had enough, Master, and she exhorts the man; Why is the grade of tuition killed, the best circle for us is that we.

Accept your super natural power and we will get your character again and this is where you always blame the makeup unnecessarily when He is born from this, his body is such that what can be done and I keep coming to the fragrance and he is hot, so charming, what to say. If he goes, he would have got lost somewhere else, he doesn't care about all these things, he gets angry with the girl, she goes ahead and carries him, senior brother, this woman is poisonous, you are behind me, I talk to her, that girl goes Hai and asks Lu that her elder brother needs five magical art effects and all the items. Till then our pavilion can give you anything and everything is already available with us. In the next scene we are shown that both the ladies are doing the deal and both of them.

Are watching secretly after that the girl comes and Carrie says, Big brother, we have bought all the things you wanted, but all the money you spent for this has gone, it says that it does not matter because we will get the money later also. Can reduce , but all these things are very important, she says, Big brother, you are absolutely right, so we can reduce the money in just a pinch. But all these things are very difficult to get, look, I am talking about earning, hard earned money, it is not that you have hit someone's pocket, you understand it well, she must be thinking what is the difference between the two Here we see that the pulp is being cooked with you, I liked it very much, now I go from here, it continues , but both of them are watching it piece by piece, they are watching from the front as well as the back. We also.

See from here only then we see that the girl comes and then she has killed 14 more disciples of Cellu Chain and now here we are shown that she has flown from the live ship, that girl is staying with this woman. So it was not even a good thing big brother when it comes next time then junior sister will handle it I will trade with it that too from myself here this guy is saying to the girl that next time when I faint please wake me up You can read it's very heavy price and you will know that the unconscious was in seeing the leave and it was of Lochan. Here Lucent is sitting on his throne, he is watching everyone's status and this girl's status is that she is oscillating between good and evil, and as for these two men, Both of them are very evil since birth and Lucent gives them daily punishment but now it doesn't seem that this punishment is also for both of them.

Enough for because these people are not so easy to reform and who happens to be Decimal of Lucent who has vowed to die lotion he is a very good person by nature but now he has to reduce even more because he 10000 disciples have to be brought, that too in 10 years and basically it is impossible because it is difficult to collect three disciples in a day, so from where will it bring 10000, both the brothers go ahead and tell Lucent Hai ki top ten sex saree inka wali assembled outside let's go big bhai and teach all those guys a lesson what is going to be the result of screwing with us lotion him the girl again asks what about you about it What should we do , she says that they should be defended and here all the people are saying that we should defend because there are very big sets and their number is also large, so we should not attack first.

First the defense pay should be reduced and here the student of Lucent is also worried about me . No objection but it doesn't matter to me even if the development ends or not he says ok then let's go outside and see what is the outside view scene change happens so it is shown He must have put the formation and many people are trying to break the formation, but his weapon breaks but the formation does not break . They are very powerful, they have been beaten from outside for about 2 hours, they try to break this formation, but they have not been able to even scratch it, he asks the girl, how many more spirit stones do we have left? She tells that she has 74 more stones left and she is telling further because many people.

Are attacking this formation together, that is why it is consuming too many spirit stones and Lucent must be thinking that It is a mountain protection formation, it can comfortably hold a 150-year-old cultivation, but it Ritual will consume a lot of stones and so many people are attacking from outside, so no matter how low their cultivation may be, but still it is becoming very difficult . Why don't you come in front, you are afraid of fighting , do you come in front of me soon and he takes this thing to heart and really comes in front and asks who is the leader of you people and is thinking that The spirit stone is not going to last for long because if such attacks continue, it will last only for 7 hours. Seeing this formation, all those weak people who are standing in front are the biggest problem of this, any master or.

All those sets If nothing is done about this formation immediately, then till then we are shown that all the powerful people there have already been there and this yellow master on the left, you must remember that It happens that Lucent today all the masters of my top ten sets have ga thered here so that we can give you Lotion says Mr. Jin, do n't talk too much, I have asked who is the leader of you guys, are you the leader of all of them, the one whose cultivation is highest becomes their leader and we clearly know that their The leader is this because its cultivation is the oldest, asks questions according to Locha, you are their leader, whether you are a good person or a bad person, then whatever they are, they start saying that all the people here in front of you are very You are a good person because you are the worst person in the world and there can be no worse person than you in this world.

Lucent says that I don't care about all these things and don't compare me with him at all. So just wanted to know that who is leading you guys a good person or a bad person please why don't you guys answer this it used to be of old man that han I am less bad than you but worse than you So there can be no one, but I also want to tell you that I am not at all milk washed The one who has never killed anyone and I also want to tell this that I never take anyone's life like this and especially innocent people do not take it at all but still I want to give that I am also not good I am also a little bad but less than you Lucent starts laughing loudly and says now that you are a bad person my heart gets cold to hear this and he is laughing loudly.

This old me says to him after all what do you mean to say he takes out his tama and says it means very clearly if I kill any bed person then my life is not going to decrease he is inside his formation At first he says that this is useless in front of him then he comes to know that this power is really too much for him and in no time there is a huge explosion at his place but we Let 's see that he would have survived the blast too . The killer is the 41st and last time he used it the elders were finished in one go but this time this guy has torched it and it has only one elephant eg those who are master.

Live They're holding on to the old man and telling him not to worry at all, he's the Devil, and he's always been that way, this same chip Uses Rix and wins and the one who is on the side and the banda belongs to Lucent I didn't expect you to have such a killer move and you kept it hidden but I I want to tell you that this old man is very powerful, he has only one elephant and horse, he also puts Lucent on his heart with your most powerful mouth and he has killer moves now, he can make his second killer move very fast. Throws at them with K and what is it like to escape from it and here tears start coming in their eyes because they knew that they are not going to escape from smooth and it happens exactly like this but bigger than before The explosion happens there and we are shown that the old man's whole body.

Would have caught fire and he could not survive. All his disciples are surprised to see how this could happen because the old man This man is more powerful than master gene and this old man should count in top 100 of top 100 world That means he is very powerful and he has about 150 years ahead of him, so you can understand that Lucha has defeated so many powerful masters in one shot. All these would have been taken here and there and carried when such a powerful master could not defeat him, then how can we harayenge run away from here and by now the reward would have been received, his life would have been extended for 30 more days. And the cultivation that happens to it has increased for 10 years directly. Lucent is very happy and he is thinking that when he killed the Elders last time, then he.

Did not get much, it means that he The more powerful and the more you kill the bed presence, the more its recording will increase. Suddenly its cultivation power has increased a lot, so the body which is already feeling weak, now it has full energy, now it is felt . It is not happening that he is weak now, that girl comes and says, senior brother, see the top ten Sets are retreating, Lochan tells her to remove this mountain formation from here, she gets shocked and carries but don't you think that if we remove this formation, we will be in danger, there is a lot of risk in it, he says I don't mind anything because because of these people I lost all my gold which I had saved for so many years and I have never done such a big loss before you so I have to settle my account They are running immediately.

Then Lucent shouts and says all of you stop there and when those people hear this and look back then all of them are in very bad condition here master jincare Lucent you people You bother too much and see your discretion set it is not going to fall just like that just you will not have to wait long you just keep watching what I do and you need me now tells Lujan that you are your Stop talking nonsense and leave all the valuables you guys have here Go away from here Varn you know what my special trick is but here they are very confident and belong to master ji who do you think you are talking to you are trying to play with fire And you will play with fire, you will go to all your friends, it is lonely and we are so many, if we want.

Can kill, now that formation is also gone, all my friends, what are you doing ? My most valuable thing is my taste, take my sword and let me go . And then they keep all of them one by one and they are unable to understand what is happening, why are these people deceiving me, everyone has left their weapons and ran away and only this Children there is complete silence now what was Lucent here now what would you like to say about it Master ji gets very angry and says I am not going to leave you like this but seeing his power Lu Chan gets scared.

Because Lucent doesn't have much left and if Bholu attacks Chan now then it will be game over here but in the story Twist A is done who is master ji he surrenders himself in front of lucent and saying forgive me here this is my most valuable thing it is also called king kong of de mountain and this There is a very special thing in the box, Lu Chan's breath is also breathless and he is thinking, come on, it was very good for a pal, so he gave me a door, I thought that today I am not going to survive As you can see, its reaction was too much for him at the time and tell me how did you like this episode, this is our last episode for today, now you will get the rest of the episodes tomorrow, so today's last episode has been made a bit bigger.

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