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Hello Gas, all of you are welcome on my channel, will this be the best timing to start posting videos from the fight, then will continue to post, will finish the video by 6 to 7 in the evening, whoever gets the time will sit comfortably even at night. Can see Must tell in the comment At the beginning of the episode , we are shown the mask shows its order and it belongs to it, this is the order that can bring B tight, so you must have known who is behind me If there is a existence, then you would not want to mess with me at all. Lucent has understood everything and what is going on. It seems that you did it so that you can kill me there in Mang City and because of you I know. Mass says Master Lu you are very smart and smart people know what they should choose will it be good for them so Master Lu this time you let us.

Go I give you a guarantee Yes, wherever you will be in the future, there will not be type 20, that is all right, but you Tell me the reason why you brought it on the 20th. The mask starts telling the reason that look, your cultivation level had touched very high earlier, that means there is an end to the world, isn't it ? Because of this, the cultivation resources started getting exhausted very fast and nothing was left for cultivation, people were not able to do cultivation because they did not have good resources. It is possible that humans have nothing left to eat and people like you grab all the resources so we have taken a decision that we will convert human resources into cultivation resources and human resources into food resources. Later, along with human resource,.

He is also saying to human that he has made it a source of cultivation, that if someone kills a human, he can do cultivation, don't know with which ideology he has made it, but do you know if he has adopted it? Do you understand what I told you, look at my beloved O I understood nothing, but I definitely know that what is wrong and what is right, you want to kill all the people deliberately, that too just for cultivation, this is not good at all, that too, you are killing in a bad way. It is said that killing people is not a bad thing for the culti and killing people is not a big deal, they regenerate from back, that means they are born again even after death, this is not an important thing . No hai Rucha told him well then your cultivation level has reached the end of the world flesh tells that it is not me but I am not a part of me and that is a.

Big part and I am a very small part of it what about you Looks like why am I wasting my energy watching you silently for so long look Lucent I want to tell you that you are most talented and ruthless you are the most suitable candidate for me who can harvest resources for me and submit me as well and I see doors open ahead for both of us Lucent He is doing ok I understood all your point he must be thinking that he is a very powerful and ruthless villain I don't know when I kill him I will get carry for it maybe big mastery word get lucent carry on The mask seems to belong to him I told you all the things and why do you stop further I think I would rather harvest you than harvest the rest of the people because you seem very evil to me.

He says to Pinky. Pinky takes out her sword and carries it. We will have a lot of fun . She passes her sword through him but we are shown that he is laughing out loud and saying that no you can't kill me, killing me is not that easy, these people are surprised to see this. They are and what they have been doing, how they are still alive is impossible, but till then they have shown us It turns out that it vaporizes and only a part of it remains when Pinky goes to pick it up, that thing is very strange, it remains its acid, after all, it is not understood, it is a whole person. Completely but only his finger was saved, then we start hearing a loud voice that I will definitely take revenge of my finger from you guys.

Everyone get ready, I will come to you soon and destroy your set. Then Pinky tells us that it must have been known by the name of transmission technique. Lucent comes to her and asks where is this finger for me To show, he takes a finger and looks at it, but nothing seems to be wrong with it, and people are concerned, how can this happen, how can he transform himself like this with the help of just one finger, then this girl starts applying her mind and It is a carry, it means that whatever mass he spoke, it was mostly cheap, his cultivation level would be very high, because this is a transmission technique that can be used from thousands of kilometers away, even its master cannot do it . Master was there which you must have been told in the very first episode Lucent is asking his second brother why do you think what do you think about it then.

His summer starts speaking no no I don't know anything about that I know he just came to me, I don't even know about his details. yes i know u channel did him ok then tell me white lotus motor same mask why he wanted to help you capture the evil set he doesn't answer and what happened to lucent what do you think the reason Maybe asks Lucent ok I want to ask you a question why are you trying so hard to get you He laughs and says it's very simple I want to be the king here I want to take possession of this Puri. Where was Lucent very good, very good, you answered in very simple words, but I do not think that this is true and it is moving forward, it is happening, what are you doing? You're going to try no matter what it takes to see I know you're lying to me and.

If you don't tell me the truth asap I'm not going to treat you well either I know it's growing up Look at the samurai doing it, if you take even one step beyond this, I'm telling you, I'll attack you, the future's okay If it is your man then you can attack me. Is he moving forward? Then here we are shown that he is collecting all his powers in one hand but then he is sitting on his knees because his stomach I am hungry, I am hungry, I am very hungry, the sound is coming and whining, okay, okay, I will tell you all the things, but first of all, I want jungli and want juice along with legs, after that I will tell in the next scene. We are shown that he is eating food but does not eat only one ball, at least he must have eaten the ball from the punch.

. Do you know anything about it he doesn't say because when we first met the second senior brothers he was still wearing a foursome and we met guys about 10 years ago he's our most mysterious person if you ask us Because he always wears the robe and the hat he wears and no one has seen his full face till date. I don't know why he comes to rob then it's okay go and take off his robe I want to see how he looks they both sit beside him he is a samurai They are curious to know why it always remains with 14 sisters, why it always hides its face from everyone, it has been so many years, but still no one has seen its real face, come on, show us quickly, and then what was it? He breaks down like a dog on this and starts dying, his real face.

Is shown, he immediately covers his mouth with his hand and was saying that you people keep looking like this, have you ever seen a handsome man here? Both of them are thinking looking at his face that we don't know why his face looks familiar somewhere it looks like a seen face what was it Han why do I feel like our master is getting his face That's why that girl comes and keeps on crying, I can't find a face like master's, this is the face of the master from you. I don't know who it is, she asks him, tell me, what is your relation with our master? One is not knowing what happens, see, it doesn't matter, why don't you do your work? Lucent him to Hunter. He starts dying but he survives, he has been worried many times from inside, look, I want to hear the truth, hurry up and tell me the truth, now he has gone through a lot, so he has told that his.

The master who is there seems to be his father and just our episode also ends here . Don't want art ok see you in next episode till then bye bye

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