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At the beginning of the episode, it is shown that Lucent has a book but he is not able to understand what to do with the book as he does not have any martial skills and the original owner of this body. Memory speed was damaged in a very bad way, so now he was not able to understand what to do because he was not able to read the post, he calls her to the girl and asks her to read this book. This book was given to us by Elder ji, he reads the book a little bit and carries it Elder brother, this is the flame and fire zoo of the Golden Co and this golden cross is a very lotus technique, it is still in doubt Hota says that I think it is fake and it is not going to reduce but it is not that it is absolutely original and Elder ji has given us absolutely right then he says ok then why don't you reduce Do you only practice this technique,.

She says, is it really she starts telling us that this is the Golden Co film technique, it has dost level skills and it It is easy to practice and it has already completed 10%, now it has completed, so it is obvious that its percentage will also go to Lucent and it also has this technology now, 10% is very happy. It happens that he was thinking that this is a very good thing, from this we can learn more new techniques in future and I will not have to do any hard work, for this it is going to be fun, till then we will see that There Lucent's disciple A has already taken out his sword and is saying, Master, today I am going to challenge you, seeing this , Lucent starts sweating because it shows how weak Lucent is . He starts making excuses that look, I want to tell you that you.

Cannot fight your teacher right now because your cultivation level is too low and if you fight with me, you will be killed and as your teacher, I will I really don't want you to get hurt badly whether you're trying to kill me or not What are you doing it doesn't matter to me his disciple starts saying that I have come here in seal leafing website to take my revenge and if I can't take my revenge then what is the use of staying here Luken good manner to him Goes by and is explaining look you are still young that's why you are so much but you have to control your anger and he was thinking that his cultivation level is of 35 years and mine is only of 16 years I am not even fit to be his opponent, he will easily beat me, after that he would have been his disciple that the day I taught you the Dragon Fish technique, you did.

Not teach it completely, but you did not master it. Get the that's why today your head will give you a demonstration how to use that technique and when you learn that technique very well then you can come back for revenge but not now understand next month and from this Your chances of winning will also increase a lot. Come on, in the next scene, we see those people have come near the waterfall, they must have been contaminated, okay, so I 'm going to show you my super technique, but my cultivation level is very high, so I want to increase my cultivation level. doing a little bit and you guys are a little behind go characters you guys can get hurt too and they both are very excited to see that and now that time has come when the loot channel us our dragon fest attack The one who shows is the most, so it does its best, which is.

Really a big and huge dread, its power is so much that instead of removing the waterfall, it puts the whole waterfall as an example and after seeing it, both of these The color of the person's face has changed because he did not believe that his senior brother would be so powerful and on the other hand , he does not know what the condition of the person has become after seeing the attack, this attack would have been very powerful indeed . Yes, that dragon is still flying high, here we see that it has gone so high that far- People can see it comfortably even from far away and there the rest of the two junior brothers of Lucent are also of the opinion that the senior brother has never shown us a new technology and has not told us about it. It happens that the senior brother is very clever, maybe he has some trick in this too, and here he is not far away from the place, but at a little distance we are shown a younger one, where he.

The guy keeps standing and this was what was going on brother, why are you pretending like this, your cultivation has reduced very badly and you have recovered only 10 years of cultivation and what is going to happen in the future is that even if you You can fool people but you can't fool your second junior brother . It has been happening that the crisis that was supposed to come on our set has happened and now it has gone too, so now it is time to revive this lovely set and the most important thing for this will be this. That it has to recruit new dispersers, recruit as many as possible and their qualification should be of third grade i.e. third level cultivation, he is asking his junior brothers and sisters,.

Do you guys have any suggestion This green one starts telling senior brother see this recruitment for our website is very difficult It is going to happen because our location is in remote area and even after hearing the name of our website many people do not even want to come here and I think you are too late and with that Along with this, you have also put a demand that their cultivation level should be of third, then it has become even more difficult, even before this, I had recruited 12 disciples in my set and in that Nine of them left but all three of you stayed here, can all three of you tell me why did you decide that you would like to join me? This guy starts telling Lucent that everyone has their own reasons. As for the junior sister, you did not pick her up, and we both brothers were sent from jail, and.

At that time we were very angry, so we joined Evil in anger, and the matter of the rest of the senior brothers. They also have their own reasons, no one can be told for what exactly they had joined your set. He must be thinking that he made it more difficult than I thought, after that he must have treated all of you well, whatever happened, but all of you must remember one thing that all of you Disable the set, don't be a disciple, you guys are a part of this set and our top priority will be to make this evil set even bigger, not let it get smaller. Scene change happens, 2 hours have passed. He is sitting comfortably and drinking tea here, only then both of them are in junior form that we have got a very big ship, what is this.

? Yes, both of them tell that the old man has a very big and fat distinction in our hands, when I was patrolling there in the mountain, then I saw many people coming from far away and those people were a lot more people and I think If they have a lot of money and gold both, then let's do one thing, we steal from them, after that we will get a lot of money at once. Ega tuition would have stood up and said to those people that I have told you before that now our set is not going to be bad at all and what are you people standing here looking at my face, get lost Don't come from here again, then after a while we see that those people are running and doing what senior brother, that big difference has stopped directly in front of our gate. Lucent says what do you want to say now? They say that all those people.

Have come and stopped at the gate outside the mountain and why don't you take a look at us in the next scene . A scene is shown where Lou goes to meet Chanel. We see these people are very old, helpless and poor looking. Fat victim and tell from which angle these people are looking fat to you, here we see that both of them are related to those people, even if they are not fat but strong I know there will be a lot of gold, silver and food items in their garage, so they belong to the people . Two, I know there's a lot of treasure inside, as soon as those guys pull those curtains off the garage, don't they? It is a fat one, then we see that there is no gold, silver or treasure inside it, inside it there.

Are bodies on which flies fly in different colors and this bamboo is also killing a lot, seeing this , we have stood in Lucent's room. Because he has not seen anything like this till now and if there are carriages then they are full of bodies and everyone's condition is very bad, now what will happen next, you will know only in the next episode. And tell me how are you guys feeling this loud voice means it is better than before, so if you have not subscribed to the channel yet, then do it quickly, what are you waiting for and please share the video as much as possible and Tell me how did you like this video, do comment, it is okay gas, see you again in the next episode, till then

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