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The Episode starts with Lucha revealing his reality that he is Lucent, he is from Banda, shouting loudly, are you not dead, are you alive, Luis and asks him what happened, do you want to take revenge, you are excited. Why would you do anything to me seeing me alive ? Before he attacks Lucent, he knows that the girl from a country dies, and that cake is so fast that the person goes straight and collides with the stones and only I know that his condition would have been very bad, blood from his mouth Loose channel also starts coming out, comes to him and is smiling, what happened, you want to take revenge, here he is very angry, he says that I am doing such a thing that I want to take your heart.

I will put and eat your man, he sits and what is happening, very good, very good, I appreciate you very much. You are still young, determined and want to follow your dreams, I suggest that you join my website and consider me as your teacher, after that I will give you a chance to take revenge from me and if you accept my offer If you don't accept , I will kill you for now, after that you will never get a chance to take revenge from me, but here it is happening, it is impossible, why will I worship you and consider you as my teacher ? I am never going to do it even if you kill me, Luccha is explaining very well, look, you are still young and don't let your inner self worship you in this way, you join my gift set and Then one day you will definitely get that chance, the day.

You will kill me with your own hands, this guy says ok, I promise you, I will consider you as my teacher. He could not believe, the girl could not believe even more that what is happening all this. You went to man at once what was that Han I promise you Lucent must have been thinking dhaat teri ki don't know what I have done I said if I will kill him but come on at least he is man now that's it Lest he turn out to be a thief like his father, and the promise he has made to me should be made to run away by breaking it . He tells his condition to Lucent because he knows that right now its cultivation is very weak and it may not be the bone end of Lucent at all, but it is what Lucent wants.

You to promise me that Day whenever I will challenge you you will accept the challenge and I will keep challenging you till I kill you with my hands says to him look every time you can't challenge because I have time limited And I am also short of time that's why you can challenge once a month and he is thinking if he comes to know that my This cultivation is only 6 years old, so it can be a big problem for me, this guy has paid a lot for this thing, now he is subscribed to L channel once a month, from the side of the system, here is all the information about his set We are shown how much territory it has, unique knowledge, martial contribution, how many people it has in its set, and how it can make its set even more powerful because you know it is an evil set, in a good set, every Someone.

Wants to come but not everyone can come in the evil set and as you know that you have got the reward then you will get the task along with it and for whom the task this time is very big like listening to The condition has worsened because now its set is getting stronger gradually, so it has to increase its set and how many disciples it needs, it needs about 10000 dispers and then what is it, it is going to take many years and this thinking Was not sure who will join this evil set of mine and at the same time their qualification should also be of third rank. What is even more difficult is the girl's residence. Senior brother, we have to find the treasure as well. There are many treasures here. Where did you get javarat, where did you catch him, he says, from where you hid, Lucent says, idiot.

That's why I am asking that where have I hidden them, I also know that you have brought them from where I hid them, Lucent would have been interested in them, how can this happen, my weight check display also inteasers If you could not find him, then how did you find him, how did I find him? Actually, the thing is that I have been hiding from you for the last 3 years. This guy starts telling his struggle that for the last 3 years I used to sleep only for an hour and the rest of the time he used to search for the treasure and finally he found it. Lotion is getting angry here and it belongs to you why don't you tell me clearly you have taken revenge on me here They came to take or they came to steal my treasure he says look it is very clear that I could not defeat you and could not defeat you so how did I take revenge from you so first of all I took the treasure If I had found the treasure.

, I would have increased my cultivation in some way, and as soon as I came to know that you are no more, I Changed the mood and I started looking for the treasure and then I stopped taking revenge on you and then what happened, what happens, okay, that's enough, now tell the way , where to walk, we are shown in the next scene There are two ways in front of them, one right, one left, it is about which way to go, then this person says that we have to go this way, and then what was that people want, now there are many more mistakes inside, like the way It happens that here he is going with full confidence that he is sure that this is the way, I have come here before also, they keep getting the way, those people are going, Lucent is feeling that he has not fooled us. Because this map looks like this and these people are roaming inside this maze and finally after a lot of hard work.

These people have come out directly from the waterfall and the condition of all these people is very bad because There are a lot of traps inside, it's good that you knew the right way, because we are on the right way, then it is wrong to think so much about coming to us. Had he walked on the path, he would have been trapped for life, then he would have been fuming with anger, and what would have happened, after all, which idiot has created this image, then he thinks, oh man, I am that idiot, after that he What happens now I remember that I could use the shadow body technique and I left it with my family and for 2 years I was looking for the maze of this world which is the right way and finding the way Because it was not that easy, I had gone on the wrong path many times and I narrowly escaped from there because I could have lost my life, that too, this incident has not happened once, it has happened many times.

. Sometimes I feel that if you are not a master, then there is definitely something special in you, these people must have crossed the maze, but the biggest problem is to express it This waterfall is a very powerful waterfall and the real treasure of lotion is hidden behind this waterfall and this phenomenon is so powerful that if a person's cultivation is 100 If it is less than a year, then he will be able to cross it at all and if he tries to do it, then he may die. That girl says well, if that is the case then how did you bring the razor from there because your cultivation is not that much. He starts saying that sometimes it used to happen that some gold and silver used to fall down from the waterfall, then I used to pick it up and it is not such a big deal. Yes, you have 100 years of cultivation, that girl also says, but here she is.

Getting tired of it and she is thinking that how can I explain acting that I have 100 years of cultivation, I only have this year's cultivation Now if I agree, how can I do it, now from here the story is getting more and more interesting, after all, what trick will he find so that he does not have to go inside the waterfall, or how can he go? Friends, like the video and share it Give because it gives motivation and more videos come from fist vision Ogan always be careful be alert and keep watching our channel is MX players

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