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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown that all the master of big purpose, he goes to all the friends and goes deep that please you become my display, you please come to my set very badly from all the people. Have gone home and care that I am able to go to my set, he gets nervous and what is going on. Kariyega I can't because it is master lucent who brought out my ancestor and I want to go to his set I consider master lucent my teacher with all my heart and mind but then here's the twist yeh jo second master Ladies and Gentleman listen to me and sister who just appeared here I think it 's.

Not Lucent, there must be something wrong We must be showing some special effect, I think he has done this thing before and he said it before. Teach in a good way because you all know that he belongs to an evil set and such things are done there, so it was easy for him to make us absolutely everyone is on the side of the set master. It must have been right because it just came back and its cultivation is less than 10 years so how can it do this, can't call out the youngster it must be trying to play some trick Hai we don't agree with people and here it is being used while offering Lucent let me see that 10 years old useless sakultivat of yours han han I am telling you the truth your set is no less and in front of our set So he's not at all And don't think you.

Can fool the fan Says through his bark If I tell you the truth I don't like you at all I never liked you from the beginning Han You can complete with me if you want but you can't be my pant because I will beat you comfortably my shis instead of me Why will he fight he also wonders what he belongs to Master I really want to kill this guy I will not spare this guy I want to take my revenge but when I fought with him that day I have to fight between us The power of Cultivation level was known and I am very weak, I will not be able to win it, the second master starts laughing and what is going on, you will have to believe me , you really are not very interesting, you are afraid Complying with me you don't want to fight with me that's why you are asking your disciple to fight with me and he will be killed.

. That there is nothing to panic in this, I will tell you about the most powerful technique of your family, shadow technique and I will take you to the advanced level, so that you can easily defeat him , after hearing this, he is not even able to believe. Because the most powerful technique in its family is a technique named Shadow. Neek happens and is giving full assurance to Lucchaini that he will take this to the advanced level, now after a while we are shown where Lucent is going to tell him how he can take the help of value system. It must have been because if he got technology, he did it in advanced level , then Lucent will also get this advanced technology of shadow level and it will also become very powerful . Wala hai Lucent just.

Wants to save his life he doesn't care about anyone he is a part devil that's why he is trapping his disciple in Jhansi Luccha says to himself now watch carefully I am going to show you infinity bowling I have been there and it is very powerful, hearing this name for your shadow advance, one is surprised, what a dangerous name, it keeps the name very dangerous, dangerous, now we see that lightning starts to crack again from the sky and whatever it is Lucent falls in every shape and this is the special technique from which a lot of power comes out from inside Lucent. It is going to happen tomorrow and it has become completely overpowered, everyone is looking at it and wondering what is happening today, did all the lightning come and fall on it, but still nothing has happened till now. That it has become more powerful th an before. Lucent is showing such techniques to these people, which they had neither heard about nor seen in reality.

Just saw it once or twice in the book, but what did they know that this technology really exists and after seeing this technology, Purple is also surprised because today Lucent has already done a feat and showed it to cloud Completed the first technique and sister also came out and now look he is going to use another technique and he has achieved a new thing on the level of kung fu and he is going to touch the heights of the sky very very soon. He is going to come, you will come to know in the next episode, that too in a single day, I didn't even expect this from him, now I just want to see his performance, just want to see how his performance is, all of you After showing it, Luccha asks him , what is the news, what does it come, my master, yours is not so clever, but still I have understood up to 50%, I will try my best to be like myself.

You want to do exactly the same, after that Lucent would have been with the second master, so let's start the fight now, it's the second master's Oh my dear friend, if you are so eager to kill your disciple, then it is okay, I will complete your education, you are putting a mouse in front of a lion, now we are shown that the match of these two The stage is about to start, all the audience is also ready, here it is the second master, do you really believe him on false Lucent, he must have shown you any technique and you believed his words, but I started It was done, we see that it moves straight ahead with a lot of speed and if the second master is not able to see it, then it hits his face, but 56 is not so strong that he can beat the second master in any way. He manages to control himself but seeing that the second master has read the punch.

, everyone's mouths drop in tears because the second master is powerful and the trick that Lucent taught him was only a small part of the same trick that his glasses I learned it, thinking that it is doing less, I just have to do a little more concentration, after that don't do it. I will teach in a good way, the second master is very angry and he is saying that now I have joked a lot , I am not going to leave you at all, it comes out with its own sword, its sword is different , that means it is flexible. The same person attacks him but this disciple is sharp, he escapes from his short and then seeing the opportunity from the side, he hits the second master's stomach with 14 lakhs and it hits very hard with the stick in one go. falls down but now what is it like now you just made me very angry remember you forced me to do this now I.

Will use it he pulls out something and as soon as he takes the thing his The energy is too high , it is too high , but here it doesn't matter how high his energy is, he goes straight to the punch, but he talks too fast, he has shown us goes the second master comes directly behind him and he is in a very clear mood goes on the back of the disciple Hits a surtaar punch and this attack hits it very hard . Give some rest to Han, I agree that your power has increased more than before but I want to tell you right now that you are not at all fit to be my opponent as per your strength but here we see that the disciple who.

Would have He is getting back on his feet because he hasn't lost everything yet . Shishya is smiling and saying, I haven't given my best yet, this was just a trailer. He gets even more angry and pretends that you are just like your master. Now we are shown that he is gathering a lot of energy and he uses the same attack that Lucent gave him in the special advance. The attack is taught, it is going to do this, it has become very fast and reacting to it He doesn't even get a chance to shoot, in that time A goes to him and starts raining 25 continuously on him. Shahkar also does not know how to move here and there and is hitting him from all sides. The condition has become very bad, giving this thing, no one can believe his eyes that after all the second master.

How can you defeat him? How did he become so powerful? Was Lucent being true ? Will still go but even in this there is no gem, he starts getting back even after getting so many attacks and here he keeps sword on his head and says second master I hope that you will be a good person in your next life You will become and do less good, you will not do less bad like this at all but here he starts laughing loudly and what happens what do you think you have defeated me he stands back my friend this fight has just started Now you just look ahead how many power levels are all unlocked, now there is also Lucent's battle left. If you guys want to see Lucent's battle, what are you doing.

? Versus second master, only then I will bring the episode soon, I am going to bring the character like this

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