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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown a city where the masters are in full swing, where you can see that two people are trapped and a big master is going to attack, but by then the other master comes and kills him master it is the lady don't worry at all look the monsters are running away from here we are shown what is happening to the mass or not this can't happen so much so Energy will not be enough now and what is left it happens that Lucent has finished it Lucent 20 and now that door cannot open, if that door does not open then we will always be at this place of Fourth Level Continent Will remain first forever, after all, Lucent has been thinking that if he does this, then what does he think that the website people will become good and everyone will start considering it good, here we are shown that now very few people would have played With 20 types of.

Attack and here in the golden cross act, these rings are also used, it has to be accepted that this person is very lucky , but with Other companions have been killed, only one or two are left, on this side we are shown that the door has been opened because the meat that has consumed so much energy is very happy and is moving straight towards the door because now Thousands of years of cultivation and thousands of years of life are going to be added to it, that is, more powerful than before, till then these people also come . must go after that all three also go inside the door as they go inside separately to show us then at a distance this strange thing was waiting for them Lucent asks Mass what is this thing and it Door what is all this happening here Mask says I will tell everything but first you have to corporate with me.

Lucent says I will corporate with you only when you tell me all the secrets here and where is the real door and Lucent must be thinking I don't know why I have a feeling someone is behind this and we need to seal Being used like rum, that too intentionally, he says that it is okay, I will help you find the door and you will provide the key, this is the condition between us, after that he cuts off one ear of his body. and makes his own clone, his clone is meant to fight the first level guard, but when it rotates it looks like a tablet , then the one that remains on the bottom floor, it goes and there is lava below. So the clone that remains drowns in it, it is finished, then the floor is back to normal, now it turns on here, so first it's Bay's turn, I use my magic and she defeats the guy who Seeing this, he.

Has become very fond because he had seen such a dangerous attack for the first time from such a distance and was thinking that I cannot believe that his disposal is so powerful, earlier I thought that all this would have happened like this, but today Really seen now they get second level and in second level there is strange thing here means it is like Bhuj and Lucent has been Means, someone has made a riddle, we have to reach the farthest part of this continent and he has also made many levels here, first of all we have to cross these levels, only then we will reach the farthest point, then the blue channel man would have been worried . What are you doing, it's your turn, you will pahunchaoge us till the door and I will give you the match right now, forgot that he cuts his coil again and then let him die, his clone reaches a little distance, nothing goes wrong His clone is pahnchta and starts killing all of them one by one whatever happens.

But then all those ghosts merge together and there is a strange feeling that they kill all of them together. They also kill very badly, now Lucent's suspicion has turned into a belief that all this is really a puzzle and they have to reach the door and this puzzle was not made by any normal person at all, it is a person from a higher level continent. Has made it which does not want anyone to reach the store, now it is biting its mighty finger as if it believes If he cuts one finger then less power but if he joins two together then more power so this time he cuts his finger with more power and the clone he is is avoiding all of them very comfortably and He is also killing them but it is not of much use and he is also understanding all the things that there is no benefit in dying because those people are getting regenerated from back and no matter how hard they try.

Lee Hai people can't beat here we are shown that all those ghosts have got back and again same thing happens with this clone as happened with the previous clone now it is understood And she is saying that it seems that these Kho-fest monsters will have to kill all of them at the same time, only then they are going to die somewhere because I think their mechanism reduces them in this way . Now the problem remains that after all If these people kill then how to kill all the people together because this thing is very difficult and those people are also doing flute. Lotion is also thinking that this is a very difficult task that how will we do it only then orange The idea comes to his mind because there is one of his 12 siblings who is a master of weapons and if he wants, he can easily blow them all together. In the next scene, we see that Lotion has teleported to him. is directly on this side of the door and this.

Is where it would have been if it wasn't for my junior sister I would never have helped you big bro understand and then we It is shown that he takes out whatever weapons he has, those ghosts come to attack him, but he kills them all at once, literally wearing a master, after that these people move forward as they go. The level will be more difficult and straight Lucent says what are you waiting for forgot the deal he starts saying hey you are not seeing that I only have two of them left how can I cut them you So you promised me that you will push me to the door and I will provide you can't forget you understand how it is ok ok anyway I am going to be a motor so if two fingers are sacrificed for this then what difference does it make falls, then he also bites one finger, then a clone of it comes.

Out . If there are then we have to press them and this is a very simple task but if it happens in both then how to press it? A clone is more, presses 1 button, as soon as it is pressed, there comes out such a strong laser bomb that it is made of a clone, on seeing which even these people get scared because it is made in a very bad way. What is pollution, if it is not this button, then for sure it will be the second button, you go and press it, but look at what it is, I don't think we even need to try because it is an easy level, if this one If the button is not there then the other one will press the level then for sure we will pass or it may be that both have to be pressed at the same time lotion kya hota han your idea is not.

That bad I think it can happen if we Press both of them together, then we can cross this level, then he cuts his finger and says to Lochan that now you will go to another one, but Lochan tells him that you have forgotten, you only said Why don't you reduce you, you cut off this hand of yours completely , this will be the best, what tension do you have, you are going to be motor like this too. Then went on to talk about Lochan , what happens by raising one finger and one hand, but as soon as both of them press the button together, the same condition happens as the condition of the previous one. Nothing is being understood that even if both the buttons are pressed then this happens, then what should be done, here it is under a lot of pressure, because if it is not solved quickly, then its hands and feet will fly away. On the other hand, Lochan is thinking that Han can probably pass like this.

, after that Lucent smiles on his face and the face is like let's call those two monkeys, after that we are shown that he He calls both of them and it happens that look, I have told you here in this way, he explains everything to both of them, after that we see that both the junior brothers have marched together, but they also seem to be afraid to go. because they knew what was going to happen to them, they say opposite, what is the need to relax, Lucent says, you go Something is going to happen to them, both of them are moving forward in fear, even if they move forward, nothing happens to them, because until they don't press the button, nothing is going to happen, Lucent is saying look at the button Before pressing both of you separate from each other, don't merge at all and those people do exactly the same, those people who merge, now both of them are completely separated.

And simultaneously go and press the button and it happens that this level has also become immense, now friends have reached this new level and this new level is more dangerous than the previous one because this knight is more dangerous . It happens that now the next one will be a long episode because it is going to be the last episode , but it can't be the last one because the chapter hasn't come yet, when the chapter comes , we will explain that too and Han new comic is also going to come, so you People must see the new comic, give it a lot of love, send it to me very well, brother, and if anyone is interested in making a video, I can post four-five videos, please message me on Instagram, I need it

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