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As we saw in the last episode, these people feel that it has a cultivation of hundred years, but the truth is that Lucent has a cultivation of only 6 years, not 100 years, and it seems to be If it happens then let's show what is the target in the beginning of the episode here we are shown that it is of the girl Senior brother you have been standing here for half an hour and doing nothing why don't you go straight up And go and bring it to the treasure, it is very simple for you, but what is it doing here, do you think I am standing here quietly like this ? Let me tell you the truth , half an hour ago, I was looking at this waterfall which is in front of me, and while looking at it , suddenly I remembered a very powerful killing move, which is very powerful.

Both of them become very happy after hearing that and she would have been the senior brother of the girl. Can you also tell your junior sister about her for free? Will come and also tell you how it is done that Banda would also have been me too me too but Lucent would have been going and would have been doing it I can give you a hint but I will not tell you this you yourself You have to figure out how to do that move, how not to do it, and then I'm going to tell him the name of the killer move, which is a very dangerous killer move, the real name of that killer move is Hussain Rising Dragon Slash and It is thinking that Banda Baap Re Baap, it is a very dangerous name, it is really a stream move and here this girl is also crying like I had expected from senior brother, senior brother, you keep names like this. He is an expert, I knew and this mouth would also be very good, those people.

Start asking him the meaning of this move, what is the real meaning of this move, now the name of the move was put in it , but even he himself does not know that Today again, what is its real meaning, so he keeps on talking nonsense like this and knows that he is good at roaming around. It says it all, both of them must have believed in it because it was told in such a good way and it is the opinion of people that they want to learn, they say yes, you people also smooth You can learn, in fact, the real purpose of this move is that if you hit a punch on the waterfall, then all the water of the waterfall will be side and the place where it enters will be clearly visible, which means that you will get the full body of your body. Energy has to be put in your fee and then hit the waterfall if all the water goes together then this will be your ultimate clear . Now after an hour we are shown where they both are practicing and sitting here.

It remains after a lot of practice, he does not do it, but he does it, look junior sister and you, my disciple, this is not so easy, so do not use your full power at all, use it little by little and it will last for one night . I can't teach you guys so take it easy that girl says senior brother I have a feeling in my heart that I must do this move I can do it, and here his disciple is also doing what he is doing, exactly the same thing is happening in my heart and thinking about it, but I do not know what is going on in my heart, whether it is necessary or not. It is fake whether I can do this mute myself or not, now again after a while it is shown and like this the hours go bye, they go bye, now 2 hours have passed but they are not doing lucent junior The sister is saying that we will come here tomorrow, you can practice tomorrow also,.

I am very hungry now, so let's go back now, junior sister was asking, senior brother, I am sorry Granted your junior sister is not that much good and not as talented as you but I assure you that I will definitely do this move anyway I have done this move till 30% and it was Banda's loss The same thing that he said will remain with me too and after hearing this here one is surprised whether these people are telling the truth or lying 30% that too so soon 3 hours After doing our man character, he is sleeping as soon as he wakes up, he says don't know what is happening, his disciple uses dragon fish on waterfall and as if he has mastered the use of dragon fish, here we see It used to be of Banda that please sir forgive me,.

This student of yours is not that good, I have mastered only 50% till now. I am not able to do more than this, now it is the turn of this girl, she is collecting all her attention in one place and here we are shown the real dangerous dragon that comes out and that attack is so fierce. It is said that all the water of the waterfall has gone to the other side and now that cave has also been opened where our treasure is, seeing this, he could not believe his eyes and was thinking that this is the top qualification fourth rank here. And Fifth Rank and I just told them the name of any random move like this and these people are actually practicing it, this is so cruel, here we are shown that girl comes to Lucent, bows her head And carry is senior brother please forgive me I am.

Very ashamed of myself even after practicing so much I could use only 60% power and even in that all the water of the waterfall could not go to the other side please you I am sorry for this, now here the system has a new reward and this is the same dragon fish moo And it happens that now Lucent has also got it, that too without any effort because both of them worked hard, they have mastered it, they have already got 50 and 60% pay and what they have got It is 40% and if he wants, he can take a little bit by adding both of them and even by adding from many places, he can make his Dragon Fest very powerful. Now here some rules are even more simple. It is believed that if these people invent a new move with as many disciples as they can, then it is a very good name, meaning that even if they give a random name to any mouth, that too, if these.

People practice it, it will go to its share. You are understanding the meaning that he keeps on plucking fruits while sitting, but there is also a minus in this that when these people become his disciples and practice , then a new movie or any move will come into his account and both of these are already there. They have tried many new moves and many people, that's why the salvation of these people in the past will not count in this, the one who will learn new, its dec After becoming ipal, he will count, here I am explaining in such a good way, because later on, some of you people say that they do not know how they did it and where did they get this move from, they will get more rewards. And as a reward, it also gets a chance to play the lottery twice , first it plays the lottery sense, it just gets one year more cultivation and it was thinking that the back is useless, but when it tries its second chance he gets a.

Very good gift in second chance and this gift is a mountain protection like how a monkey who lives makes a huge shield so that he can save his whole set the same protection he would have got And he was thinking that this big formation is not that bad either because after two days 10 big sets are going to attack his set and if he makes this formation then he will be able to relax and watch the spectacle And no one will be able to spoil anything on its set, but forming a formation is not a child's play, it is strong, but for that All these things will also be needed and he is thinking that this has become very difficult, I thought that it will be very easy, I will watch the fight comfortably while drinking coconut water, but this is not going to happen and he is thinking It happens that let's hope that I would get all these items in Lucent's Treasure so that I can make the formation comfortably,.

Now here we are shown a scene after a while where the way has been completely cleared, these people are also inside They have been to the cave and after coming inside the cave, there is a lot of treasure here, only gold is full of gold, they have never seen so much gold till date, that girl says, Big brother, you are really very much. Be rich and Lucent was thinking, I can't believe that I had so much gold and money, I was wandering here and there for so long, but finally something good happened and Lu Chan's disciple would have been here. He is that master, you have a lot of gold, don't know how many rich people you must have looted, there is so much money here, how many families have been buried You must not have given and how many you must have emptied the bank, Lucent tells them that first of all, both of you stop being so excited, I need your help, you guys find five magical artifacts.

, here they are, now after a while We are shown that he has found a spirit hum, but Lucent is not too happy about it, he must have been here for so long. You are investigating but what do you people get, a spirit stone, that girl is telling that Big brother, you were very fond of gold and this whole place is heavy with gold and here it is found with great difficulty for tuition. so what should i do now because it still needs five magical artifacts one spiritual root and some five elements 300 spiritual stones that too within two days and what should i do i don't think i can do this I will get it only then an idea comes in the mind of the girl and she is asking Big brother, would you like to exchange gold, you can get all the materials you want, even before this you told me that.

You are so Why are you collecting gold and you will get all that easily for so much money, that too a lot. Lucent says yes, that's all right, I have a lot of gold and I want anything from it. Can buy but the only problem is that we do not have much time just two days left and where We will do this much only then she takes out an incense stick and it is being licensed. Now what is this incense stick, what is the license? yes then stay with our channel

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