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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown Lucent landing his flying cot back down, they come out, then the green guy is asking senior brother, why have we come back from here, then he tells them. Hai that he has come here to select his disperser, everyone is very happy to see Lucent and everyone is praising him that Jio channel master Lucent Jio thank you very much Kuch Kuch Bande very good Even then, he comes and apologizes to Lucent, that is because he had spoken badly to Lucent earlier, but Lochan forgives, till then it is shown that both of them have also come running to Lochan. Lucent Pinky It happens that earlier you said that you want to see Raigarh with me for a few days, after that you will decide whether you consider me as your teacher or not, then tell me what do you think, she.

Tells Pinky that now I 100% Sir I will consider you as my Guru means I will consider you as my teacher and I will go with you in your sets. I am ready, she becomes happy after hearing this and it seems from her face that she is happy for something else, then we are shown that she is saluting the chain, but our Lucent's eyes are somewhere else. Where you all are looking at the system and back to the solution, it has already been giving rewards to Lucent because it has saved so many lives, now we know its cultivation level, suddenly It has gone to 100 years and its lifespan has also increased a lot. Lucent happens a lot and you get a lot of extras, you will come to know that now if it has got so many years of cultivation. It is feeling very powerful , earlier it used to feel weak because it was very weak earlier, but now.

It has become powerful and if seen, these three Buddhas who live are masters of different sets. Lotion is very bad but you are of no use, goes to lotion and keeps on doing all three of you all three of me They're fighting and they're blocking me and my set so that I can't bring new dimples into my set, it's about time we settle the score, but these people are bigoted harem people These people belong to Han, you have saved us, so doesn't it mean that we will bow down to you or say thank you ? You don't try at all, the other person also belongs to you, anyway, you have done a lot less than before, for that we have not forgiven you yet and you have an evil set, an evil set, no matter how many children, why not? Well he is always an evil.

Power Lucent is good but I remember someone had said that God if Lochan brings even a single disabled inside his set then I will give my head to the ground if tell me I am absolutely right Who said that and he is getting angry, it means that this person had said that he will put his whole face on the ground instead of his nose, and why would you be in the end ? Tuition says what do you want from me, it is a simple matter, you fulfill your promise and I will let you go from here, you will have to make the characters equal in a different way, only then those people start shouting and saying that are you telling this to the master of such a big set wishing that they put their face on the ground in front of you what do you think you are here you are not the only one who is so powerful there are more scholarship here but you were killed during all of them you have so much courage you You embarrass other people even you are not that much powerful think your.

Luck is more good that's why you survived the aaj aur yeh ka raha hai haan what difference does it make even if your cultivation based is higher than us or Then why not go even higher, there are a lot of people like this here and if you try to fight with all of us, you will not win, look, Lucent, I want to give you this advice, quietly go back to your sector, you know the character. what will happen to you before that he says something lucent very fast comes in front of him and puts him in the hub that too with a single punch and is thinking that earlier my cultivation base was too weak so I could not fight you guys but now I have become too strong Now my cultivation level has gone above even 100 years, so now if you want to do evil to me, I will not let you do it, I will not leave you at all.

Hai friends, have you seen this table, it has so much courage, it openly raised its hand on the master of such a big set, let's all learn this lesson together, but no one moves, everyone is on the same side, it is the master's fate that If we combine all three powers, let's attack it together, then it will go away easily, all three are going to attack the table, but the devil does not even move, the devil has forty-one and this 40 ma It is completely different from the first one, it has a gravity type oil in it, like it uses it, it is in the top, boom, all three fall down, and the condition of all three gets very bad at once, like what a big explosion has happened. And all three feel like gravity is trying to bend down because no matter how much they try , these people are not able to get up.

. The rock has been placed and no matter how hard those people are trying, but they are not able to move the rock. They try their best. Lucent is very angry here because today these three have made him very angry. He can see how much anger is in his eyes. You say that I can send it to all of you, but have all three of you ever thought that how many times before this you have insulted my set, you people always call me and my set useless from the beginning. but I never said anything but today enough is enough he is moving towards them and what was he doing I am tolerating so many things I have never given a reverse answer to anyone but today I did this for the first time I have seen for the first time that the city was in such a big trouble today and that city was about to be.

Destroyed completely, then I was thinking about saving the people and you are still talking like this while I told you all People's lives have been saved, yet all three of you are enjoying me instead of thanking me , is this the way of all you good people? This is the sign of good people that if someone saves their life, then they do not say thank you to him, on the contrary, they start saying that he was completely wrong, but these three masters are not good at all, they start provoking everyone. Let's do what they are doing as brothers and sisters you all can see he is a monster he was a monster and will remain a monster these weight set people can never change no matter how hard you try to change and The other one starts saying that there is a devil, the devil has saved our lives, so what happened, we should not thank the table, these people just do less for their own benefit and nothing else, but there are.

No people there. All the people are engrossed in themselves and are saying that look how nice the weather is today , let's go for a picnic. All three of them could not believe what just happened in front of their eyes. Why did you ignore it, now Lujan's life is going on as you all have seen with your own eyes, here in front of your eyes all this happened. What is happening, I know everyone has their own thoughts about it, so please do tell me, after that Lucent announces that their website will still recruit the display, but the qualification should be the same as the third rank. Or the one above him and whoever comes in his set, Lokan will train him personally. Everybody is there. Master, don't worry, I will come in your set. I will come in your set . will go but here it is master's lucent you you and.

Yours you are trying to show that you are very good person but it is not like that at all today or tomorrow you are going to regret it and day by day you You are not going to survive that day you will be killed you joke very well after death you are doing and villa we tell me that you don't consider yourself too big you don't have that much ability that you all of us Understand that you can kill people, today it is a very sad thing that we, who are good people, are as bad as you. He is lost to humans but I take this oath that one day I will definitely kill you, then both his junior brothers come there and they are angry with their senior brothers, there is no use in keeping them alive , let these three Lets kill but Lucent says no there is no need to do this all three are useless because he was thinking if he kills all three then he will run in huge loss.

Will go because you know if he does bad things then the system will punish him and his live will suddenly decrease a lot but Lucent then also says that I am not going to leave these three so easily, he turns out to be his hunter and give He starts punching the throats of all three, keeps punching everyone, but see the courage of all three, what is happening to the people that you have so much courage, you are trying to raise your hands on us, you do not know whether we are a set of three. How powerful he is, he starts laughing and well he comes, he is very powerful, and then he starts giving, he kills so much that he gives suggestions and you must be feeling that the story is over here, but No, no , it is not at all, it is an interesting part of the story, it will go ahead, it means that even more secrets will be revealed here, these three have kept a very deep secret hidden by these three.

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