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At the beginning of the episode, we are shown live and there is a new banda here, whom we will call Purple . Whenever I talk to you then you draw too much of my spiritual power inside you and this is the best way to prevent that ok tell me what do you think about Lucent what do you think is his condition Purple seems to tell that his Cultivation is average, Aptitude is average, Influence is also average and Set Han is a little flavor too, that if I say in clear words, he is completely average and nothing else, wait why are you asking me this? Are you somewhere you don't want to say that I know him that he has done research on this for decades and also that Anwar's loot has become alive and he always makes lakhs with him and he has also lost his.

I have seen with my own eyes how he became the leader of the set as well as how he spread his set and but very unfortunate natalie he was killed when his set was too big but now look he is alive suddenly and you can't call it bad luck at all this is a special type of good luck purple tells you where you that he was not a good person and he has done a lot of bad things in his life he has hit a lot in Lagos and maybe he has a little bit of luck but is n't it in our hands we can choose she says That's all I do, the scene changes, on this side we are shown the development and the formation is not yet broken, everyone is very tired, the mass is deep, if we want to break this formation For this we need at least 40 or 50 years of cultivation character, without that we cannot break it at all, now it.

Seems absolutely impossible to break it, it is very tired and what happens now when we break it Ca n't break it means that we have to wait for Lucent to come and he will come only then we will be able to get out of here Hota hai hota hota bro you are hungry and your brain seems to have gone bad have you forgotten that there are many best attackers in huang city right now and lucent fan will be killed there without his family And how can you expect him to be back here and what is happening that I never thought that I would hit like this I thought a lot of things that I could hit like this and I tried my best to escape but never thought that I will not be able to survive because of hunger. You scene changes, on this side my recruitment platform is shown and here everything is finished and.

This People are announcing that in which set, how many new dispers have been taken, all the sets have taken a lot of dispers, six, seven, 10, some take even more, but here INLD's sector can return one such The one who did not even do any decimal, these two who stand in front, these people also start making fun of the set and what the hell are those who set all Before this there used to be number van, it has become the most evil set now and no decibel is allowed to go inside the set and anyway that set will not even remain set in a few days, it will be badly destroyed. Jokes start flying and what is going on just look at the website after so many years these people have come back so that they can recruit dispers but look now no one knows their seconds how bad it has become Poor guy here you are making this girl very angry and she says all three of you fools listen to me carefully my big.

Brother is ignoring you it doesn't mean that your German you keep speaking that understand keep your mouth shut but Those people who are Budhau, those people are also very arrogant, they are people that you have so much courage, you are talking all these things in front of Sandhu's Villian, you also know that no one wants to come in your sector because Your set is useless and here only two-three people who are becoming faster are doing more in front of him. Now no one will doubt you, no matter how hard you try, and after a few days your set will end like this, now it is blue, it is because of it that now it is the turn of the highlight or No, today the special min banda for whom the recruitment was kept is going to come here and the cultivation of this guy is very high, whoever takes this, his set will go a long way and we are shown that this guy would be.

Hai Lucent had saved his life and here these people are surprised to see what is this special recruitment and what is it we are given a little information about it his name is Fank and now he is 13 years old but he is super genius because his Cultivation level is very high, don't know how many worlds have such a set that wants to make it their decimal but it accepts it because it also belongs to a different family and its family is the throw family which grows in a few pieces Nothing has grown into many pieces and this time the throw has come in the hope that it needs a good and famous teacher and you will not get such a chance again and again in life because its cultivation is high and it is also small. Then if he is so powerful then he will grow up then don't know how powerful he will become and here he is thinking , don't know if I have seen this child somewhere or the other then she tells Pinky that this is the same child.

Whose life you had saved. Bones had become pulverized but with the help of your own penis you have completely cured it. Here it is shown that the friend is moving forward, asking everyone to come to my set, but he is not listening to anyone, and here these people are also saying that We had earlier asked him lovingly if he would join us, but he refused, so we had injured him and now look at his courage, he has come on the recruitment platform, he is trying to go against us. Hearing this, the second master gets angry because he also did not know that the bananas that are affected by him are trying to recruit inside his set, and this happens to someone who does not know how to move forward. What will he do and here we are shown that all those who are masters of big sets start coming towards the fan.

And saying, 'Somebody join me, some join me', but they are of someone. He is not listening , we see that he goes straight to Lucent and stops there . People are surprised that the fan didn't listen to anyone and he is directly talking to Daemon Lucent and here when Lucha sees his status with his super, his eyes get teary because his cultivation is 20 years old. And it is of sixth grade, its cultivation level is wondering whether it means that it is a super grade banda and normal such fifth grade cultivation is there, but it is of sixth grade, that means it is much more powerful than fifth grade. If we understand the system properly, then a fifth grade man can easily handle 100 men, then how much a six grade army can handle men, he.

Was not able to understand it, maybe two 300. I take care because sixth grade is a top grade but when the system calculates and tells, it tells that it can handle 500 people alone, which is too much, Lucent is thinking that you can see me in any situation. Hai will have to be brought and that would have been with great pride. I bow down and say thank you very much, you saved my life last time, but I was very busy, so I just thanked you and went from there, for this, please forgive me, master. If you want me to do something for you, then I will definitely do it for you, no matter what that thing is, here he is also happy to hear his praise and what is happening, I always do good things for everyone. Let me help you and I like to reduce it, style is killing then pinky comes and.

Says lucent you don't need to be so polite then pinky starts telling lucent that lucent always do good work And in the case he does not ask for anything, he does not ask for anything from anyone, he is a very good person, that is why I consider him as my teacher, here he is getting angry because he was thinking that what is he saying. I want to bring it in my set and if you say that I don't want anything in return, it will never come from me. La hai yeh fan ka raha hota hai it seems like there are not all roommates in the world I can't believe my eyes that I had heard so many bad things about you but you turned out to be a really nice person and he Says that please you will forgive me, in fact, if anyone helps me, then I return it because I like it and if I have disrespected the head Lucent.

Please forgive me, now I let this matter go, then what do you think, will the friend come in his set or not, because there are other big sets ready to take him, as well as the one who is the second master. The one who has become a villain for the time being, wants to grab it, wants to escape it at any cost, and not only he, but many people also want to take this person, so do you think Lucent will be able to take it? Tell me see you in the next episode till then

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