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Hello friends, all of you are welcome on my channel and explain last episode I asked you what is the fifth continent that you gave the correct answer, if not then there is no problem because here you are going to get the correct answer. This is the fifth continent , they are telling about the modern world that their master has gone to the world of the modern world, which Lucent is very surprised to hear, because you know that this is the modern world, here we are. live and he is thinking that how can this happen, it is fifth level continent continent world , so I have come from there but what is going on, I am not able to understand anything, further he starts telling this too Is it that if you want to go to the third level continent or to go to the level above that i.e. second or first , then it is very difficult to know, very much and the people who are of frank set,.

Those people have lost their generation. But till today those people are not taking up the same way from one continent to another. If you want to go then it will be very difficult like third to second and then if you want to go from second to third then it is going to be even more difficult but if you see the spirit, then if you see this spirit then it will be a super god level figure. That is, its soul is very powerful, you know it has moved from the third level continent to the fourth level continent. He went to the fifth level continent, that too very easily, that means he can understand how dangerous his master will be. Lotion asks it, do you know why the master went alone to the fifth level continent and he is there Do you know what they have gone to.

Do, can you tell me ? Someone told what happens , he is telling this in the comment, this is an obvious thing master Friend because master has known this for a long time that fan lizong is planning that too for 100 years and master has known about his plan for a long time , after hearing this he is a bit surprised and thinking Was this Budhau kahi kahi he ho gaya ho gaya hai till then we are shown that both are old but then after going back from the level gate she gets carried away that now my energy is over so I am going somewhere else to rest For remember both of you are descendants of Immortals and it is less for you to save their glory. As soon as that spirit finishes talking we see that there again the same green light comes on all around.

And these people return to their respective places. All the people who are left alive in the world are gone, they all come to one place , here it is the disciple's life, are only this many people left, while in the continent so many people have gone, both the grandfathers are crying. The Loser asks him why both of you are crying , he tells that his assistant has given him some memories and in the memory They are shown all this, beatings, this is how their heart is shaken, by the way, we masters have also given us this key, he asks who can get the key, Grandma starts telling that his sister told him this. That where these people are the descendants of the clan, then these people cannot stay here, they have to move towards the third level continent and there is a huge battlefield, they have to find a door and they start putting their mind to this key of the door. And he was thinking, so it means that the thing about the secret door is.

Absolutely true and the masked villain who came to capture their set was also looking for the door, it could mean that the one who was hiding There is a door, it is hidden somewhere in the wet act and now they have got the key and can it happen that if these people open the door, then there will be a way to go to other continents, he is thinking then. Till both his brothers start leaving from there, he was asking them where are you both going, White only starts telling that brother Master has thrown us and we can't complete it then we don't deserve to live in this evil set You can quietly go back to the pick check with me, he is not going anywhere, he must be thinking that I have pushed my cultivation to the limit of this continent with such difficulty, now these two.

These two will go and kill any random person in such a way that my cultivation will be reduced, as well as the quality of life will also be reduced, it says very well that brother, we have made our man, we are not going back. is about to come then lucent comes and hits his face hard punch goes deeper if you guys are not going to come back in distraction then you guys can't go anywhere from here but it takes his punch comfortably And what happens brother do you really want to fight us want to go against us you Lucent asks him master sent you to choose behind the throw set but I know apart from this he will have some other plan tell me after all. What is his plan , we see that he has two shining ropes in his hand, he says look brother, these are called ear binding ropes and this master gave us, they can.

Be used only once and if If anyone gets in its grip, he never knows how to get out of it. This is the special thing about these rations. Then we are shown that he throws those zodiac signs towards Lucent, throws a rope, it continues near Lokan, and it is said that when you want to keep us , we have no other way. This is what we have to do, that rope automatically goes around the illusion and closes it, here these people are shouting but they can't do anything even after shouting because both of them are very strong. So master is the master, this magic is so powerful, senior brother can do it, you will not be able to get out of his channel, but Lucent is very smart, he still has a teleportation, he uses that and he can use the rope in a sail. Has been released from the clutches and was thinking that no matter how powerful the master is.

Or the pencil on his magic, but I think that my system is more powerful than all those people, he would have been surprised to see it and would have been Is it not possible that I know you are very powerful but master's magic vapor It is impossible to get out of the way. Lucent would have been moving straight towards them and it is being said that your masters' attacks are not going to do anything. Now I am going to keep both of you with me but it is being said that I can't believe it here it uses the second row as well it uses teleport again and it was the last teleportation near it which is left now lucent has only one option is to injure him but Here and there, he is asking his brother to go rob him .

And he goes straight away and falls but we see that he suddenly stands up again and his power has already increased. Lucent is also surprised to see this and was wondering what is happening that he is injured. He comes to attack Lucent with his full power, Lucent also attacks him with his full power, here we see Hai ki lotion must have been very injured throws blood from his mouth those people belong to big brother you are fine I think there is something wrong with the fool he was not so powerful but now he is very powerful It has happened, here we are shown that Moth has also fallen, but only White remains standing and he orders him to stand up from the back and he stands up again and is as powerful as the power in it. These people are surprised to see that there is no shortage because it was flying as.

It was with the brick and it seemed that the brick was making it dance on the fours of its hands like puppets like Lokan asks him after all Why is he doing this to you, what have you done to him, he tells that Big brother, you do not know this thing, is this a special exercise that master has taught to all of us and not only to both of us but to all of us? 12 brothers and sisters have taught everyone, in fact these 12 brothers and sisters do bear exercises and each has a different technique like for example you You can take both of them, have you seen that when these two meet, a fusion takes place between them, so this is their own separate exercise and the rest of the 10 senior brothers have their own separate exercise. If this happens, all these exercises are taught by the master, due to which these people become more powerful than before. Brother, no matter how high your cultivation is, but.

At one point or the other you will get tired and at that time we can easily run away from you, we will not have any problem in this because the combined power of both of us is very high, so what do you think, are these two from the clutches of Lucent Will run away or Lucha will catch both of them because Lucent doesn't have much left in this and even there is no one strong enough left in his team to handle both of them and now both of these cultivations Too much even if hillution is strong then what happened but INLD has both brain and power so see you in next episode till then

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