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At the beginning of the episode, I am shown Bay asking his men to attack and deep down, that when kill Lucent and take his body to me, his men go to attack . Loose ends on Lucent. Both of our juniors have been performing, I hope that both of you, all these people are comfortable, they say why worry about seniors etc. And they start dying one by one, after a while we are shown that all the Bay's men have been killed and here the cultivation of these two has also increased to a greater extent than before. Here both of them are very happy because they have killed so many people and Locha had said that they will get a special reward too, so these people are asking for.

The bill, that's why brother, now you give us that bill as a reward. Can because getting the bill will increase the condition even more but suddenly we are shown that blood comes out of his mouth. It looks like this and seeing this it has paid a lot of rate because it shows that the website of the sister wants us to get rid of this idiot but it does not seem so from seeing it , it seems that the people of the website They are not going to stand at all in front of them, may their knowledge go away . Seeing something strange, then she must have really become a psychopath, what is she.

Doing ? This is the place, those people have been here . He goes but she has disappeared, he is thinking, what is this technology, how did she disappear after going? She is using teleportation technique, literally all of these people, as many as 12 brothers and sisters, all of them use a lot of viewers exercises, and because the master had taught them different exercises, then it may be their specialty . As Master must have taught but Master's was the best mirror after all what kind of exercise he must have taught me but till now nothing is coming to my mind that what he had taught me or what he had said My own people have traveled so much in time.

And have been searching for my memory, but I can't forget completely, but I can't remember what the master must have taught me. what are you doing do n't let go of your concentration here we are fighting again lucent comes with a lot of speed to attack her but she has disappeared again and is upset here It is because this little trick was bothering him, he is getting angry and she says look. If you stay by my side, I will not kill you, I promise you this and I will also have sex with you again. Lotion is thinking in his mind that whenever I try to touch his body. Suddenly it disappears and it is not different from teleportation at all and then it starts roaming its mind and thinking and comes.

Out with a very strong planning here we see it is working fine Hey if you don't want to come to my site then I am not going to have any problem with this because I will run less than your body now don't blame me for why I killed you it uses its most dangerous special technique And this technique this time also reduces on Lucent, a lot of blood would have come out of his mouth, he falls on the ground and what was special then, it would have been moving towards him and carry it, see Senior brother, you will stay with me, this is what I want, it will go less than your body, I will be very happy in this only. Brother you kill comfortably there is no tension because you will stay with me forever but Lucent's condition is getting worse he was saying that I want to tell only one thing to you she says what happened Do you want to say something, say it quickly but it happens.

That now I do not have much time, I want to tell you that I have feelings for you. I want but now I am wondering what are your feelings for me tell me quickly big brother wait what is happening now look I am not going to survive and if my feeling and carry are with me then I can say Padega he touches it and as soon as he touches the bego it stands up right back what was going on look junior system I wanted to tell you that I know how to know you are very chalakonda Now what can we do in this, it gets angry and cares that you lied to me, bluechayan starts telling the technique behind it, that it is such a technique that if you take a person, you like me or not. Like , if you live in a little radius of his contact, then you.

Can use teleportation technique to him and although the most useless thing about this exercise is that if that person comes in your contact means physical contact If you do this, your culti will not be able to use the teleportation technique with him. The passion is very less than mine, so you did not want to come in my contact and I also want to tell you the reason why you were hurting people so easily because you were walking in the base moment, that means understand . Is it happening or is the game of space and time going on again and the injury that it inflicts on its opponent's body is impossible because it means that space is time and time is gained slowly and it hits him very hard within 1 second. The Lucent must be thinking that I am really a very big genius , I am really a lap level village because I solved such a dangerous technique comfortably, I have to.

Admit that there is no one like me, there is no master here. It even tells that when the master had taught us all these techniques, then we were not alluded that we can tell about this thing to the outside world, but I never expected you to know about this technique. I know you are a good man but I want to say that you have fooled me and you have done little good to me. Didn't do the lotion, junior sister, look , I am doing this for your own good. I have come look if you want to save me first you have to marry me Varna I will not leave you I will kill you I don't like ok ok I will be ready to marry you but I also have a condition ok.

Tell me which way Look at your condition, I will have only one condition and that will be when your cultivation base will be higher than me and you will defeat me in the fight, then I will be ready to marry you guys, now another new girl has come in our weight check. Big Balloon, you are welcome with loud applause, here they are saying that it is too late for both of them, they are fighting or doing something else, here they are saying that I am Lucent I know Cultivation , his Cultivation is very dangerous, his Cultivation is completely different from the base. I am not but don't know what those people are doing there for so long the other one starts saying that now it does n't matter because as you can see all the guys in the weight set are very badly injured And sister, we have injected only one of ours completely, so there should be no.

Doubt that Lucent would have been killed by now, now the time has passed a bit, everyone is sure that Lucent must have lost for sure, it must have been ours, but orange carries or not, I can't believe that our senior brother will lose to 7 junior sisters . If they have gone, then it is good for us, we can come back alive, but if they have gone, then there is no hope, then it is going to be very difficult for us, but on the other hand, we are shown that they have gone out there. There are and it is useless that brother I have a question for you look I attacked you you also found out about my technique But still you are looking like a normal person so ca n't you be in need Han Chhoti Moti is injured but I think my special physical has.

Saved me he was thinking that it has put its most powerful force in me If there was a normal body, she would have explored long ago, but look my luck turned out to be better, she had energy did not explore my body but it got absorbed inside my body now I have only one explanation and that is that this broadless body has given me reward by the system rottless body means it will never rot Her body is fine, you guys explain in detail about it, still you don't subscribe, hurry up, press the subscribe button , it will be an hour, set it on call, because before February 28, our channel has 28000 subscribers. If you like the video, then like it, if not, then subscribe to the channel, thank you very much to all of you for watching the video till now, see.

You again See you all in the next episode till then bye bye

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