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As we saw in the previous episode, Mask is trying to break their formation but by then Lucent is already there, Mask is saying to him that look, Lucent, if you don't corporate with me, this will be your smile. none of your website is going to escape and you're about to play the mini but lucent doesn't seem to mind it at all it's pissing him off so much he goes over and smacks him straight in the face with a mighty punch and that punch He is a very powerful punch, he is not even able to get up, he says that I am just a hand, but when my real body will come here, then you will see how dirty he is going to do to you, by then he would have understood it. He is asking Lotion to run away from there, he is going to explode himself, but before that Lucent understands something , there we see that a huge explosion has happened and there is a picture of a mountain. They would have flown.

But then in the next scene we are shown that if they had set up the formation then Lucent would have survived. So his condition was not too bad, then only Green would have been shouting loudly that his formation has been broken and here it is shown that a very big master A has been done directly in front of Lucent, there is no difference from the illusion. doesn't fall he goes and he kills the monster 1405 and that master is finished he's saying to all the people go to the back mountain and when those people go to the back mountain then let's see that Monsters are in huge numbers here it happens that I already wanted to leave from here but Big Bro you are stopping us now look we can't go anywhere here even Master Off would have been nervous If I had known before that I was about to die at the hands of the monsters, then Big Brother, I would.

Have fought you till death, at least it is better than dying at their hands, now Luken is his secret weapon he takes out his flying cot and this bill comes out he takes his flying cot out of a portal and what is happening is that all of you guys you Everyone sit in it as soon as possible, I will get you all out of this sex in a good way. He is thinking that sister has given me this task that I have to save decibel and weight set, in any case badly. Don't let it happen, now everything is in the hands of the one above, she says to rob the orange that she will not leave him, she will fight this type with Lucent, but till then brother goes and she is worried that big brother They don't need girls like you, they don't need your company. In the next scene, we see that all three are there and see that as far as the eye can see, only Bisht is the best mercenary.

. And this is not even taking the name of the end, his face would have lost color and it would have been that I remember very well what he said if you can't gather much energy then in the city Create an uproar and kill a lot of people, that energy will collect automatically and that door will also open in front, but I am afraid of this. Yes, no one is going to survive because Bisht would have been attacking here from all sides and Shifan's development would not have been attacked , other places would have been attacked, here we are shown the prince, his city too would have attacked in the middle and everyone is fighting together in the middle but as long as the prince's attention is there a huge best comes from behind to attack him but he 20 has suddenly disappeared because Someone must have killed him and guess who it would be Lucent who would have killed in.

One go Here the prince bows down before Lucent and says please please please save my city you are the first of the world get up there is no need and i want to tell you it 's too dangerous i can't save all the people and there's a lot of bisht it's too hard to say who we can eliminate But I can tell you this much that we can take some people, he feels a little better after hearing this and says what Lucent Tells that I can take all those people whose qualification is above third level or third level, look, I am not a saint and I don't want to become a saint, I am just showing a little humanity and helping humans as much as possible. I can save as much as I want to save. Prince says ok, please save as many people as you can. Now again after a while we are shown that Orange has counted.

How many people are here whose level is above third grade or those people are in third grade, went to tuition, that is great, there are more people than solve here, who is fighting, tuition tells friends that now let's go from here Time has come but Prince is not much he says he will stay here and fight with his men Locan says its ok as you wish and Prince has a smile on poor now Lucent and Orange take all those people there Let 's make a move and now the game of friends is over because no one will be able to escape from 20. Here we are shown the golden cross, here also 20 type attacks and here also there are some selected masters. who are killing them all but by then lucent is also there tell me what happens master look look what was lucent it's a long story but let me tell you in short and then he goes to the head there.

He tells all the things that how and how many people he has come to take, then Lucent is confirming with them that Do you really do not want to leave from here because the head has said that he does not want to go, they will fight together here, saying that I was alive here and will die here, you will take care of my dispers. Lochan says okay as Your wish and it also gets a little reward . In the next scene, we see that these people are flying over 1 city, where Orange tells that where they are transporting all the people i.e. teleporting one. From place to place, now that room is also going to be filled, not many people can go. Lotion tells that more than half of the population of almost the entire continent has been killed during the 20 type itself, because the person is also in danger . Lucent is thinking here that it has.

Taken a lot of people with third level qualification as well as those with fourth level qualification but till now it has not got the thing which it deserves the most. In key required for task the system comes back and tells that its prestige has reached 10 Up to 000 points i.e. now he will get a title Famous Decent School i.e. now these people are not villains now these people have become good human being got this title now here Lucent is getting rewards then rewards are being given system gives him so much reward Gives so much reward that till today no one would have given him so much rewards in his life and there is a huge reward in this reward and that reward is that this time he can choose his own reward which is his There is a huge reward for it, you guys understand, don't get confused about the Revolt reward, it makes you very happy because the one reward that remains in it.

Was that it can directly go to the third level continent and here All the big and powerful masters have a dream that they all go to the third level continent and now our Lucent has reached even more in front, Orange of the third level continent says that brother, we are about to reach the developed and See he see the dangerous thing he says what-what what dangerous thing where is it and Orange says brother, I like you and then blushes, turns there and does not understand anything from here, what is she trying to say? Orange says brother, since I joined the website, you have I like you very much since I was a child, I like you very much, I have a lot of feelings for you, I respect you a lot, and what else should I tell you, she is speaking there and she is shy here . Senior brother I don't want anything in return from you I just wanted to know that you.

Like me I like you a lot and cute till then baby comes there and she says girl aise kaun fashion kehte hain o senior bhai main aapse kya boloon i love you a lot i love you saw you call it real love and saw you call it real Explain and then went ahead that I did not know that in this time Wix will return then new will return but I do not see any regret about this. He doesn't come but he is very happy inside and was saying that I wanted to return to the Fifth Level Continent but now in the Fourth Level Continent itself I have found some people with whom I have a deep relationship and I don't know why I feel like I don't want to leave them now, the system is out again.

And he gives him a few different types of piles and he is muttering Lucent in his mind, what is he doing here, what are you muttering and where is your attention towards him, here you guys pay attention to me and Here Lucent has a special tree in his hand and as Lucent throws it on the film masters, all the masters start fighting with each other and eating each other. Now the idea of ​​Blue Chain is that He will take this bill to those places where the number of monsters is very high so that all the masters fight with each other and each other is not special and in the end doing this the masters will be less and if possible they will also retreat. So gas, this episode of ours ended very quickly, well, now it is also going to end because its chapter has not been released, you understand that now only a few last episodes are left, after that a new comic is coming.

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