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The episode begins with Lucent sitting here wondering what to do. The more I do everything, the more things become more mysterious and complicated even though I complete all the tasks. Why not complete the whole but it is not happening at all as I have thought, then after a while we are shown where all his junior brothers vs. Brother, according to your instructions , we all have come here, Lucent must be thinking that one or the other of these is fake, because till now all the Lochans who have completed the task of the system, all the tasks were completed, but This time it has also completed this task and it has 12 siblings but till now the system is not showing the task as complete, still some percentage is left, it means.

That one of them is fake and Its fake brother is trying to be sister then he asks Lujan what happened now brother And why have you called all of us here, it is about tuition that when all my brothers and sisters have come here and I have given temporary release to those who are in jail, it is because I want to talk to you. That's why widthin tells Lucent that brother what do you want to talk about, in my opinion the developed is not at all developed as before, now you are controlling it completely and your business is also very good here. It is running smoothly and your power has increased more than before and now our website has also become bigger than before so why don't you let us go and anyway now no one does bad things here If yes, then I don't think there is going to be any benefit of our staying here, the second brother starts saying.

That Han, he is absolutely right because the master told us that we have to do only bad things and kill people, but here you see What are you doing, you are doing exactly the opposite of that and when there is no need to reduce any evil here, then we stop here What are people going to do, let us go from here, blue channel says to him that look, just once my work is done, after that you all have to stay or not, it is your choice. There is less and then Lucent says all of you 11 as many as 11 are here either one of you is fake or someone is having problem again everyone gets shocked to hear that how can any of them be fake That 's why he tells Green that look brother, even if everyone else is fake, I don't care, but I am real, and here she is saying that if you don't believe that I am real, then let's go to the room, you are there. Take off your clothes.

And see if I am real or not oh nose what is coming out of nose orange carries that big brother I am also not fake I am also real that's why she starts saying you stupid girl how dare you Want to tell Lucent to take off your clothes and see if you are real or not you can't do that she doesn't get deep I mean to say this No, I was saying that I have been on Big Bhai 's side for so many days, so how can I be there again ? Okay, so now I want to say this directly, then he starts adding everyone in his wallet that who is with whom for a very long time like these two then these two and then these two only you know these people very much They have been together for a long time and both of them have been with each other for a long time,.

But they both know who is real and who is fake. You know who is the real fake in your leg and all the doubt goes straight on samurai because you know he was always alone no one was with him he goes to hell and what is happening big brother you must be kidding Yes, Lucent says no, I am not joking, actually the thing was that no one had ever seen your face before because you always kept your face covered and now Everyone has gone and seen your guide then you are most likely to be fake but it would not have been in front of Lucent but brother you are in the wrong family how can I be fake Lucent says ok Ok everyone listen to me carefully, now there is nothing jhuthlane in this that his face resembles Master a lot, so it must be definitely something of Master, everyone would be staring at him.

They are leaving, no one was taking his eyes off, then after a while, Lucent says that it means that you are also real, you cannot be fake, he is very happy to hear this, he starts crying and What is going on big brother look at you like this if you want to speak a line then speak the complete sentence somewhere the person in front had a heart attack then she asks then brother can you tell me who you suspect Lucent says han i can tell na i doubt him on matka now i was in the mood to hear this aap big bhai you doubt me i am fake it is not like that then l asks him who lives with him i.e. it hai ki kya ki kya hai what do you think what u se ka raha hota hai i guarantee it can't be fake at all because i was the only one with it for so many years and it's absolutely real orange bhi ka rahi thi ki han inki talk Hearing it seems that both of them are real means.

They are real because by looking at their face it does not seem that they are lying, they take out the Lucent book. It is the same book which he got from the master's room, in which information of all the people is there. Used to live and at the same time always used to come up with poetry means used to act very childish, used to show strength and now after hearing these things of complete change, they start looking at all the people carefully and they are like The thing we didn't even notice is that it has become much calmer than before and is not even fighting it may mean that it is fake but it still doesn't believe in it what is happening that the master We are practicing the trick which was told to us, and maybe because of that its appearances have changed, then you must.

Be getting a wrong family, it would have been better to use lotion, I am getting a wrong family, so you should also practice. If so, why do I feel that your mind has wandered and you are not seeing the truth, and as far as the exercises you guys are concerned. so master had taught you this exercise not how you can control other's mind and in the end that person will become your slab and if i see it in another way then maybe between you two There has been a fight and then in the fight you have made him your slip by controlling his mind only then he recites some magical mantra from which we see that he has control over Motu, he orders to go and Lucent Kill Ko. Motu goes straight ahead to attack Lucent with his full power but now Lotion follows him and knocks him unconscious with a chop to his head as before as he easily escapes from his attack.

. As long as those people are busy over there, we are shown here that he is preparing to cut the brick but Lucent sees him and asks someone to stop him, here we are shown that the fan is also there. But A has been done to stop the quality but it doesn't matter to the vertical, it is because of my way that the children are gone. I won't leave you but till then throws up and hits his face a hard kick and gives it from quite a distance and here these people can't believe is it really it who fooled motko means him He kept it under his control, he waved towards the Legion Aid and kept saying that you do not worry, I am not going to kill you, the party kept saying that I am sorry, I did not control him and he slowly- Slowly he became just like me, I had no intention of doing this, then he starts telling that the master.

Who had taught him the practice had taught both of them the practice, which means to control each other's mind, so if he If he did not control the mind less, he would have controlled his mind and then combined control the death by cheating, but it also started having a side effect, the white above the pearls had controlled his mind, so all the qualities inside it. That means as he used to walk, he used to talk, he started coming slowly in all Motu and his up Neither the real existence has ended, then we are told about the power of motku, it also has the same power, it could also control the other's mind, now the condition of both has become such that if it does not control it If he did, he would have controlled him, that's why not only White had controlled Motu, and then you know what happened, Lucent was controlling him, is there any way to give him back to life?.

Maybe he is thinking that Han I have a way if I reverse him then he will come back to his senses Lucent I am thinking if he does this then my task will be completed immediately then many Records will also be found, now here we are shown that it is using its special powers, it has to remove the mind control over Motu, here it is in danger that it has become a zombie and comes out slowly but Then after a while we see that it gets cured, it becomes deep that where did I go, all of a sudden it would have remembered all the things and it would have been looking angrily at White saying that you have lost my mind. I have controlled, I will not leave you, I will kill you and friends, this is the end of our episode , if you like the video, subscribe to the news on the channel, thank you very much for watching the video.

, see you again Till then in the next episode bye bye

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