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As we saw in the last episode, Lu Chan kills all those people with Hunter, he also punishes their throats by hitting them very hard and I told you that these three are a big nation, so in today's episode it will also be revealed. So let's start at the beginning of the episode Lokan is asking them I want to ask you why all three of you are targeting me again and again I have been watching since the beginning all three of you are always targeting me Ho no one except you three are you investigating something behind me he was thinking that the original owner of this body remembers a few memories because the original owner of this body was a very Evil Banda Tha and you know that those who are very evil, no one tries to mess with them quickly, but all three of them are messing it up from the beginning,.

So what is the special reason that the real one looses Knows that means the original owner of this body used to trouble these three a lot and also used to destroy the sets of these three. I used to bother a lot but today what has happened all of a sudden these three are trying to trouble me from the opposite side they say no there is no such thing you are thinking too much we are behind you They are not even investigating, it was said that I asked you to answer, did not ask you to ask questions and starts raining again, the boy keeps hitting the faces of all three and says that if you people will not tell me the truth I will kill all three of you this much, I will kill you so much, I will insult you so much, till you are not killed, then what is happening is that look, you cannot do this, if you want to kill us, then kill us, but you cannot insult us like this. After a while, he tells the truth that his.

Seventh sister, i.e. sister with him, do you know that he has 12 brothers and sisters, so this was all his plan, the name of his seventh sister is Bebo Shan and she is a very dangerous lady. As it tells the truth, we are shown that a lot of tomato sauce has come out of its mouth and then it falls comfortably. The game of this master is over here, now he would have come to know that his condition was not caused by anyone else but Begusarai because these people came in contact with him and he is going to kill both of them and it would have happened exactly like this. The game distribution of both of them ends within seconds before Lucent understands what happened here all three pile up. This girl comes and is telling Lucent that the one who is her seven senior sister, her cultivation level is also almost equal to Lucent. Means she is down but she knows a little bit of kungfu and some killing moves which can kill any human being then both of her junior brothers also come.

And are telling that she is the senior sister of these people. Have to go back because once she drinks the juice she doesn't recognize anyone and then we are shown the old times that she had proposed marriage to Lochan but the news channel had rejected her since then Her man has a lot of hatred for Lucent and he is never going to forgive Lochan . I think I know this person very well and I have a mention of him in my memory too, but I could not remember why I cheated on him. diya i accepted it why did the scene change here we are shown as idiots who are jus generation and are doing look today my mood is very bad and to fix it you all will have to fight look at you Some people are going to survive then do one less.

Before I kill you people start killing and it happens exactly like this everyone starts killing each other who will survive and this way it is thinking that lucent you cheated me i will never forgive you here we are shown lucent thinking this wang city trip is all spread very dirty but not so badly spread because it dustbils were found whose third level cultivation was above and at the same time pinky was also found whose level was very high And along with Pinky, it had also got a fan, which alone was equal to 300 people, thinking that one fan and 300 people have made such a big progress and thinking that if this continues, then the mission will be completed immediately. The system will be completed after a while, it is shown that the girl would have said that Master, we have reached the set, now they get down, we see that they.

The mountain formation still remains the same and as soon as the lotion comes, Grandpa also runs there and says, “Master, you have come, so tell me what is going on here. ” Followed you exactly as you left here, the outside, we also went out from here to another place and as you guessed, some people entered inside our set and they stayed inside our set for a long time. And then as you gave us the instructions, we turned on the mountain formation and all those people are still trapped inside, on this side we are shown that they are moving forward and they are saying that okay this mountain formation is here now. Those people do their tricks and remove it, inside we are shown all these people who are alive but are helpless because they have not got food and water, it would have been water, two water says that first of all So you shake the people,.

After that we are shown the system where his old set was, the set has already changed . It has become better than le he has 5017 points and 40 sectors he is happy in big mani man because when he first saw the sex information his set is very low and it is also showing Was that it does not have any territory means its set does not exist just select names like this but now look how big our website has become it is very cool when I was about to go out of the set or in van city then I felt like Don't know why but someone or the other is watching me, watching silently but I never knew how to catch him, nor did I ever feel him, that's why I used this trick of tips and tricks. You might have seen it from youtube and then you know this trick that he went outside and then told these people too that let's go outside.

, then those who were secretly watching these people, they went inside and then went to the mountain. In information, these people imprison so that this low chain can catch them alive, when those people go inside, we are shown samurai and mass which Don't know what they are doing while sitting because their condition is also bad and after seeing them Pinky is doing what they are doing sitting like this , it seems that these people are also on our side and they also have time to speak. When both of them are talking, then Lucent takes the sun and asks what are you both talking about, now both of them can't hide anything from Lucent, then they tell that he is the second senior brother. The girl gets shocked and carries is this the second senior brother isn't he the one who went first he starts telling green that the second senior brother is around our set since 3 years and see us but what should we tell Senior brother,.

We want to tell you that we do not want to hide this thing from you, but we did not get time to tell you that the other one was doing, yes, it was right, we did not have time to talk that we I can tell you this only then that samurai wakes up and says that my dear junior brothers, now there is no need for you both to do more acting. He is still in his senses and is worried that you showdown is over , so why don't you both listen to me, you both finish Lucent together and then after that this second senior brother of yours is here for the wicket. Will become the king but both of them would have been very nervous after hearing this, as you can see behind, both of them were having eye contact, both of them are very amazing scene, it would have been for the green one, what happened, you have gone mad, you have gone mad. Ho, what kind of things are you talking about, that he is our senior brother, how can we kill.

Him ? What are you doing? The community starts saying that why are you both shy in front of him. It is not and as per the agreement between us we will together destroy Lucent and then after that We will rule over the whole website, we will be its master, those people say that you speak carefully with your tongue, you cannot say anything like this about our senior brother, understand that he is great and very powerful . We have nothing in front of him, the second one was of Han second brother, you have a little control on your tongue, then if you again ask the question about our senior brother, then we will not leave you.

Even this samurai would have been surprised to hear that they are there and what is going on wait what are you guys talking about how can you guys be on the side of Lochan we had a deal till then we see that the meat is also up happens and he says to Lucent that why wouldn't it be best to let us go peacefully on you, Lucan says to him, yes, don't know, but why don't you know, why do you know, I will tell you that in the next episode, okay See you again in the next episode, till then bye bye

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