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As we saw in the last episode of friends, Lucent gets angry and tells his friend to go and teach him a lesson, then we are shown that Frank is moving straight towards him, but Here the mask is making fun of the fan and Lucent was etc. Do you think this simple display of yours can kill me, do n't you know that you are sending your disciple to the death well, it will not escape me at all The mask uses his powers but it is not fast enough as the fan comes immediately and gives him a hard kick in the face as it falls it does not get up 12 and wonders how this could happen It is because this body is completely made of one hand and this one hand has been cultivated for 180 years, so it is hard to believe, till then the sign comes again and hits his face with.

Another kick and this kick . Hits very fast, he goes straight and falls on the other side, the mass becomes deep, after all, how can this child be so strong? How can it be more powerful, then we are shown the throw that it takes with great style and lands near Lucent and says Master, come on, tell me clearly and simply, where is that hidden door? but it's from here and what's going on what are you asking me these questions Luken comes for his selfishness and thinks anyway you are an elephant what difference is it going to make even if I kill you Something or the other is going to happen in your body, but it gets scared and worries whether it is not or not. Do not do at all you are the biggest disable of your master i.e. first of all you can't do this you do n't know the door what happens to lucent look don't talk nonsense to me at all understand.

I am asking you question here And you have to answer them, he starts telling that the door is everywhere, it was Lucent's, after all, what do you want to say ? And as you know that there is a restriction in this world that your cultivation cannot go beyond 250 years and by the way I want to tell you that there are many people in this continent whose cultivation level is up to 250 years. but can't go beyond this no matter how much content energy you mix with the top 10 monks here but that energy is not enough to open the door for them we will need a lot of energy So junior brother asks him then tell me how can we bring the store Mr. from where to take energy then tells that there is only one way and that is to kill.

People . He killed all the people because it needed a lot of energy and he could have brought out the door. He says yes, I know you are a very strong driver, Lucent, and that's why I had to do all this, even if the door was small. ho but to get him out we needed a lot of energy that's why i killed a lot of people and his energy is too much now there is a chance that door can come out anytime look locha i don't know that This villain set of yours is so powerful but I know that you are the man who can help me that 's why I am asking you to join hands with me together we will get him out the door and you have Then by attaching the key to it, we will go to a new world of ours, where you can do what your man does.

, you can do mine. Understand everything, shake hands with me, then both will have a lot of fun together , that will be our world . Took it but suddenly one thing comes in lucent's mind if this can happen how can master after all how can master go to other continent because as far as I remember the one who was the end sister of Xian family could also travel but he He could travel without door but it is very difficult to travel see you have two options either you can travel with door and the second option is very mysterious It has not even been told, Lucent is also thinking about the same, how can this happen, after all, how can their master travel from one continent to another without a door?.

He starts leaving from there and tells his junior brother that first of all go and send him to the cell, right now a lot is going on in my mind, that's why in the next scene it is shown that he is in the cell. Lucent comes here to meet his younger brother and was asking him did you say master has gone to fifth continent did you see all this with your own eyes he says no I did Have you not seen Lucent asking him when you haven't seen then how can you do this Quality is telling that before disappearing master is repeatedly talking about going to the fifth level continent Very excited so I feel like he must have gone to fifth level continent. Lotion asks him so tell me what master told you when you guys went to Immortal cigarette real to get his treasure.

Now this thing has become very complicated because it would have been right or not , I have not done anything to you. Yes, and the thing is that the immortal secret is real, it is very much involved in Deepali's thing and this thing is very complicated, if it is said directly like this, then nothing is going to be understood. It would have come to know that Lotion would have been applying his mind and thinking that this work is very heavy and at the same time there is a lot of Deepali , it seems that the master has been hiding behind his disciples for so long that brother should reduce you. Why don't you kill some people because nothing bad has been done to our villain for so many days . After that we are shown that he goes to 10 and 11 and is asking the same question to them that.

Can you tell me what was the master's impression and before disappearing he said something important to you Was it but both of them were getting angry and kept saying that you should go away from here, we should not tell you anything. What is it, then Orange is lovingly asking both of them that why don't you keep this matter here, anyway, Big Bhai has arrested you and Big Bhai is asking you, so tell him lovingly why? They are happy to hear about this, but they are talking about Lucent, if it was not for our junior sister, then we would never have told you, but we are telling, first of all it tells about the master. Hai that master is very amazing the person like him I have never seen in my life till date and this is what I saw in master and nothing after that it tells that master told him to kill as many people as possible.

Because The more people you kill, the more your poison will increase and you will be able to do better and increase it on the cover, but it is a shame that we did not do so well because you caught us before the end of the research. Master was a very clever man and he was planning something very big. Lucent was also thinking that after all What did the Master want to do The Master made all these people evil and made them only to make them worse and those evil people are killing someone The Han Although I know that the Master is an invincible existence in this fourth level continent but After all, what was his aim that he established this website and at the same time gave training to his 12 disciples, that too no normal training, not evil training and taught only to reduce evil, after that he goes to the mass and asks him It seems that what he knows about the fifth level continent,.

He should give all the information to Lucent, he says that we know a little bit about the fifth level continent and then I am telling Voucher that the fifth It is the level continent, it is the weakest continent and people live there who do not even have any cultivation and that continent was made by mistake, why did you say that our fifth level continent is made by mistake, he starts telling that look at something People believe that it was a reading and it was made by mistake. That's why those people want to fix it and want to match the fifth level continent with the main continent, that is, the first continent, now even Lochan is not able to understand that much, so he tells him in simple language that the There are people, all of them together want to destroy the fifth level continent and if there is any space inside it or by doing something like this, they will join it by going to the first level continent.

That will be the mixer of the fifth and first level continent, although all these people who are planning, they are doing all the top tier existence, that is, these people are thousand times more powerful than the blue chain, they all want to reduce it here. Lucent is tensed because he is wondering whether the master has gone to the fifth level continuum because he wants to end the fifth level continent, if this happens then where I lived in my previous life and that's fine He is going to be destroyed and at the same time his home town and all the people who are close to him will also be killed .

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