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[MUSIC] SUBSCRIBE AND WATCH Leave it [MUSIC] Once he has seen but has come continuously he could not lie down till he was very scared and reached outside the house running, how is this a good call, man, he has no sleep The next minute the last malt was said, his mind was heard, this terrible chicken call was coming from the neighboring house, the smoke coming out of the window, and the heart- wrenching thing inside, interspersed with the echoing sound of the subway. It was heard in the ears, what is happening here, in the colony built in the accessible area of ​​the city, high class educated people live here,.

Tantra mantra and such a wonderful call, before Vishal reaches any result, his journalist mind from inside Vishal ran to his room before a quarter of a second had given the message to bring out his camera and took his professional camera and ran outside and slowly the people around also started pulling Vishal out of their houses on hearing the voices. The camera entered the boundary wall of Gupta's house. Many people did not dare to go inside because of fear and panic. [ music] And she was taking her last breath, her eyes had come out from her throat, her hands had blue marks on her hands, she was restless while foxing her room.

There was a girl and the scene was torn in the middle, the flow of blood from the sign was telling that she had died a while ago, she did not have the courage to see more than this, seeing so much blood, Vishal vomited after some fear. When the police was standing outside inquiring, then the policemen broke the lock and reached inside. Whose voice did I listen to first? I have joined Ajay intern so what did you see sir I heard smooth voices so I ran towards his house as soon as I peeped through the window his daughter in law had fancied herself but she was still alive in her arms The movement itself was good, sir, after 1 second, she became calm, when she looked down, she saw bloody blood everywhere, that uncle was lying down, just after that, I called you, the police.

Also asked the surrounding houses, and everyone's statement Gupta's son and his wife also went to Amrit in the other room, the garden of his wife was different from the torso ; But a pot was found but both his hands were tied, it could not confirm a suicide, because the house was banded from inside and none of the four people living inside were alive, this murder had become a puzzle for the police . You haven't even come to office since 2 days Ok listen I don't need any excuses today is my engagement and you are coming [MUSIC] You had a friend Listen I know you are coming don't forget to bring your camera Chitra [music] You have reached exactly on time, now tell me, what happened, yes, Subodh, please don't mind, Vishal, I have just come, without listening to Vishal, Neerja.

Had left, why since Vishal saw all that with his eyes? I had seen that her health had started deteriorating, even today she had high fever, but was able to convince her dear friend on the day of her engagement and went on. Mirza and Subodh were engaged. Had recorded beautiful video wearing ring Vishal was still feeling very weak he thought it appropriate to go back home after calling tax Hey, what is this so many misses, I was unwell last night, that's why I slept at night after turning off the phone, something special [music] Vishal started getting stuck in the circle, last night itself, after you took it out, suddenly brother-in-law.

Started shouting, you crazy people. Like she was learning, don't know what she was saying, her eyes were rolled, then she grabbed Subodh's hand, she started dragging Subodh inside the room, everything was very scary and surprising, no one could understand what Before anyone could do anything, she had gone to the other room with Subodh with me, we were all banging on the door of the room from outside, even tried to break the door but nothing happened, now there was a loud banging sound and we Make everything right, Mirza's mother came to her mouth by deceit, she fainted only after hearing it. Somehow broke the door and reached inside but by then everything was over [music] Fear was clearly visible in her torn eyes trying to understand how and why all this happened [music] committed suicide or Mirza does not support but how can it happen that his.

Garden is separated from pain, I do not understand anything, friend, I have never seen such a terrible scene in my life, I have never seen nor heard Suman Puri, after listening to the story, I can't understand anything. Say something, friend, I can understand, I am your very special friend . ] Vishal's face was sending after some fear, who was in his mind [music] Gupta family had died in such a way, but what relation can this incident have with Neerja ? Getting ready to go home and attend her funeral, he quickly left for Neerja's house. Uncle, do you know how he died in Gupta's family?.

Or has he ever told you that his life is in danger? Vishal Gupta G's neighbor and his special friend came here for the purpose of knowing the matter, son, I think his mental balance had deteriorated, he had been saying for a long time that a shadow was circling his house, then his pregnant daughter-in-law had an abortion. Even when it was done, I started eating that the same shadow has taken my stomach, then I wanted to come to the place of some Tantrik, don't know what Tantra used to do, often strange poor noises also came from his place, we had to pay attention. Then you had seen what happened to him every day, Google, do you know who was the Tantrik? Gupta used to go to get his jeans, I don't know for sure, son, but he used to sit in a dargah in the township behind the temple, once Gupta had told yes ok thank you uncle gupta uncle had to take a bid then he doesn't die by doing his own scene no one can do that.

This is all another affair Vishal had somehow reached baba baba now you know Gupta she is dead no i don't know don't lie tell the truth tell the truth otherwise i will call the police right now you were supposed to learn witchcraft today she killed her whole family The family was heavy, so I told her Tantra Vidya, though her family's death was certain, but I told her everything thinking that she might be saved by Vidya, but she turned out to be many times more powerful than I thought, she finished them all. Diya Vishal came back home everyday, what is it all started coming, I have seen her engagement video, I did not see her last time, remembering Neha, as she turned on the camera video, in front of the camera, Neerja appeared beautiful, smiling, giving Subodh the ring.

Was wearing it but after that video was also made Ek room Neeraj ka gala dhaba rahi hai bahut pyaar aankhen [ MUSIC] badi ho gayi he had not even recorded all of this then suddenly there is a caste [MUSIC] [MUSIC ]those Both ko mere paas hai ab abhi number 13 tumne tumne iss camera mein kaise kaise aaye Vishal ki Pooj te Gupta ki bahu hanged fancy but in this video she was not the girl herself she was hanged forcibly and at this moment Vishal came there He clicks his picture and he gets captured in the picture and casts in Vishal's camera. Seeing the video, Vishal leaves the camera and falls down. You are not out, O Shakti, you will never be out . And the story went away from the city and threw it in the forest. After a few days, the group of boys who came for campaigning in.

The forest again found that camera. The last of his driver was found hanging from the tree [music] Vishal's tongue was stuck inside with his brother because she had returned Once again if you like this story then subscribe us The story of a young crime reporter Adi, leaving the neighborhood house at night, he goes there in search of news.

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