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Joan of Arc,the love of my life. It's 2003! Guys shouldn't be afraidto talk about feelings. Oh, Abe. I always want to be your friend. Do you think we could evermaybe be more than friend– Hey, JFK! (WHIMPERS) How did the clones who havebeen frozen for 20 years.

take it when you told them? For anyone who thinks it's 2003,you're wrong. -(GASPING)-(SCREAMING) Oh, they have penson strings now! What a world! Frida, how do you stay so chill? I just channel my anxietyinto something more productive. Like murals for sick children. JOAN OF ARC: Confucius, help me take that basic bitch down!.

Isn't it kind of basic of youto call Cleo basic? I was frozen for 20 years! I just started using that word.Let me enjoy it. ♪ (“WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN”BY BLINK-182 PLAYING) ♪ JFK, you all right? Er, uh, I'm justletting my eyes pee. SPEAKER: The clones, they're just horny science experiments!

Er, uh, there's so much wood. (GIGGLES) Wood.

I'm gonna nail ya! With my nail gun! That's in my pants! No, don't put it in your pants! (YELLING) I won't allow chaosin my hallways! You don't have controlover anything! Guys, don't worry!We'll get through this. Nothing can tear us apart..

Finally, something to live for.A family. Honey, I'm home. -Gasp!-(WIFE SCREAMS) How could you? And with a VCR? Get out of here.I'm about to eject. Ew. ♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪

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