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Worldend takes place in a fantasy world,where humanity is on the verge of extinction after the invasion of monsters calledBeasts more than 500 years ago. However, other creatures such as demi-humans andfairy creatures still survived, and they chose to flee to islands floating in the sky toavoid the threat of the Beasts that had ruled the lands of the earth. It was on the islandsthat they rebuilt cities, houses, and markets, while at the same time, they had to fend offthe Beasts who were still trying to invade their homes. And one of the figures chosen to fight theBeasts is a blue-haired girl who is seen chasing a cat who stole her pendant at the beginning ofthe anime. But after a few moments of chasing, she lost her balance while crossing a bridge andfell. Luckily, a hooded man reacted quickly by.

Catching the girl before she hit the ground.But the girl's hat fell off when she fell, making her face now clearly visible to thecreatures around the scene. And it turns out that the furry creatures don't like those who aredifferent from them, as can be seen from how they discriminate against the girl. But at this moment,the mysterious man, Willem Kmetsch, takes off his hood and puts it on the girl before dragging heroff to a shop to buy her a new hat. He also took her to where she wanted to go: the tallest towerin the city where one could see the whole city. But they could only enjoy the beautiful sceneryfor a moment because a few minutes later, several uniformed guards led by a lizard man came to pickher up. Later that night, Willem visits a pub, where he is offered a job by his friend, a goblinnamed Grick. The job requires Willem to go to a.

Floating island, where later, he must become thekeeper of the special arsenal used against the Beasts. And although at first, he refuses becausehe doesn't want to be tied to military matters, in the end, he reluctantly agrees because Grickkeeps pushing him if he wants to improve his miserable life. And so, Willem went to hisdestination, which was on an isolated island. But just as he gets there, a little girl greetshim with a barrage of attacks. But of course, as an adult, Willem could dodge these attacks. Healso saves the girl when she slips into the swamp, though it leaves him drenched in dirty water. Atthis moment, the blue-haired girl that Willem had met in the city appeared from across the bridge,and seeing him lying in the swamp, she immediately took him to her place. There he cleaned himself upbefore a servant named Nygglatho gave him a tour.

Of the place, which turned out to be none otherthan the armory he had to guard. Nygglatho herself had known Willem before, and he knew he had tobe careful around her. It was because she was a troll eager to taste his body. After lookingaround the place, Willem entered his room to take a rest. But apparently, the circumstanceshad not allowed him to rest because he still had to deal with the children who were curiousabout the new guard. They were Lakesh, Collon, Pannibal, and Tiat. The four children immediatelybombarded Willem with questions about him, and he answered all of them patiently. Unexpectedly,his answers made them even more attracted to him. But the question and answer session had to endearly when a blue-haired girl appeared at the door and told the four children to go to bed.After they left, the blue-haired girl finally.

Introduced herself. Her name was Chtholly, and shewas the eldest of all the girls except Nygglatho. With the two of them together, Willem tookthis opportunity to ask Chtolly because he was still confused about his new job, especiallysince this place looked more like an orphanage than an armory. Moreover, he hadn't seen a singleweapon when he explored the place a bit. So what should he take care of? This is where Chtollyfinally reveals that she and the girls are the weapons that he asked about. And that meantWillem had to look after them. The next day, Willem formally introduced himself to all thechildren at breakfast. But he was surprised when he found that there were so many children in thatplace, all of them were girls, and in his eyes, they looked like ordinary children. And whatsurprised Willem even more was that the children.

Always avoided him after introducing himself,as if they were afraid of him. That's why, when Nygglatho was drying clothes, Willem toldher his concern. And she tried to calm him down, saying the kids were just not used to thepresence of men. But Willem did not want to let the situation continue like that for long.Therefore, he tried to win over the children. First, he befriended two children the same age asChtholly, namely Ithea and Nephren, and with their help, he then cooked sweets and puddings forall the children. Willem's tactics worked very well. The children really enjoyed his food andeven asked for an extra portion. So, since then, the children have become very close to him.Although, he doesn't seem like a very good nanny. One day, while Willem was watching the kids playdodgeball, one of them fell off a cliff while.

Chasing the ball. But strangely, even though thegirl's head was badly injured and bleeding, she didn't feel any pain, and the other girls acted asif she was fine. Sensing something odd about the girls, Willem went to Nygglatho in the evening anddemanded an explanation from her. She then took him underground to a room where the legendary DugWeapons were stored to answer his question. So, over 500 years ago, humans created 17 beasts that,ironically, ended up almost wiping out humanity. And Dug Weapons are said to be the only type ofweapon that can be used to kill the seventeen beasts, but only selected humans can use them. Andnow, when humanity is on the verge of extinction, it's the leprechauns who use them. Leprechaunswere elves who had imitated human behavior since ancient times, and that was why only they coulduse Dug Weapons at this time. And the girls,.

Whom Willem had to take care of, were none otherthan leprechauns, the creatures who knew no fear of death. Coincidentally, a few days later, Itheaand Chtholly were sent to the battlefield to fight a Beast. Now that Willem knew the truth, hedecided to fetch them when they returned home from fighting. And seeing their bodies coveredin wounds made him even more determined to be the girls' caretaker. After arriving home, Willemtreated Chtholly's wounds, and she informed him that within the next five days, one of the islandswould be attacked by a beast called a Timere. Beasts generally can't fly, but Timere differsfrom other beasts. It can release parts of its body to reach the sky islands. That'swhy it must be stopped. But the thing is, it can only be stopped if the girls commitsuicide attacks, and Chtholly is one of the.

Girls who will do that. So, before she died,she wanted to make one last request to Willem: she wanted him to kiss her. As a responsibleadult, Willem told her it was wrong and rejected her unreasonable request. Although, in the end,he kissed her on the forehead. After making sure Chtholly is asleep, Willem asks Nephren's help tosearch the documents. He was looking for a way, so Chtholly doesn't have to blow herselfup in the upcoming battle against Timere. After staying up all night, they had managedto find a way to escape death, but when they told Chtholly in the morning, she had refused andtold them that she was destined to die in battle. So to show her that he was right, Willem takesChtholly outside and invites her to do a sparring duel using Dug Weapons. Apparently, Willem can usethe weapon much better than Chtholly, allowing him.

To defeat her easily. Indeed, the leprechaunsstill couldn't fully master the Dug Weapons, and their fighting techniques were still bad.Willem is aware of these things, so he intends to teach Chtholly to fight so that she can defeatthe enemy without sacrificing herself. But his offer only made her angry because she felt itwould make the sacrifices of the leprechauns in vain. And suddenly, Willem fell unconscious.When he fainted, Willem dreamed about his past, where he turned out to be a hero who managedto defeat a powerful Beast more than 500 years ago. But at the same time as the monster's defeat,Willem was hit by a curse that made him petrified. And he continued to be in that state for thenext 500 years. Back to the present time, Nygglatho seems to be discussing how to anticipatethe Timere attack with a military official. But no.

Matter how much they discussed, in the end,they found no other way but to send one of the leprechauns to blow themselves up. That, ofcourse, saddened Nygglatho to the point where she burst into tears. But her cries were interruptedby Pannibal, who came to tell her that Willem had fainted. Luckily Nygglatho was good at takingcare of people, so soon, Willem woke up. But, the bad news is that she diagnosed his bodyhad been damaged because of the battle against the Beast 500 years ago. Apparently, the sparringduel with Chtholly made his old wounds resurface. Later that night, Nygglato finally toldthe children who Willem really was. So back then, she had worked as a salvager, andthen she and her friends happened to find Willem petrified inside the ice, and they decided toresurrect him. After he regained consciousness,.

They discovered that Willem was the onlyhuman who survived the beast invasion 500 years ago. In other words, he was the lasthuman in the world. Therefore, now Nygglato asked the girls not to fear or hate Willem.He had gone through many things and deserved sympathy. But beyond Nygglato's expectations,the girls become more curious about Willem. Everyone except Chtholly was still confusedabout what they should do. And so, to get rid of her anxiety, she flew through the night sky andthen accidentally met the Lizard-men, whose name was Limeskin. He finally realizes the cause of heranxiety, so he tries to calm her down, saying that Willem just wants to make her stronger. Even so,she still had to do what her heart told her to do. Taking advice from Limeskin, Chtholly returnsto the island, and it turns out that Willem.

Is waiting for her near the cliff while doingmaintenance on her Dug Weapon. At this moment, she chose to accompany him, and it seemed that shehad already decided what she should do. And she decided to accept Willem's offer to learn to fightproperly. Her decision certainly pleased Willem. But to motivate her more so that she returnssafely from her mission, he promises to grant her one wish upon her return. And here, she just askedhim to make her a butter cake. A few days passed, the girls escorted the departure of Chtholly,Nephren, and Ithea to fight the Timere beast, and since then, Willem has continued his work oflooking after the girls. However, a few days after Chtholly and the others left, he began havingnightmares about the three girls' deaths. And Nygglato also appeared in his dream, informinghim that all the remaining girls had been sent.

Into battle. But then again, luckily, it was justa dream. The battle Chtholly and her two friends were in are not shown. Instead, the story nowfocuses more on Willem and one of the girls, Tiat, who has just had a special dream. Leprechaun girlswill indeed have this special dream. And because of that, they should be examined immediately.That's why now Willem took Tiat to Corna de Lucce. It was an island where animal-like and human-likecreatures lived in peace. They go to that place to check Tiat's body at the hospital. Incidentally,Corna de Lucce is a tourist island and also a filming location for romantic films. Because ofthat, Willem took her around and had an excursion to places that had been filming locations. Butwhen they saw the monument to the statue of the city's founder, that man seemed familiar to themfor some reason. After finishing sightseeing,.

Willem took Tiat to the hospital. But he, stillwondering what the meaning of Tiat's dream was, then spoke to the head doctor while she wasbeing examined to inquire about the purpose of the examination. According to the doctor,it turns out that not all Leprechauns have the potential to use Dug Weapons. Only those who havea special dream have potential. The purpose of the examination is to collect data on the girls todetermine how they can bring out their potential to the fullest. And Tiat was thrilled to knowshe had potential. So did Willem. Although, that was not what he truly wanted because, deepdown, he was troubled at the thought of her being sent to the battlefield at such a young age. Theday turned to night, and since the examination on Tiat would be done tomorrow, Willem had tostay overnight at a military facility. Here,.

Willem received news from one of the officersregarding the failure of the battle that Chtholly and her friends had fought. The news madeWillem shock. His knees suddenly went limp, and he fell in the pouring rain. But suddenly,the three girls appeared with Limeskin. Seeing Chtholly in good condition, Willem immediatelyran to hug her tightly. Everyone was surprised. Chtholly was embarrassed to be treated like thatin front of many people, making her slap him. After everyone calmed down, Ithea finallyexplained the battle to Willem. So, about 18 hours ago, the battle against Timere was initiallygoing well for the girls. But suddenly, Timere evolves into a new form, forcing Limeskin to telleveryone to retreat. But Chtholly didn't listen to the order. Instead, she flew toward the monsterto launch an attack, intent on blowing herself up..

But before she could launch an attack, a strangevision suddenly flashed through her mind, making her eyes turn red for a moment. Mysteriously, herintention to commit suicide vanished instantly, replaced by a desire to stay alive. And soshe chose to leave the island with the others. Although, right now, she regretted failing thesuicide attack and even blamed herself for it but thankfully, she has good comrades. Theydidn't blame her for her decision but tried to comfort her. However, their conversation is theninterrupted by the arrival of Phyr, the daughter of the mayor, who comes to ask for Limeskin's helpin preventing a supremacist group from killing her father. Her father supported the integration ofall races, which is why the supremacists were looking for him. As a proof, Phyr shows Limeskina death threat letter against her father. But.

Unfortunately, Limeskin couldn't fulfill herrequest, and neither could Willem. Although sympathetic to her and her father, military ruleforbade them to interfere in local matters. But Phyr certainly did not give up so easily. Shekept persuading Willem to help and even followed along as they picked Tiat up at the hospital. Notonly that, she was even willing to spend a lot of money to treat Willem and the others to one ofthe best cafes in town. It cheered everyone up, except for Chtholly, who was still tired from thelast battle. And her anxiety still carried over while they all visited tourist spots. Then at somepoint, as the street entertainers passed by them, she again had the strange vision, the same asthe one she had on the battlefield. But for some reason, she decided not to tell the others.With that, they continued their sightseeing tour,.

And as if she had forgotten her originaldestination, Phyr began to act like a tour guide. Even so, Willem realizes that theyare being followed by the supremacists, so he asks Phyr to take them to a quiet place tolure the group out. The supremacists, who called themselves the Annihilation Knights, fell for thetrap. They all show themselves and reveal that their aim is to kidnap Phyr. But how unlucky theywere, even if they were superior in numbers, they were still no match for Willem. He was able todefeat them using only coins and a little magic. And at the same time, the city security cameafter hearing the fuss and immediately arrested them. Phyr thanks Willem for defeating thesupremacists, though she is not happy that he used her as bait. And because of that, she no longercontinued her role as a tour guide and left..

Long story short, Willem and the others continuedtheir tour, and it was only at dusk that they headed for the harbor to head home. But as theywalked, Chthollhy realized something important. So she stopped walking and looked at him with aserious expression, saying that she knew Willem actually wanted to fight too to fulfill hissuicidal desire. Although he is surprised at her sudden words, he admits that what she said istrue because he has no one else in this world. But that was in the past before he met Chthollhy andthe other girls. Now, he had considered them like family, so he didn't want to lose them. HearingWillem's honesty seemed to give Chthollhy the courage to tell the truth. And so she told himdirectly that she was in love with him. Willem did not immediately respond to the confession andinstead continued his way to the harbor. But when.

He got there, an unknown officer approached himand asked him to meet someone. Here Willem chose not to go with strangers, so he refused to followthe officer. But he immediately changed his mind when the officer mentioned Souwong Kandel's name.So Willem asked the girls to go home without him while he went alone to Souwong's. Unexpectedly, itturns out that Souwong is the founder of the city, the same as Willem's former comrade in the past.Indeed, it made no sense that he was still alive today, 500 years after the invasion of the beasts.In fact, he had already died during the battle. But before he died, he deliberately cursed himselfand thus changed his life. With that curse, neither wound nor time could kill him, thusmaking him no longer human. Now he is just an immortal being with an old man look. But thisimmortal old man didn't summon Willem just to.

Reminisce about the past. He wanted Willemto meet someone or more like a creature. The scene switches to when Chthollhy and the otherLeprechauns have arrived home. It seems that even now, she is still haunted by this strangevision, which seems more like a memory of a young girl. Even during her battle with Timere,the memory kept bothering her. But only it's only Chthollhy could hear that, while Ithea and Nephrenheard nothing at all. The memory clearly made it difficult for her to concentrate. But because offeeling motivated by Willem's promise to make her a butter cake, she continued to attack aloneuntil she finally managed to defeat the Beast. Back to Willem. It turns out that Souwong tookhim somewhere to meet a giant skull. But it wasn't just a random skull. It was Eboncandle, whowas none other than the Beast Willem defeated in.

His last battle, as well as the one responsiblefor making him petrified in the ice. But now, Eboncandle has teamed up with Souwong. And thanksto the core of the Eboncandle, he was even able to create floating islands about 500 years agoto protect the surviving species from the beasts that rule the earth's surface. But Souwong had nointention of letting things continue like that. Now that Souwong had found Willem, he asked him tocooperate with him in reclaiming the land from the beasts' hands. With Willem's ability to tune DugWeapons and the Leprechauns, who could reproduce as many times as needed, he was confident theycould achieve that goal. But Souwong's words took Willem by surprise. It turned out that Souwonghad been the one who had created the Leprechauns. Finding no way to argue, Souwong finally admitsthat he created the Leprechauns using the souls.

Of dead children. But unlike ordinary humans,the Leprechauns would not live long. Moreover, if they fought too much, the memories oftheir soul owners would return and corrupt their minds before eventually taking over theirminds. Souwong's explanation was enough to make Willem refuse his offer to join his plan.But when he vents his anger on Souwong, the bespectacled rabbit reappears and reports thatChtholly's personality is starting to break down. Hearing that, Willem rushes back to the warehouse,then he sees Chtholly lying helplessly on her bed. But actually, she is now in her subconscious,where she meets a red-haired girl named Elq, who invites her to play together. But shedecides to return, as she remembers she still has an unfulfilled promise with Willem. And so,Chtholly came back to her senses, just as Willem.

And Nygglato were talking about her. How happythey were when they saw her open her eyes again, especially Willem, who immediately embraced herwith great emotion. This is the second time he has hugged her. Only this time, she didn'tslap him. But instead, she burst into tears. A few days later, when Chtholly woke up in themorning, she noticed a change in herself: a few strands of her blue hair had turned red. ThereforeNygglato brought her to undergo an examination. And to her surprise, based on the resultsof the examination and blood tests, Nygglato found that her body was no longer the body ofa fairy or Leprechaun. The news surprised her, but Nygglato calmly asked her not to think aboutit too much. The only consequence was that she couldn't use Dug Weapons for a while. Meanwhile,Willem is back to his usual activities, taking.

Care of the girls. But he still didn't forget hispromise to Chtholly, so he made some butter cakes, but it was not only for Chtholly to enjoy it butall the girls too. After everything was ready, he then served the cakes to the girls, and she wasvery touched after tasting them, considering that her struggle to return from the battlefield wasonly to eat the cake. Then, the scene switches to a cruiser boarded by two Leprechauns, Nopht andRhantolk, who are assigned to escort the salvagers during their expedition to the surface. And oneof the salvagers they had to escort was Grick, who immediately tried to familiarize himselfwith the two girls as soon as he met them. After a while in the air, they finally arrived attheir destination, although not long after they reached the ground, a large beast that was immuneto bullets immediately attacked them. Fortunately,.

The salvagers came with the guards, andthis is where Nopht shows her skills in fighting. She managed to kill the Beastwith just a few slashes of her Dug Weapon. However, before it died, the monster caused somedamage and injured several salvager personnel, so they had to wait for help toarrive while surviving in that place. After that, the military summoned Willem totheir base and then ordered him to send one of the Leprechauns from the warehouse to help thesalvagers. The military commander even threatened that the chosen Leprechaun had to carry out herduties even if it meant she had to sacrifice her life. Willem was not pleased with the order tosend his foster children to the grave. But when he found out that the excavation site was in hishometown, and the salvagers had found a new Dug.

Weapon, Lapidemsibilus, he immediately changed hismind. Not only would he send the Leprechaun there, but he would come. That's because Lapidemsibilusis a weapon that can improve the user's mentality. Willem realized he had to get the weapon and thenuse it to heal Chtholly. But when Willem told Chtholly that he and Nephren were going to getthe Dug Weapon, she decided to go with them. After all, she couldn't let them go to a dangerous placefor her sake while she was comfortable sleeping at home. Seeing her determination, Willem finallyagreed to let her go with him, and the commander didn't mind it either. Later that night, Willem,Chtholly, and the girls in the warehouse enjoy the beautiful view of the shooting stars, and thisis when he begins to show his love for Chtholly. But the happy moment between them didn't lastlong, because then one of the girls climbed a pole.

On the roof of the building and fell. Chtholly letout her wings on reflex and flew off to save the girl. Chtholly manages to save her, but Willemends up nagging her. She shouldn't act rashly by bringing out her abilities like that becauseshe no longer has the body of a fairy. He was afraid that something bad would happen if she keptpushing herself like that. And her fear became a reality because moments later when Chtholly hadjust finished taking a shower, the red color in her hair grew even more. So, to calm herself down,she sat on the cliff, looking at the night sky. Now she wasn't sure if she could hold on becausethe more her hair turned red, the more her memory faded. At first, the symptoms may seem trivial,such as when she forgets where to put something. But as time went on, her memory got worse, to thepoint where she forgot the other girls' names..

While she was worrying about all this whilesitting alone on the cliff, Ithea came over to her to comfort her. Turns out Ithea hada similar problem with her. A long time ago, she was troubled by the memory from her previouslife. But because she diligently made notes in her diary before her memory completely disappeared,a new awareness that took over her mind could recognize her personality. Since then, she hasacted as if she was Ithea. So in other words, the real Ithea had actually disappeared for sometime, and the other girls weren't aware of it. Chtholly thought the diary was a good idea, andshe planned to start writing notes about herself. So when Chtholly woke up the next morning, shedecided she would enjoy the rest of her short life with optimism. In particular, she wanted tomake as many memories as possible with the other.

Girls. And so she started spending more time withthe other girls, cooking for them and knitting shawls when winter came. Chtholly's sudden changedid not go unnoticed by Willem, who already knew that her memory was gradually fading away. Buthe remained optimistic, believing that the sword of Lapidemsibilus could definitely heal her. Fornow, he could only wait for the commander to speed up the preparations for his departure. A few dayslater, the day of departure finally arrived, and on this special day, all the warehouse occupantsgathered to let Willem, Chtholly, and Nephren go. Shortly after arriving at the surface, Willemand the others ran into Rhantolk and Nopht. But for some reason, Rhantolk doesn't seem to believeWillem, who she knows is the only survivor of the tragedy 500 years ago. Moreover, it was humanswho created Beasts as a result of biological.

Weapons experiments. Regardless, Willem andNephren started moving in search of their coveted Dug Weapon. They visit the mine. Theyfind Grick in the middle of a heated argument with the commander, who he judges have sent toomany people there. Because, as far as Grick knew, the teams that consisted of seven people nevercame back alive. But the commander disagreed with him, calling what he said a myth. He persisted insending many people into the mines. Fortunately, during their debate, Willem finally managed toget information about where the salvagers kept the excavations. So without further ado, he wentto the warehouse to look for the Dug Weapon. But before he had time to start, suddenly anearthquake occurred, and at the same time, a strange memory came flooding back intoChtholly's mind. And then, Chtholly is back in.

Her subconscious, where Elq shows her an incidentfrom the past when a red-haired hero named Lilia came to her. But back then, Lilia didn't comewith a peaceful purpose but to finish off Elq. When Chtholly regained consciousness, shewas in the room, with Nephren fast asleep beside her. Then she got out of bed and wentthrough the day as if nothing had happened to her. She helped clean the plane with therest of the crew, cook for the scavengers, and sew their clothes. Seeing how Chtholly seemedso friendly and eager to work, Rhantolk became curious about her. And so she asked what herpurpose in coming to the earth's surface was? Was it for the sake of that Willem guy? Here, Chthollytells everything about how she has problems with her memory and how Willem intends to cure her.Hearing Chtholly's explanation, Rhantolk's gaze at.

Willem changed slightly. She and Nopht were evenwilling to help him find Lapidemsibulus' sword. After some time, while Willem was helping withmaintaining Nopht's sword, Chtholly came for him. And she came at the right time because Willemfinally found Lapidemsibulus a while ago. However, in the middle of the maintenance process, Willemfound something odd about Nopht's sword. It turned out that her weapon was not damaged when in fact,the sword was made to be used to kill humans, not Beasts. So how could the sword still be insuch good condition after Nopht used it to kill the Beasts? And more importantly, how did shekill Beasts with a sword meant to kill humans? After thinking for a while, Willem was reminded ofRhantolk's words. Previously she had expressed her assumptions about the Beasts to him. All thistime, Rhantolk had always wondered how humans.

Created creatures like Beasts? She guessed theremust be a creature that served as the Beasts' core. And now, Willem finally had his answer.Based on the characteristics of Nopht's sword, he guessed that the Beasts' core was none otherthan the humans themselves. So all this time, the monsters they fought and killed werehumans. This revelation shocked Willem, causing his knees to go weak and the sword he washolding to fall. Seeing him suddenly acting like that made Chtholly worried, so she went over andasked him to explain what had shocked him. Then, something unexpected happened. Willem hugsChtholly and proposes to her to marry him. Now it was Chtholly's turn to be surprised.But her surprise didn't last long. After confirming that she wasn't dreaming, shegladly accepted his proposal. The next day,.

When Chtholly woke up from her sleep, the momentWillem proposed to her was still in her mind, making her blush. Her nervousness carried overeven as she walked alone with him. Inevitably, it made the situation between them a littleawkward. Fortunately, during that situation, they met Grick, who then took them around untilthey arrived in front of Willem's old house. Seeing the scene before him made Willem reminisceabout his past, making him a little sad. But this moment, Chtholly's illness hit her again, andshe felt as if something was calling her. Then, moments later, a huge earthquake occurred, causingthe ground around the mine site to collapse, including the ground that Willem and the otherswere stepping on. What's worse is the Beasts also appeared as the earthquake stopped. Luckily,Nephren was still able to handle the monsters,.

And the commander reacted quickly by orderingeveryone to get ready to leave. Meanwhile, Willem, Chtholly, and Grick are now underground, andthankfully they're all right. Although, Chtholly looked like she was in a semi-conscious state.Knowing they couldn't stay there for long, the three of them started walking to get out of there.But instead of a way out, they find the bodies of the Mine diggers. And it was at this moment,Chtholly was acting strangely as if she was in a trance. Without heeding Willem and Grick'scalls, she flew deeper underground until she finally arrived at a mysterious ruin containingsome crystal. Miraculously, as soon as she touched the crystal, her hair turned red drastically.But no wonder the crystal has a miraculous effect because in it lies the body of Elq, whowas killed by Lilia. However, they couldn't stay.

Any longer to analyze the crystal because momentslater, the dungeon started shaking violently like it was about to collapse. And so, they ran towardsthe path they assumed was the way out, with Willem carrying Chtholly on his back. They made it out ofthe underground and returned safely to the plane, although Chtholly was still unconscious. Whenshe fainted, she was in her subconscious where she met Elq. This time Elq tells her a story fromthe past. And here's the story. A long time ago, the gods realized that humans had the intentionto destroy the world. So they sent Poteau, or the three guardian gods of the world, to prevent theworld's destruction. But ironically, they failed miserably as they were lost at the hands of heroesfrom among humans. After that, as is well known, some of the humans turned into monsters orBeasts, annihilating the remaining humans..

After telling the story of the past, Elq thenreveals one other thing that is no less important: the owner of the soul of Chtholly. It turnsout that Chtholly was created from Elq's soul, and that's why she always gets visions of herpast. While Chtholly received a mountain of exposition from Elq, the situation in the realworld was in chaos. Beasts keep coming non-stop, making the salvager threatened. Rhantolk andNolph kept trying their best to fight and hold back the monsters, but after a while, they becameoverwhelmed. Likewise, with Nephren, who was in charge of guarding the plane's interior, shewas already getting tired because the beasts kept coming in. But even though her body hasreached its limit, she still tries to do her duty. On the other hand, Willem still faithfullyaccompanies Chtholly, feeling guilty for not.

Being able to fulfill his promise to her. A Beastpresumptuously entered the room. And the Beast became the target of Willem's anger. He didn'tcare anymore that his body wasn't fit to fight. He kept forcing himself to beat the Beast untilfinally, he managed to throw it out of the plane. After that, he moved to the top of theplane, where he saw a beast about to eat Rhantolk. Willem was able to save herand kick the Beast down from the plane, but his body couldn't take it anymore. With blooddripping from his body, he staggered away from Rhantolk before finally collapsing. Moments later,Willem woke up in Rhantolk's lap. Inevitably, the girl wondered why a human like him coulddefeat beasts so easily without a weapon, and she immediately asked him about it. He brieflytold her about her past as a hero before leaving.

Her to return to continue the fight. It turned outthat his struggle was witnessed by Chtholly from her subconscious, and she couldn't bear to seeWillem suffer anymore. Therefore, she asked Elq so that she could return to her body just one moretime, even though she knew if she did that, her consciousness would disappear completely. But infact, the hope of winning is dwindling. The Beasts have now managed to damage the plane's engines,forcing the commander to order the crew to remove all cargo to maintain altitude. Nephren could notmove after the fight drained her strength, and her decision made her fall out of the plane. Willem,who happened to see Nephren fall, quickly tried to help her by holding her hand. But he too wasweak now, and on top of that, the blood on their hands made their grips slippery. Shortly after,her hand slipped, and she fell from the plane..

However, Willem did not want to see his lovedones die again. And so he boldly jumped down to save Nephren. At the same time, Chtholly finallywoke up with her last consciousness. She walked past Nopht, who was lying helpless, picked up hersword, and then prepared to jump off the plane. Nopht was trying desperately to prevent her, butChtholly didn't listen to that and jumped down. Luckily, she managed to catch Willem and Nephrenjust before they hit the ground. But when she looked around, as far as the eye could see,they were completely surrounded by the Beast. Realizing there was no otherway out of the situation, Chtholly used her remaining strength to fightall the monsters, no matter how many Beast in front of them or how badly injured she was.She continued to swing her sword as Willem.

Watched her from a distance. And then, whenthere was no hope left, she blew herself up. At the end of the anime, we are shown thatChtholly and Nephren have died in battle. Nopht and Rhantolk managed to survive eventhough their bodies were covered in wounds. So, what about Willem? His whereabouts were unknown,and not even Souwong could find him. But he knew that Willem was still alive. This is really adepressing anime. But still, the moral of the story is to keep fighting until it is no longerpossible for us to continue the struggle. Also, we can learn about the meaning of family from thisanime, and how important it is to protect them.

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