CODE LYOKO – EP98 – X.A.N.A. Returns

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Another message from Ulrich? I'm almost out of credit because of him! Hurry guys! Aelita's in danger! So you thought I was the one who kidnapped Aelita? Surely you understand! X.A.N.A. got to you once, he could do it again! There's the passage, let's go! – What about Yumi?- I left her a message, she's on her way! Jeremie, are you there? – Yumi, we're here!- Warm up the scanners, I'm nearly there!.

Weird, no one's here… You're right, no trace of evil handsome. Still, we're too late, he was able to virtualizeAelita on Lyoko, I'm trying to locate her! There she is, in the desert sector! – Any monster with her?– No, she's alone in the middle of the sector! Aelita, are you there? Can you hear me? Yes, Jeremie! I'm here, what happened? X.A.N.A. is alive and brought you to Lyoko! It was a polimorphic specter of William!.

What if the specter comes back?You shouldn't be by yourself! I can stay with you. You?! I think it's a good idea, Jeremie! Think with me, if you're left alone you're an easy target but William can protect you! That… or end up X.A.N.A.F.I.E.D. again! However, we don't have much of a choice but to do that. Go to the Scanners' Room, I'll start the procedure. Looks like your best friend is staying for dinner.

Hang on just a little longer! Ulrich, Yumi and Odd are on their way to help out! Jeremie, I'm here. Right. Get ready, Yumi. Go to the Scanners' Room. We're ready, Jeremie. Very well, I'm starting the virtualization procedure. Transfer Yumi.Transfer Ulrich. Transfer Odd. Scanner Yumi.Scanner Ulrich.

Scanner Odd. Virtualization. Now that you're all together, let's see if I can find the activated tower's location. Are you talking to me? Yes, Aelita. Why do you ask? The others aren't here, I'm alone in Sector 5! I don't believe this! X.A.N.A. glitched the virtual map! Keep your eyes peeled. The most useless type of monster has arrived. Odd, Ulrich, Yumi! Aelita is in Sector 5.

Get rid of that tarantula and… What?! Don't attack, wait! This is crazy! We're waiting, Einstein. Listen carefully, X.A.N.A. has created a tarantula with 200 life points. You'll have to hit her eye twice! More life points mean nothing, if they're not smarter two lazer arrows will do the job. Correct me if I'm wrong but X.A.N.A. never did this before, right? Yes, it's the first time he's capable of creating a monster with 200 life points.

This way, cutie! Let's go! Aelita, careful with the creepers! Behind you! Energy field. On the other side of the map,I see another monster approaching you! The Scyphozoa? You're missing everything! Careful Odd, you lost 40 life points.

No, are you kidding me? Guys! I know you're out of shapebut Aelita is in danger and needs your help! We're doing our best, Jeremie! Supersprint! Yumi! Coming! Nice work, I'm sending your rides. Go to the edge of the sector. No! Aelita! The Scyphozoa got her!.

What is going on around here? I know this will be hard to believe but the Scyphozoa is trying to get hold of Aelita's memories again! X.A.N.A. has a creativity problem. Watch out, Jeremie! A polimorphic specter… with my image. Don't worry, I'll protect you Jeremie. Go on! Hurry guys, things around here are about to get pretty electric. Sure but let us take in the view first! Seeing the beauty of Lyoko works,we just found the activated tower.

How is the tower on the Desert sector?In my dorm the scanner said it was on the Ice! You better check the scanner again because we're all seeing this tower. It's impossible to check now, I put X.A.N.A.'s source code on a CD to fix the superscanner in my room. Anyway, we're at the edge of the sector. Right, I'm typing in the code “SCIPIO” to send you to sector 5. Holosphere system online. There's no time to lose. Aelita's in danger. So, as soon as you get out of the…

What the heck is going on now? A problem, Jeremie? X.A.N.A. managed to mess with my Lyoko Creation program and brought the countdown back somehow. The labyrinth is back, which means you got to find the key. X.A.N.A. seems worse than before. The door is open, let's go! While I try to locate the mechanism, try to reach Aelita. Supersprint!.

Faster! Lazer Arrows! Impact! You're in an exact replika of the room in our first exploration to Sector 5. So this is a job for cat boy. Yes, hurry, you only have 2 minutes left. Now it's your turn. Always the same thing. Yumi careful, behind you!.

Thank you for the heads-up, Jeremie Einstein, how much time do I have left? Jeremie! Supersprint. Impact! Jeremie, wake up… – Hello? ¿Hola? Guten Morgen?- Tic-tac! The countdown… What is happening to me? This weird feeling of deja-vú…

It's almost like… … I knew how to operate the supercomputer, thanks to X.A.N.A. It's like the memories are all here… I don't know how to explain it but… Maybe… if I just try to… Can you hear me? X.A.N.A. is attacking the core of Lyoko. – William?- Did I miss an episode? What are you doing at the interface, where is Jeremie? I couldn't protect Jeremie, I'm sorry.But the specter just vanished!.

But I think I can help you. X.A.N.A. glitched the superscan.But I think I can revert the process. Try not to devirtualize anyone by mistake! Since when can you operate the supercomputer? I have no clue, I'm regaining my memories and it's like I just know how to do it. Let's see if I can fix the superscan. This is not normal, right? There are two activated towers, on the Desert and Ice sectors. – Two?-Yes. But the desert one has more energy..

How much time, William? Five seconds Odd, hurry. Four. Three. Two. – One!– Zero! Let's go. Are we in the same room? What key did you press, Spider-Man?.

It wasn't me, Ulrich, it was X.A.N.A. So we're stuck in a loop. Is there a way out of here? I can try but I don't know if I can do much. Why not? When I was possessed by X.A.N.A., he didn't have access to this program. So I never used the program that creates sectors, it's news to me. Don't worry though, I'll try! Supersprint! I don't understand a thing, I don't even know how Jeremie created such a program!.

Maybe I can change the architecture of the room, but that's the only thing. If you do, we'll leave this ugly room. Believe me, it's a progress. But… what happened? Energy field. Lazer Arrows. Lazer Arr… Odd! Very well. Ok!.

I was able to break the loop so you'll be able to go to another room after you press the key. You only have 15 seconds. Roger that. I'm on it. Done, William. You'll still have the countdown in the next room, I wasn't able to stop that. What are you doing there? That's still my seat, as far as I'm concerned. I hope you didn't touch anything, this keyboard is extremely sensible. Did you just create a scientific computation solution through a non-predictive algorithm?.

There's the key. I'll go there with my supersprint, stay here! Ulrich, careful! By the look on your face you were squashed. I'm back, sorry to keep you waiting, what do you need? For starters, for the countdown to stop once and for all. I'll take care of it by redefining the sector. Uh-oh! Problems, Jeremie?.

I can't do a thing for the current key, you're gonna have to trigger it after I fix the sector. Very well, we're on it. Let's go! How did X.A.N.A. get a hold of my creation program? It was saved on the restrictive access part. Done, the next door will lead you to the elevator. You can press the mechanism. Yumi did it, Jeremie. Nicely done, ladies. Go to the Celestial Dome, I'm materializing the Overwing so that you can get to the core.

I'd love to know how X.A.N.A. is alive, it doesn't make any sense…

I can gather some data on the Celestial Dome. It's a good idea. We can't possibly do it all. She has to help me in the core and deactivate two towers yet. Two activated towers? What are youtalking about? I didn't fix the superscan. It was William. There's an activated tower on the Desert and Ice sectors. What? I think we should prioritize the towers and get the data on another day.

But what if X.A.N.A. erases the data of what happened that day? We can't risk that either. I… could deactivate the tower. Looks like you're memory is not entirely back yet, otherwise you'd know that only Aelita has the keys and can deactivate towers. Wait Jeremie, that's not entirely true. I think I understand what William is trying to say. I think X.A.N.A. gave William the keys as well, for him to activate the towers. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get in..

Maybe so, but sending him to Lyoko is rather risky, no? Maybe, but with him we could do all three things. If I accept… How would you save him if the Scyphozoa popped up? I leave the core, you open a tunnel, and I'll fly to his location. I'm going to regret this, I know it… But him staying behind last time didn't work out so great, so I… accept. I'm going to the Scanners' Room. Hurry Yumi, the first shield layer is about to blow..

Where are you, Yumi? Right below the core's entrance. Right, go on. You have to hurry, Yumi. The second shield layer is at 30%. William, are you ready? Yes, Jeremie. Go ahead. I'm sending you to the Desert region. Transfer William. Scanner William.

I really hope you're right about this, Aelita… Virtualization. Right, if I'm not mistaken, you should be right in front of the tower. In front? Yes. Right in? Not so much. I know X.A.N.A. could virtualize you right in the towers but I can't do that, sorry. I was just joking, but speaking about him, how come I have his suit and not the other one? Do I have access to the supersmoke and calling mantas too? That'd be so cool. How can this be? You are wearing the first suit, William!.

I created the others' suits through a program running in the background. But X.A.N.A. erased the design of your oldsuit and rebuilt the current one on top of it. Be careful, hornets at 6 o'clock! Keep your eyes open, X.A.N.A. might send the Scyphozoa after you. I need a vehicle, canyou send me the Overbike? Sure. Odd, what are you… Jeremie, what's the core's percentage? Nothing yet, but I'll keep digging.

Where's the Overbike, Jeremie? I need help… are you ok? Hang in there, I'll get to that tower as soon as possible! Jeremie, warn Yumi that mantas are heading to the core! X.A.N.A., beating stuff up releases tension and I miss doing it to you. Wow, you're looking pretty upset right now. I found something, data related to what happened on April 22nd. How can I run away from them?! Supersmoke!.

No! Jeremie! Jeremie, wake up! Aelita's in danger! Yumi, forget the core, stop everything and get out of there now! The Scyphozoa caught Aelita, the core is no longer the priority! After all this work…? I'm on my way… Watch it, there are flying mines. Surreal. The icing on the cake. It's ok, Jeremie. I can see Aelita.

Cut the connection now, Yumi! She's almost out of memory! Are you ok, Aelita? I'm alright, Jeremie. That's a relief. I'm sending you the overboard. Go to the core with Yumi, the data will have to wait, it's too risky. William, I'm not sure if you can get in the tower with your supersmoke. And girls, X.A.N.A. is sending more mantas to the core. Amazing. I'm almost at the tower!.

Yumi! – I bet you'll stop smiling if I break your arms.- You first. Hurry Aelita, the second shield layer is at 15%! Second Layer at 2% now, ten more hits and it's gone. X.A.N.A. is sending some creepers, you're never gonna make it! Wow thanks. I'm entering the tower! What are you going to do? The second shield layer just blew. I know, but I have an idea.

What are you… did you clone yourself? Energy field! Nicely done, gu…! The core is safe It's regenerating. – Thanks for telling me, Aelita.- You're welcome, Aelita. Tower deactivated. Is everything ok? Are you all safe? You did it, William!.

What about the tower on the Ice Sector? When you deactivated the one in the Desert, the Ice one deactivated as well. Jeremie I can't feel my arm. Can you do a return trip? Of course, I'm on it. Return to the past, now. There's chocolate this time, Odd will like to know. So, what did you find out? It looks like X.A.N.A. increased his power to be able to activate two towers. How is he alive?.

No clue, the scyphozoa got to Aelita before she sent the data, it's a mystery. We have to go back toSector 5 and retrieve that data. What worries me most is how aggressive this attack was, he got more power but from here? – Replikas?- No idea. What about the towers? X.A.N.A. couldn't activate two towers at once before. It looks like he connects the two towers. To increase the strength of the attack. I'd like to help but there's things I still don't remember from when I was a prisoner. At least we know you're a princess who can deactivate towers too.

And can also operate the supercomputer, his help is crucial. I honestly don't even know what I did, but I do know I'd love to help out. A Princess and an Einstein? How can I say no? It's a yes from me. You've proven your worth. If no one's against it. Why not? Do you think the data we found will be useful? Sure they will. I'm sorry, Aelita. If it weren't for you we wouldn't find all of this, we might find your mother.

Just as I suspected, X.A.N.A. created more replikas on the network. They need the skid urgently but Jeremie alone might take months to recreate it. Luckily, I collected a lot of data about the skid while on the digital sea. I can recreate almost all of it in a week with all the data I have. I knew X.A.N.A. would try to destroy it, it's a good thing I started gathering information. Jeremie can't find out about the skid until it's ready. X.A.N.A. will certaintly know, though. I wonder how he'll counterattack. X.A.N.A.!

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