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Hello fellow pirates in four days the one piecelive action will be released and we have plenty of news to talk about today so first of all oninyaki's birthday Netflix dropped this video about inyaki meeting each year Ora very exciting pleasewatch this video all of the links from today will be in the description of course then let's talkabout the music because we already got two tricks from the one piece live action the first Is wealthFame power and acts like a theme for gold rusher all of the music is mainly made by Sonia belovskaand giona ostinelli both made the music for The Witcher Netflix series and yeah I think all ofyou still have toss a coin to your Witcher in your head so yeah the next song and I was reallyexcited about this is my sales are set featuring Aurora for those who don't know Aurora she'sa famous musician who always has these fantasy.

Vibes I love her music so much for a long timeand it's so awesome to have her in the original soundtrack my sales are set is essentially a themeof NAMI so I think we will be hearing this at the end of along Park and the text really fits forNami next up we have our live event in LA and on this photo you can see Chris and his friendbecause Chris got a free trip to the event from Netflix and he said he will be my life reporterat the place and send me some pictures so we're going through the pictures from the event Oh andbefore we go through his photos please go to his channel And subscribe really he didn't have tomake this and send us the photos so I'm really thankful for that and he will be on the one piecelive action banquet later this day Link in the description also we will talk about the one piecelive action live with awesome guests like Chris.

They essentially had a whole Pier One Piece themedand then there was a screening of episode one look at them they have the greatest time of theirlives so the fairing wheel and roller coaster are always there but they build it like one piecestyle so this a buggy-like logo for the one piece live action I love this kind of character logosfrom one piece that already exists in the monk for the manga or the enemy to make this into theone piece live action as well really awesome this was a standoff of course cotton candy andpopcorn and stuff also we got wanted posters here is Kuro we got foxy we got Don Creek he'sin the live action people still think he isn't we got mihawk and a poster from Jungle along andthis one is really special it's a dent in mushy made in oda's appearance I don't know how thatcame to be but maybe we'll see that in the live.

Action somehow I don't know or in the behindthe scenes this is Chris with it and then and this was a wall where everyone could write theirwishes and thank yous on the wall this one is from Oda I guess I don't know but it's framed in themiddle of it nice to meet you L.A and Chris post with it and yeah I think Chris wrotehis name there Pirates under Chris here also love the thank you order down there yeahreally cool wall then there was this mini barati where the surf rings I guess oh and many peoplein Cosplay showed up as well then we got to the episode and I don't want to spoil you in anythingChris loved it what I specifically wanted to know is what is in there that we don't really thinkwill be there in terms of scenes like shank's arm thing and Luffy stepping and yes Luffy's stabbingis in there but more on that on the last trip.

Later then there was a drone show there's a fullvideo of it as well Link in description and here is Chris in front of the screen and he got somemerch from it so so he got a one poster a straw hat that is in the style of the live action StrawHat he even got that reserved sign for his place there you can see they also had pop figures cardsstuff and even a Shonen Jump I think some of this stuff stuff even was sent to Chris from Netflixso very cool from Netflix to give a real fan such an experience that's all for now we willhave plenty of news I think until the release but don't forget to hop into the live streamthis will be the last live stream before the live action and I'm very excited for the guestsso thank you for watching and let's set sail

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